Medicana Avcilar Hospital Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
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Medicana Avcilar Hospital Istanbul
Medicana Avcilar Hospital Istanbul
Medicana Avcilar Hospital Istanbul

About the hospital

Medicana Avcilar Hospital Istanbul is world-renowned for its services as part of the Medicana Health Network. The medical centre, put into operation in 1995, serves patients with specialist doctors and medical professionals based on many years of experience. It's a famous clinic for local and international patients located in Istanbul.

The clinic has 63 beds, 19 beds in general intensive care units, 12 beds in neonatal intensive care units, and one bed in the coronary intensive care unit. The health and comfort of patients and their families is the Medicana Avcilar Center's priority, and the hospital successfully treats thousands of patients annually. Moreover, the staff at Medicana Avcilar Istanbul make sure that patients are well-nourished during their stay.

The hospital is equipped with advanced technologies for diagnosis and treatment, including CT, open MRI, ultrasound, sleep laboratory, electroencephalography (EEG), and many others. The hospital is world-famous for its services to newborns, where infection rates in the neonatal ward are even lower than usual, as well as high chances of survival. The neonatal intensive care unit, equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, serves not only children born in Medicana but also other children born in different medical institutions. The hospital offers a hemodialysis procedure to treat patients with chronic kidney disease. In three operating rooms, highly qualified surgeons can perform robotic, minimally invasive interventions that minimize the risk of complications.

The departments of cardiology, obstetrics, general surgery, brain and nerve surgery, internal medicine, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, nutrition, urology, chest diseases and neurology come to the fore in the Medicana Avcilar clinic. In addition, the hospital has departments for physiotherapy, hair transplant, plastic surgery and obesity surgery. The medical team has been trained at the best universities in Turkey and Europe and can offer innovative methods and procedures to treat patients with diseases of varying severity.

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Founded in 1995
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63 beds available
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What specializations are available at the hospital?

The clinic offers treatment of genitourinary, cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems and diseases of the eyes and ENT organs. Also, surgeons offer gentle neurosurgery and orthopaedics operations. Additional and no less popular are aesthetic and bariatric surgery, rehabilitation and hair transplantation.

Is the medical centre a good place for dialysis in Istanbul?

The hospital is an excellent place to treat kidney failure. Nephrologists provide a multidisciplinary assessment of the body. As a result, the patient's well-being is maintained during adequate dialysis.

Can I have a hair transplant at Medicana Avcilar Hospital Istanbul?

Only certified doctors of the clinic perform hair transplantation to achieve the best density without scars and unnecessary trauma. In addition, a comprehensive examination by doctors determines contraindications and possible additional causes of baldness and allows for choosing the best method.

About the city

Istanbul is the largest city in the country, as well as a leading economic and cultural centre. The city lies on both sides of the Bosphorus, geographically dividing it into Europe and Asia. In its long history, Istanbul was the capital of the greatest empires in the world - Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman- and was also the religious centre of Christianity and Islam. Therefore, it is not surprising that the city has many monuments of cultural and architectural heritage, demonstrating the glorious past of the contemporary metropolis.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, is rightfully considered a city symbol and one of its main attractions. The peculiarity of the mosque is the presence of six minarets - there are no more mosques in Istanbul with so many minarets. Directly opposite the legendary mosque is another important historical monument - Hagia Sophia. In 1985, the cathedral was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with other monuments of the historical centre of Istanbul.

Istanbul is the scientific centre of Turkey. The city is home to several public universities, such as Istanbul University, Marmara University, Bosphorus University, and several private universities. Several scientific communities operate in the city, including the Turkish Medical Society. Istanbul is home to the leading centre Şisli Memorial Hospital, which is popular in the international medical arena.

Istanbul is a multimillion metropolis with a rich history and oriental flavour. Istanbul is an ideal option for a weekend trip: visitors can come here for a romantic weekend with their loved ones, fly in to unwind for a couple of days, drink delicious Turkish coffee and enjoy walking around this beautiful city. The city offers its guests excellent shopping opportunities. Istanbul has a vast number of boutiques and colourful bazaars, where they provide significant discounts. Istanbul is also a paradise for gourmets. Here you can taste delicious national Turkish cuisine and famous oriental sweets.

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