Medicana Hospital Sivas

Sivas, Turkey
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Medicana Hospital Sivas
Medicana Hospital Sivas
Medicana Hospital Sivas

About the hospital

Medicana Hospital Sivas is a modern medical facility and another step towards the success of the Turkish Medicana network in 2014. The hospital is located in the rapidly developing Sivas, which provides an opportunity to combine high-quality treatment with a cultural program and enhance rehabilitation with natural thermal springs. Considering the local needs, the medical centre managed to reach the international level and attract 380 employees, 37 of whom are experienced and highly qualified world-class teachers and specialists in the healthcare field.

The Medicana Centre in Sivas is designed for 291 inpatient beds, including seven operating theatres, 49 intensive care unit beds, 15 neonatal intensive care beds, four coronary intensive care beds, 28 observation beds and 15 beds in neonatal intensive care. Sivas Medicana Clinic's building considers all patients' needs: from small and young visitors to people with particular limitations. The fashionable hotel-style interior and safety measures allowed the hospital to receive the "Baby Friendly" status

The Medical Center Medicana specializes in the most challenging areas of medicine, such as dialysis, oncology and intensive care. The team's professors comprehensively consider the delicacy and multifactorial nature of their patient's problems. Special attention is paid to pain therapy, which is vital in treating pathological conditions. The entire staff, from medical to nursing, is trained in physical and medical analgesia procedures. Cooperation with the Institute of Social Security makes high-quality services available and convenient for the entire population. Hospital-based clinical research advances the development of medicine and implements the most advanced technologies.

The Medicana Hospital Sivas provides services in all medical areas, including 24-hour emergency care, medical oncology, general and neonatal intensive care, treatment of lymphedema and obesity, and endocrinological problems. The specialized departments of the clinic also include gastroenterology, dermatology, ophthalmology, neurology and neurosurgery, otolaryngology and physiotherapy. The medical team's work is aimed at the uninterrupted provision of evidence-based, modern and high-quality medical care, considering development and ethical values.

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Founded in 2014
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291 beds available
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Can I have lymphedema surgery at the medical centre?

When conservative methods are ineffective, doctors use a variety of reconstructive operations to eliminate lymphedema. Microsurgery is the most common choice due to high precision and ability to work with the thinnest vessels. In addition to lymphovenous bypass, the clinic offers lymph node transplantation.

What specializations are available at the clinic?

Oncologists, therapists, neonatologists, endocrinologists, visceral vascular and neurosurgeons, gastroenterologists, dermatologists and ophthalmologists work in the hospital. In addition, rehabilitation and emergency care are also available. All services are provided in compliance with the highest standards.

Is Medicana Hospital Sivas a good place for obesity treatment in Turkey?

The medical centre is an excellent place to treat obesity conservatively and surgically. High efficiency is provided by a multidisciplinary approach, access to modern drugs and minimally invasive surgery (Omega-loop). High-quality laparoscopes allow performing a complete operation with several small incisions.

About the city

Sivas is one of the oldest charming cities in Turkey in the Central Anatolia region. The population of Sivas Central District is 390,000. The city stands out from the point of view of tourism with its historical monuments, natural beauty, thermal springs and ski tourism. 

The thermal springs in the Sivas region are called "Chermik". The temperature of the hot spring water is 45-50 °C, and it is known to help treat rheumatism, respiratory tract, kidney and urinary tract, and circulatory diseases. Degirmenalti Waterfall, located on a rocky hill on the west bank of the Karadonek stream, is also open for visitors. There are ruins of old mills nearby. In addition, ancient ruins were found in the caves on the rocks. Numerous 1300-year-old tombs and ancient mosques are also scattered around the city. Sivas also has multiple areas with cafeterias, restaurants, parks, and activities for family entertainment. The city's giant museums will be suitable for the hardiest tourists. 

Thanks to the healing properties of thermal springs, the city has always had many rehabilitation centres, which are pretty popular to visit. One of the places where rehabilitation and treatment have been combined since 2014 is the modern Medicana Hospital Sivas, which serves tens of thousands of patients with the most challenging and complex cases. It is considered to have some of the region's best pain management, dialysis and oncology specialists. Patient reviews and good treatment results repeatedly confirm the high quality of the medical centre.

The healing abilities of the thermal springs of Sivas combined with the highly standardized medical centre of the city contribute to a wellness vacation with a long-lasting effect and the highest ratings.

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