Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star

Trabzon, Turkey
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Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star
Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star
Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star

About the hospital

Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star provides services in almost all areas of medicine thanks to experienced medical staff and equipment with modern medical technology. The clinic offers services using advanced methods to ensure early diagnosis, effective treatment and patient comfort. The main principle of the hospital is the quality of health, patient satisfaction and friendly service.

Trabzon Star Medical Center provides services with six advanced technology operating theatres, two delivery rooms, ten internal and five surgical intensive care units, 12 neonatal intensive care units, four coronary intensive care units and a capacity of 107 beds. The clinic offers a varied menu, depending on the patient's preferences and the doctor's appointments. Interpreter services are also provided for international patients.

Trabzon Medical Park Hospital is the 28th hospital opened by Medical Group Hospitals, the largest private group of hospitals in Turkey. The high quality of medical services meets international standards and is confirmed by the Joint Commission International. Doctors pay special attention to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Specialists use an interdisciplinary approach to complex medical and discuss each clinical case separately. Medical Park Trabzon Star Hospital is equipped with advanced technologies such as its microbiology laboratory, MRI and CT, radiotherapy, navigation systems and robotic surgery. The doctors have worldwide recognition, annually receive a large number of awards and annually improve their qualifications at the best universities in Europe. Such experience sharing allows world-class medical care available in Turkey at affordable rates.

The specialized branches of the clinic include ophthalmology, paediatrics, endocrinology, otolaryngology, cardiology, dermatology, and plastic surgery. In addition, the clinic has advanced departments of oncological diagnosis and treatment, as well as a staff of specialists and academics in such fields as thyroid, breast, liver, pancreas and biliary tract surgery, orthopaedic tumour surgery, gynaecological tumour surgery, which are specific areas of tumour surgery. The medical team works hand in hand to provide the best service to patients in the region.

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Should I choose a hospital for cardiosurgical treatment?

The clinic is a good choice for surgery on the heart. Doctors with 25 years of experience performing numerous surgeries such as Bentall procedure, heart valve replacement, and coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) with exceptional skill and very high success rates compared to the average indicator in Turkey.

Is the clinic a good place for cancer diagnosis and treatment?

Thanks to a modern microbiological and genetic laboratory, MRI, CT, and PET, doctors have the opportunity to diagnose the most miniature manifestations of oncology. Furthermore, thanks to laparoscopic, laser and robotic surgery, specialists have the chance to treat cancer successfully.

What range of services is available at Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star?

The medical centre offers treatment for children and adults with eye diseases, hormonal disorders, and cardiac and otolaryngological problems. Innovative treatment of cancer of various organs and systems is also available. Additional services include dermatologists and plastic surgery.

What eye treatment does the clinic offer?

The hospital performs argon laser photocoagulation, intravitreal injection of anti-VEGF, the Phaco method, blepharoplasty, and LASIK, which treat the most common eye conditions according to world standards. Modern diagnostics of NFA and OCT make it possible to examine nerves.

About the city

Trabzon is an important historical and cultural center of Turkey, with a population of over 800,000. It is located in the Black Sea, between the Caucasus and Iran.

The city of Trabzon is one of the important historical and cultural centers of Turkey. It houses the Hagia Sophia Museum - a Christian church first turned into a mosque and then a museum with impressive frescoes. Also noteworthy are the city fort, the Ortahisar castle in the Old City, and the Upper Citadel. In addition, it is worth visiting the mountain lake Uzunkol, located east of Trabzon, the Sumela Monastery, carved into the mountains in the 4th century south of the city, and the Gunes Sanat Art Gallery, built by the 73-year-old artist Azmi Aytekin.

Folk dances are still widespread in the Black Sea region where the city is located. Horon is a well-known dance characteristic of the town and its environs. Trabzon also produces one-fifth of all fish production in Turkey. Technical University Trabzon Karadeniz is one of the first to open outside Istanbul and Ankara. The city is home to 2 Medical Park Group clinics - Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz and Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star. Both medical centers offer first-class medical services, have internationally recognized doctors, and attract many patients from abroad.

Trabzon is a traditional eastern city, an important trade center with a developed infrastructure and economy. Muslim traditions are very pronounced in the city, and the inhabitants of the east Black Sea region are known for their wit and sense of humor. Tourism flourishes in Trabzon throughout the year. Tourists visit the city to get to know the Byzantine Empire, Turkey's traditions, and the delightful nature of the Black Sea.

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