Medicana International Hospital Samsun

Samsun, Turkey
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Medicana International Hospital Samsun
Medicana International Hospital Samsun
Medicana International Hospital Samsun

About the hospital

Medicana International Hospital Samsun is a leading international "VIP type A hospital" that provides its services according to global safety standards and the latest scientific developments. The clinic was established in 2011 by Medicana Health Group in the resort city of Samsun, near the Black Sea. The medical specialists working in the clinic are known for excellence in their fields.

The hospital consists of 3 buildings with 249 beds. Approximately 100 doctors with scientific titles and 631 employees work in 40 medical departments. The hospital building is designed modernly using "smart home" technology. Large and spacious waiting rooms are made in soothing and relaxing shades. Antistatic and antibacterial wall paints are used throughout the hospital and in all patient wards. Fresh air purified by bacterial filters is available for every room. 

Medicana International Hospital Samsun pays attention to individual cancer treatment, so the therapy program consists of various combinations of 3 modalities - chemotherapy, radiation therapy and organ preserving surgery. Doctors receive detailed information about the localization of diseases using advanced technological tools, such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Moreover, with the help of an operating microscope and advanced microsurgical instruments, accurate operations can be performed. Specialists use robotic surgery and 3D technologies that minimize risks and provide a high percentage of successful treatment. The academic experience of doctors and the constant exchange of knowledge between specialists in various fields allow us to treat the most complex cases and aim for 100% success.

Medicana International Hospital Samsun specializes in ovarian cancer, pancreatic and biliary tract diseases and breast cancer. Also available are neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, paediatrics, dermatology, endocrinology and metabolic disorders, physical medicine and rehabilitation, gastroenterology, general and thoracic surgery, and pulmonary medicine. The medical team is focused on the best treatment outcome so that patients have the opportunity to return to their previous lifestyles.

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Founded in 2011
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249 beds available
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Can I have robotic prostate cancer surgery at the medical centre?

Experienced specialists use DaVinci robotic equipment with great skill to treat various diseases, especially prostate cancer. Thanks to the three-dimensional image and perfect movements, surgeons can precisely cut out the tumour without traumatizing the excess tissue and prevent incontinence.

What is the primary treatment range of Medicana International Hospital Samsun?

The medical centre focuses on the cure of ovarian, pancreatic and biliary tract and breast cancer. Surgical and non-surgical treatment, such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, biological drugs and high-precision cancer removal, are provided in cooperation with a multidisciplinary team.

What modern equipment does the clinic have?

The hospital departments are equipped with modern MRI, CT, PET, endoscopic and microsurgical instruments, surgical microscopes, powerful laboratories and surgical robots. The clinic's equipment contributes to achieving high-quality diagnostics and good treatment results without long-term rehabilitation.

Can I ask for pediatric help at the hospital?

The hospital serves adults and children and provides a wide range of assistance in paediatrics and pediatric surgery. Thanks to the innovative equipment, an extended stay in the hospital are often not required, and sometimes hospitalization can be avoided, which is a convenient option for many kids.

About the city

Samsun is Turkey's largest town by population in the region. It is one of the most socially and culturally developed cities in the Black Sea region in terms of education, healthcare, industry, trade, transport and economy.

The city is in-between rivers and mountains, has a forest with rare and important bird species, numerous parks and one of the longest coastlines in the region. 90% of the coastline consists of fine sandy beaches suitable for swimming, and in addition, alternative sports such as surfing, water skiing and sailing can be enjoyed by guests. Amazon Island has an artificial ski slope, fish restaurants and picnic areas. In addition to recreational areas, the Zoo is the largest in the region and has welcomed more than 5.5 million visitors. Samsun is a town of various festivals, but the ones that stand out the most are many wrestling competitions and Turkey's first extreme sports festival, Falcon Fest and Kapikaya Fest. At the food festival, it is especially worth tasting Keskek, which is included in the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO and occupies an important place in the city's cuisine.

Samsun has the highest literacy rate in the region. Numerous schools and universities provide the necessary staffing level. In addition, together with tourism, the medical field is actively developed in the city. There are 18 public, nine private and one university hospital in Samsun and 35 emergency stations. The most contemporary regional hospital is the private VIP Medicana International Hospital Samsun, distinguished by its power and technology, high success and individual approach to essential and growing oncological diseases. Despite the shortage of medical specialists in the city, the International Medical Center in Samsun is equipped with the best-experienced professionals from all over the country and carefully selects doctors for cooperation. 

A modern resort town with various architectural monuments, preserved nature and amusement parks has won the hearts of many tourists. In addition, the city's rapid development contributes to the popularity of quality medical services with the well-known leadership quality of Turkey in the field of service.

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