Medicana Hospital Konya

Konya, Turkey
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Medicana Hospital Konya
Medicana Hospital Konya
Medicana Hospital Konya

About the hospital

Medicana Hospital Konya is one of the essential investments in the Turkish healthcare sector, which managed to gather all medical services under one roof. The medical centre has been providing services since 2012 in the ancient developed city of Konya in central Anatolia and ranks first in health tourism in Konya and its surroundings. Moreover, due to its excellent reputation and high-performance indicators, the clinic is the centre of attraction for residents of European countries.

The modern architecture of the building is successfully combined with the active business life of the city. The institution has 223 beds, of which 49 are in the general intensive care unit, seven are in the cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit, nine are in the coronary intensive care unit, and 41 are in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The clinic in Konya is one of the few clinics in Turkey that owns numerous quality certificates from the Turkish Dental Association, Turkish Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Turkish Dental Association and Joint Commission International. A highly qualified team uses innovative methods to perform diagnostic examinations, treatment and follow-ups. Operating clinics equipped with the latest technology have technological equipment that allows surgeons to perform several surgical operations simultaneously. In addition, the leading Medicana medical network management paid considerable attention to selecting professional medical staff, consisting of 80 doctors. This effort made it possible to sign a cooperation agreement with KTO Karatay University in 2015 to meet and support the needs for high-quality education, scientific research and practice in medicine. 

Oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons have been the most prosperous area of ​​Konya Medicana Center for many years. Despite this, patients trust and confidently choose the hospital to treat cardiology and cardiovascular diseases, orthopaedic and trauma cases, and skin and neurological disorders. The departments employ experienced and qualified staff who offer the best medical procedures to achieve the desired results without medical complications and health problems.

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Founded in 2017
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Is the medical centre the best place in Turkey for maxillofacial surgery?

The department of maxillofacial surgery offers the country's best and most current services for tooth and jaw fractures, implantation and loss of jawbone. Thanks to microsurgery, doctors restore vessels and nerves. In addition, low invasive operations help to hide incisions behind the ear or the hair.

Should I go to the hospital with a head injury?

The clinic is suitable for treating injuries, including the skull, thanks to 24-hour emergency care and high-precision CT, MRI, and X-ray. Intraoperative monitoring and microsurgical restoration of the delicate tissues and structures at an early stage contribute to the complete repair of all functions.

What range of services does Medicana Hospital Konya offer?

Despite the popularity and recognition of the clinic in oral maxillofacial and plastic reconstructive surgery, high-quality treatment according to world standards for cardiac patients and with neuro-orthopaedic and skin diseases is an integral part of the services.

About the city

Konya is one of Turkey's economically developed and historical cities, which is also essential for its natural wealth. The population of the city is more than 2 million people. But, first, the large city is known for its Neolithic and Eneolithic settlements, which were included in the UNESCO List in 2012. The excavations, which began in 1993 and continue to this day, are led by Ian Hodder of the University of Cambridge and are being carried out by a mixed team of researchers from England, Turkey, Greece, and the United States.

The city is known for its powerful developed system of the country's largest lakes. The second largest and most important national park is Lake Beysehir, which is accessible for various mountain sports. The lake has two equipped beaches, delicious cafeterias for the whole family, 22 islands with entertainment, and many rocks. Salt Lake is the third largest lake in Turkey. Part of the country's salt needs is provided from here. The charming lakes of Aksehir, Suglia, and Ilgin surprise tourists with the sweet taste of the water. In addition to outdoor entertainment, guests can visit the famous Konya State Regional Theater and the International Festival of Mystical Music. Konya also preserved the majestic Alaeddin Mosque of 1220.

There are three state and two primary universities in the city. Tourism positively impacted the city's development and contributed to the opening of Medicana Hospital Konya with the best traditions of the Medicana network. Every year, doctors of the highly rated and multi-certified medical center combine to improve their patient's health and raise talented specialists in cooperation with KTO Karatay University. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons have been the most popular direction of the clinic for many years.

The multi-million city of Konya continues its development in the field of tourism and attracts more and more visitors to the town. Therefore, tourists always have only good impressions of various natural attractions.

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