Medical Park Hospital Tarsus

Tarsus, Turkey
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Medical Park Hospital Tarsus
Medical Park Hospital Tarsus
Medical Park Hospital Tarsus

About the hospital

Medical Park Hospital Tarsus is a leading multidisciplinary clinic near the Mediterranean Sea. Within a walking length of the clinic, there is a park among palm trees and historical monuments. As a general hospital, Medical Park Tarsus strives to be active in all medical departments. Therefore, it accommodates many highly specialized and high-level health care departments.

The 9-story building with a total hospital area of ​​12,000 m2 accommodates 157 beds, 46 intensive care beds, and five operating rooms. Intensive care wards consist of cardiac surgery, coronary intensive care and neonatal intensive care. The clinic provides medical services with a team of 400 experts, including 45 doctors, one psychologist, two nutritionists and 150 nurses, as well as administrative and technical staff. It aims to deliver the preferable quality of medical care in the region.

The medical centre has a team of professionals treating obesity, endocrinological problems, nutritionists and psychologists. The combination of these specialities helps to use the most modern methods of bariatric surgery, which are highly successful in reducing weight in critical cases. Specialists consider the patient's lifestyle, select an individual program and guide the terms of complete rehabilitation. In the hospital, operations are carried out according to the latest scientific developments with minimal incisions. Accurate radiological technologies of MRI, CT, and PET with 3D modelling help to think through every step. Specialists in related specializations address related problems and additional factors. Endocrinologists comprehensively examine the body to rule out possible causes of weight gain while detecting other diseases, such as thyroid diseases and diabetes. Finally, the decision on surgical intervention is made after a comprehensive consultation in various departments. Also, the Joint Commission International, USA, confirmed the procedures' quality and safety.

Tarsus Medical Park Hospital offers treatment for diseases related to gynaecology, cardiovascular system, orthopaedics and traumatology, dermatology, pediatric care, neurology, urology and ophthalmology. Postoperative care in this hospital is one of the best in the region. The medical centre intends to expand the area of ​​service provision in the region and neighbouring countries within the framework of health tourism to serve broader segments of the population. Despite the contract with the social welfare institution, Hospital in Tarsus helps with private health insurance and other agreements, providing the best care to residents and patients worldwide from neighbouring countries.

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Does Medical Park Hospital Tarsus treat diabetes?

The hospital follows innovative technologies of diabetes treatment. For example, genetically engineered insulin analogues for better blood sugar control, insulin pumps, and 24/7 glucose monitors are ideal for active young patients who do not want to limit their lives and very young children. 

What range of services does the clinic offer?

The clinic offers treatment of neurological and urological, orthopaedic diseases and injuries, skin and gynaecological lesions, cardiovascular system and eyes. In addition, metabolic and hormonal disorders, rehabilitation, screenings and prevention (check-ups) expand the list of possibilities.

Why is a medical centre good for palliative intensive care?

A hospital is an excellent place to treat palliative patients because has developed numerous comprehensive programs for pain relief and life support. In addition to 24-hour care, the safest painkillers in pumps with patient regulation and overdose protection are also available in the department. 

Does the clinic serve children?

Highly experienced doctors are gathered under one roof to treat children for common diseases. The essential directions help with developmental disabilities, genetic disorders and scoliosis. Emphasis is also placed on preventing illnesses thanks to the qualifying examination with the least burden on the body.

About the city

Tarsus is located in the region best known in history as Cilicia. It has a glorious ancient history and is an important city from the point of view of religion. The city has a population of 340,000 and necessary migration and trade routes. In terms of industry, Tarsus is the most developed district of Mersin.

Paul, the writer of the New Testament, was born in Tarsus. For this reason, it is considered a place of pilgrimage for Christians. There is a legendary church named after him. Cleopatra's Gate, one of the city's oldest ruins, is the town's highlight. It is where Cleopatra first went ashore to meet Mark Antony, Caesar's confidant. After visiting the sights and getting to know the history, it is worth relaxing and cheering up. The mysterious Tashkuyu caves and the local waterfall are suitable for an ideal outdoor activity. Near the waterfall is a park with teahouses and restaurants overlooking the mosque, which is excellent for taking a break from excursions and numerous sights.

Even in antiquity, Tarsus was famous for its library of 200,000 volumes, and the local university was even more prominent than the universities of Athens and Alexandria. Since the mid-19th century, the city has been connected to the world trade system through the port of Mersin, and during this period, the town achieved significant development in culture, trade, and especially agriculture and the economy related to agriculture. Also, the city has always been famous for the quality of medical care, and there are also legends that the town's religious monuments protected the city from major diseases and healed people a long time ago. Many hospitals and private doctors' offices have taken note of this advantage and are practising medicine. One is Medical Park Hospital Tarsus, which employs the most significant number of professional doctors from all over the country in a cosy and fashionable building. 

The city with such a rich history still does not stop its development and takes full advantage of every opportunity. In Tarsus, universities, hospitals, restaurants, and businesses thrive and have a constant forward movement. The bustling city surprises with its ancient tiny houses scattered around the city next to modern clinics and parks with a waterfall. All this plays very well on the contrast and will never let you get bored. 

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