Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz

Trabzon, Turkey
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Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz
Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz
Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz

About the hospital

Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz is a modern hospital located in the city centre and provides first-class medical services for various diseases. With the knowledge and colossal experience of Medical Park Group, the latest technological devices, multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment approach, professional medical staff and patient-oriented approach, it provides special health services to many domestic and foreign patients.

The medical centre has 87 inpatient beds and 26 intensive care beds, as well as two operating rooms. More than 300 qualified employees provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for outpatients and inpatients daily. Karadeniz Hospital has various facilities for patients and their relatives. The clinic has a dining room for relatives to eat and a large car parking lot.

The highly qualified doctors of Medical Park Karadeniz carry out each treatment procedure with high efficiency and accuracy, ensuring that patients' health is in good hands. The clinic uses advanced technological equipment such as an MRI scanner, DSA digital subtraction angiography, ultrasound machine and digital mammography to provide comprehensive services that ensure patient recovery. The International Joint Commission accredits the hospital for providing quality services and patient safety. Doctors use conservative treatment methods, and they only resort to surgical interventions in case of ineffectiveness. The excellent equipment of the operating rooms allows for gentle, minimally invasive operations with a short recovery and rehabilitation period.

Therapeutic areas of the hospital include gastroenterology, orthopaedics and traumatology, urology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, cardiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, children's health and disease, general surgery, otolaryngology, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Specialists also have exceptional experience in internal medicine, dermatology, psychiatry, endocrinology, ophthalmology, neurology, nutrition and diet, IVF and infectious diseases. Patients receive medical services with a friendly, pleasant, compassionate approach and a clean, modern environment.

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What range of services is available at Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz?

The clinic offers high-quality treatment of diseases of the digestive and motor, cardiac and nervous systems. Doctors also offer treatment in internal medicine and surgery, ENT, and reproductive medicine, including IVF. Orthopaedics and rehabilitation complete the list of services.

Should I choose the hospital for surgery?

That is a good choice. Some of the best surgeons work at the hospital and offer minimally invasive laparoscopic interventions, arthroscopic joint surgeries and vascular microsurgery. With the maximum preservation of functions, the patient does not need long rehabilitation and can quickly return to everyday life.

Can I receive rehabilitation after treatment at the clinic?

Doctors offer individual rehabilitation both after surgical treatment and in addition to conservative therapy. In extra to physical repair and rehabilitation, great attention is paid to the psychological sphere and nutrition.

About the city

Trabzon is an important historical and cultural centre of Turkey with a population of over 800,000. It is located in the Black Sea, between the Caucasus and Iran.

The city of Trabzon is one of the important historical and cultural centres of Turkey. It houses the Hagia Sophia Museum - a Christian church first turned into a mosque and then a museum with impressive frescoes. Also noteworthy are the city fort, the Ortahisar castle in the Old City, and the Upper Citadel. In addition, it is worth visiting the mountain lake Uzunkol, located east of Trabzon, the Sumela Monastery, carved into the mountains in the 4th century south of the city, and the Gunes Sanat Art Gallery, built by the 73-year-old artist Azmi Aytekin.

Folk dances are still widespread in the Black Sea region where the city is located. Horon is a well-known dance characteristic of the town and its environs. Trabzon also produces one-fifth of all fish production in Turkey. Technical University Trabzon Karadeniz is one of the first to open outside Istanbul and Ankara. The city is home to 2 Medical Park Group clinics - Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Karadeniz and Medical Park Hospital Trabzon Star. Both medical centres offer first-class medical services, have internationally recognized doctors and attract many patients from abroad.

Trabzon is a traditional eastern city, an important trade centre with a developed infrastructure and economy. Muslim traditions are very pronounced in the city, and the inhabitants of the east Black Sea region are known for their wit and sense of humour. Tourism flourishes in Trabzon throughout the year. Tourists come to the city to get to know the Byzantine Empire, Turkey's traditions and the Black Sea's delightful nature.

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