Memorial Hospital Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir, Turkey
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Memorial Hospital Diyarbakir
Memorial Hospital Diyarbakir
Memorial Hospital Diyarbakir

About the hospital

Memorial Hospital Diyarbakir is a multidisciplinary standardized medical centre that has been providing its services since 2011 as a part of the famous Memorial Health Group network. The hospital is located in Turkey, in the heart of Diyarbakir, next to the historical monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The medical centre building has a modern eco-friendly hotel design, all rooms are filled with daylight, and the wards and lobbies add home comfort. Additional equipment takes into account the needs of patients with disabilities.

The hospital has 141 beds and serves patients from all over the world. Forty-three intensive care beds are divided into six operating rooms, 23 beds for newborns and 20 general intensive care wards. In total, the clinic has 350 highly qualified medical and service staff.

Memorial Centre has a large number of awards and prizes for its outstanding achievements in the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions. The clinic has received a JCI international accreditation certificate and an ISO certificate so that patients can be confident in the effectiveness, high quality and competence of the medical services. In addition, Memorial Academy, a world-class medical specialist training program, was launched on the network. The medical team pays special attention to early diagnosis and effective treatment of patients with malignant tumours. The hospital's oncology centre unites such branches as medical oncology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, interventional radiology and oncological surgery. The medical team works on an interdisciplinary basis to create a treatment program specific to each patient. The advantages of the clinic are a wide range of medical services and customer-oriented service. Qualified doctors and caring nursing staff create the most friendly and pleasant environment in the clinic for a comfortable stay of patients in the hospital.

Memorial Clinic in Diyarbakir is a multidisciplinary centre that provides services in oncology, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, urology, gastroenterology, and pediatric surgery from birth, and also helps in the fight against obesity. Academic and expert staff specialized in different fields of surgery. Modern diagnostics are provided with advanced technologies in the radiology department. Additionally, surgical and cosmetic procedures, rehabilitation, physical education and a hearing centre are available.

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Founded in 2011
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140 beds available
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What is the treatment range of the hospital?

The multidisciplinary clinic provides urology, gastroenterology, oncology, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology treatment and pediatric surgery and helps patients with obesity. Also, doctors have excellent results in surgery and modern radiological diagnostics. 

What are the advantages of orthopaedic treatment in Memorial Hospital Diyarbakir?

The most excellent attention in the clinic is paid to minimally invasive methods for orthopaedic treatment. For example, arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat joint diseases and injuries by visual inspection of the inside with fibre optic devices.

Should I choose a clinic for cardiosurgical treatment?

Thanks to the experience of doctors, heart operations are performed using a small incision method for the closure of heart holes and removal of intracardiac tumours, heart valves, and coronary bypass surgery. As a result, the chest wall is preserved, and the patient's stay in the hospital is shortened.

About the city

Diyarbakır is the second largest city in the Southeast Anatolia region of Turkey. The modern population of the city is estimated at million inhabitants. The combination of modern and historical is the highlight of this city and allows you to combine the pleasant with the useful.

The most famous distinction of the city is the Diyarbakır Fortress, whose grey basalt walls stretch 5,800 meters and have 82 towers, and the Hevsel Gardens Cultural Landscape with supernatural soils. They are in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the Tigris Valley. Another attraction is Ulu Jami - a mosque with incredible Roman colonnades, Arabic inscriptions, pagan patterns on the columns, Ottoman fountains, and a vast courtyard. After walking to the Sur district, you can see the Ichkale citadel - the first fortress of Diyarbakir on the territory of which is the mosque of the prophet Hazrat Suleiman with the tombs of Islamic saints. The current main Christian church of Diyarbakır is the Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Mary, built in the 3rd century.

Near historical sights, hotels, and restaurant complexes, there are advanced medical centers used by neighboring cities and patients from other countries. Memorial Dicle Hospital and Memorial Hospital provide highly specialized and comprehensive medical services. The equipment of clinics, the level of training of doctors, and the comfort and service at the level of 5-star hotels attract foreigners to Turkish medicine.

Every third tourist who comes to Turkey is not looking for a vacation by the sea or even an introduction to the history, places of interest, culture, and cuisine - they come here to receive quality medical services.

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