Medical Park Hospital Tokat

Tokat, Turkey
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Medical Park Hospital Tokat
Medical Park Hospital Tokat
Medical Park Hospital Tokat

About the hospital

Medical Park Hospital Tokat is a multidisciplinary centre known for its quality round-the-clock medical care. The hospital is a symbol of healthcare excellence in Turkey. A professional medical team diagnoses and treats diseases using high-tech medical equipment. The management has invested heavily to maintain the hospital level at the level of developed countries, so the medical centre attracts many patients from Turkey and worldwide.

Hospital Medical Park Tokat carries out its clinical activities on an area of ​​14,000 m2 with 100 inpatient beds and six operating rooms, including 1 for cardiovascular surgery. The clinic is essential for the people of Tokat and the entire region, with its suites and single rooms designed to emphasize the comfort of the patient and staff.

The main focus of the hospital is cardiovascular surgery. A team of cardiologists provides round-the-clock medical care for patients with acute cardiovascular diseases. The qualified medical team has many years of experience performing complex interventions such as stents and pacemakers, coronary artery bypass grafting, valve and aortic surgery, and EPS and CTO ablation. Doctors also excel in FACO cataract treatment, ocular angiography and laser treatment for diseases with intraocular bleeding. Due to the excellent equipment in the operating rooms, surgical interventions in the Medical Park Tokat Clinic are performed microsurgical, which is less painful for the patient and reduces the recovery and rehabilitation time. National and international bodies have repeatedly confirmed the quality of medical services. At the same time, the hospital's doctors are trained in the best inter-institutions in Turkey and Europe.

Medical Park Hospital provides medical services in various medical departments such as neurosurgery, general surgery, urology, otolaryngology, gynaecology and obstetrics, orthopaedics, infectious diseases and microbiology. The doctors also specialize in medical oncology, dermatology, chest diseases, paediatrics and physiotherapy. In addition, the medical centre in Tokat also provides services such as bronchoscopy, allergy and respiratory testing, hearing test, colonoscopy, electroencephalography, electromyography, magnetic resonance tomography, ultrasound and X-ray. In aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, the clinic offers skin care programs, hair transplantation and modelling, and laser and ozone therapy.

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Should I choose a clinic for a hair transplant?

The medical centre is a good choice for hair transplantation because factors that provoke baldness are evaluated in addition to the treatment. Physicians generally use the Sapphire FUE and DHI methods and achieve thickness and a natural look without traumatizing the scalp.

What range of services is available at Medical Park Hospital Tokat?

The clinic offers highly accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in cardio surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, orthopaedics, infectious diseases and microbiology, pulmonology, oncology and rehabilitation. Additionally, cosmetology, hair transplantation, laser and ozone therapy are offered.

Can a medical centre help to correct chest wall deformity complications?

Using the Nuss technique, doctors have the opportunity to effectively treat complications due to congenital or acquired deformations of the chest wall with minor incisions. Specialists often prefer minimally invasive surgical techniques for any surgical treatment. 

About the city

Tokat is the capital city of the beautiful Tokat Province, located in the Black Sea region of Turkey, with a population of over 600,000. Today the town is an important cultural and agricultural centre of Anatolia. 

One of the best buildings in Tokat is the Gok Madrasah, built in 1270. It was founded as a divinity school and has now been converted into a museum that houses archaeological finds from the area. On the side streets of Tokat, half-timbered houses of the Ottoman era have been preserved, one of which is Latifoglu Konagy. Beautifully restored, it stands out from the modern buildings, with plain white walls, brown wooden doors and sloping roofs.

The people of Tokat play basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, cable skiing, horseback riding, karting, paintball, martial arts and many other sports. Cycling and jogging are only occasionally along the coast, where recreational fishing is also popular. The private clinic Medical Park Hospital Tokat is responsible for the health of residents of the city and the surrounding regions. As a leading clinic of the Medical Park Healthcare Group, it offers specialized medical services.

Walking around the city of Tokat is an opportunity to catch a glimpse of life in the old days, with many historical buildings on numerous ancient monuments. The abundance of luxury hotels, proximity to the Black Sea and excellent healthcare system attract tourists from Turkey and neighbouring countries.

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