Medstar Hospital Antalya

Antalya, Turkey
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Medstar Hospital Antalya
Medstar Hospital Antalya
Medstar Hospital Antalya

About the hospital

Medstar Hospital Antalya is an advanced medical facility providing treatment according to world standards combined with a high level of service. The medical centre was opened in 2009 as part of the world-famous "Memorial Health Group" network. The hospital is located in the centre of charming Antalya in Turkey. 

Medstar Hospital Antalya serves 124 beds, has five operating theatres and 23 general intensive care beds and 10 for newborns. Medstar Hospital Antalya provides its services in comfortable wards decorated in modern design. The clinic's cafeteria offers a varied menu, taking into account the wishes and preferences of patients and the diet prescribed by the doctor. Hospital nurses surround the patient with care and support, accompanying them at every stage of treatment.

The hospital received the Accreditation of the International Joint Commission of the USA JCI, confirming the high service standards. The medical centre takes a responsible approach to personnel selection: the clinic's staff is represented by specialists with many years of work experience and members of numerous medical associations. Equipped with high-tech equipment and the professionalism of doctors helps to support the latest trends in treatment. One of the achievements is a specialized oncology centre that provides a complete cycle of medical care and has a 95% success rate of bone marrow transplantation.

Medstar Hospital Antalya is a multidisciplinary hospital that presents all the main therapeutic and surgical directions, covering the city's needs and serving patients abroad. The neurosurgery, cardiac surgery and transplantation departments are most popular thanks to leading specialists and unique treatment methods. Additional treatment areas include oncology, haematology, general surgery, gastroenterology, orthopaedics and traumatology, gynaecology and obstetrics. All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in Medstar Hospital are carried out strictly following international protocols so that patients can be sure of the quality of medical services.

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Founded in 2010
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What medical services does Medstar Hospital Antalya offer?

The clinic offers neurology diseases treatment, and cardiovascular services and also carries out organ transplantation according to world standards. Doctors provide treatment for cancer, blood and gastroenterological diseases, and orthopaedic injuries. The clinic is also good for a medical check-up in Antalya.

Can I receive modern orthopaedic treatment at the clinic?

Doctors use low-traumatic surgical interventions and modern medical methods to treat acute and chronic orthopaedic diseases. Certified artificial joints provide decades of service and almost no complications in the future. The absence of large incisions contributes to the lack of healing problems.

Why is the hospital one of the best for bone marrow transplants?

The medical centre has an almost 100% success rate in bone marrow transplantation, which is ensured by a comprehensive approach to donor selection, the transplantation itself, and post-treatment care. In addition, genetic laboratories on the territory and cooperation with blood banks save time for patients.

About the city

Antalya is Turkey's premier resort in the Mediterranean region, which is an attractive city with shady boulevards and palm trees. Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast outside the Aegean region, with a population of over a million.

The city and its surroundings are an important and noteworthy tourist centre with an ideal climate and a magnificent harmony of archaeological, historical and natural beauties. The most famous attraction of Antalya is the archaeological museum. However, a month is not enough to see all the exhibits. Another frequently visited attraction is Hadrian's Gate, a tall triumphal arch built in 130. Through them, there is a road to the Old part of Antalya. In the picturesque old quarter of Kaleici, narrow winding streets and old wooden houses run against the ancient city walls. In Antalya's centre is an unusual building - a minaret without a mosque. On 90 steps of a spiral staircase, tourists can climb to the observation deck, from where the city is visible at a glance. Because of the unusual architecture, the minaret is called Yivli, which means "fluted" in translation.

The most crucial advantage of Antalya, as well as any Turkish resort, is the all-inclusive rest system, which tourists love. The best service and the most comfortable hotels in Antalya work for tourists to relax and be distracted from all their worries. The city is also home to world-renowned hospitals - Memorial Hospital, Medstar Hospital and Memorial Lara Medical Centre. Patients from worldwide come to Antalya to treat diseases by highly qualified doctors.

Antalya is a place where the sea, sun, history and nature are in perfect harmony, as well as the most beautiful and clean coast of the Mediterranean. The city still maintains its importance as a centre throughout history on the country's south coast, in addition to its remarkable natural beauties. Antalya can rightly be called the tourist capital of Turkey.

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