Medical Park Hospital Ordu

Ordu, Turkey
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Medical Park Hospital Ordu
Medical Park Hospital Ordu
Medical Park Hospital Ordu

About the hospital

Ordu Medical Park Hospital is an advanced centre located in a port city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. The hospital's windows offer a charming view of the sea and the beautiful city. The refreshing salty air is combined with the modern architecture of the hospital building and light design, reminiscent of a vacation in a fashionable hotel and no stressful hospital atmosphere.

The medical centre is planned to have 206 available therapy beds, 47 intensive care beds equipped with the most modern devices, and six full-fledged operating rooms, including cardiovascular surgery operation theatres. In addition, the emergency department includes a cardiopulmonary resuscitation room, a first aid room, and individual observation rooms that provide privacy. The observation rooms are directly connected to the monitor system on the nurse's desk, so the right interventions are applied in time, and hygienic conditions are maintained.

Ordu Medical Park Clinic has the best, highly qualified personnel for operative interventions in gastroenterology and urology. Therapy of kidney stones with the help of a camera system (retrograde intrarenal surgery), closed surgery of kidney stones (PNL system), and the use of ESWL (stone breaker) contributes to greater adherence of patients to treatment, reduced hospital stay and rapid rehabilitation. Furthermore, given the absence of incisions and minimal traumatization of tissues, patients are not limited in the postoperative period. In the gastroenterology department, diseases of the liver, stomach and intestines are diagnosed and treated by gastroscopy and colonoscopy in the endoscopy department, equipped with advanced technological devices. At the same time, ERCP allows the non-surgical removal of gallstones and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is successfully performed in patients who cannot eat through the mouth. Such treatment approaches are applied with great respect for the patient's time and health, which is fundamental for the medical centre. The friendly staff also carefully prepares patients for all procedures, discussing minor details and accompanying patients at all stages.

Medical Park Ordu Hospital provides medical services in all medical fields, including cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, medical oncology, gastroenterology, plastic and aesthetic surgery, psychiatry, and urology. The development of individual rehabilitation, massages, and dermatological cosmetology are also available. The territory of the hospital has a well-thought-out area for walks and restaurants, which is as pleasant as possible for patients and their visitors. Additional handrails and ramps, clinic staff and safety equipment are ready to meet the needs of all patients with disabilities.

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Founded in 2000
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Why is Ordu Medical Park Hospital the best for treating urolithiasis?

The clinic is the best in the network for treating urological diseases, especially urolithiasis, thanks to extensive treatment methods. The chamber system for RIRIC, non-invasive lithotripsy and PNL allows removing stones without additional trauma to prevent future complications and genitourinary disruption.

Can I treat gastroenterological diseases in the clinic?

The clinic has high-tech and innovative capabilities for treating gastrointestinal tract diseases through therapeutic and surgical methods. Low-traumatic surgical treatment through minor incisions with laparoscopic techniques has significant advantages over conventional open operations.

What range of services does the medical centre offer?

In addition to accessory rehabilitation, cosmetology and massage services, the main list includes treatment of all the most common diseases in gastroenterology, cardiac surgery, otolaryngology, urology and oncology. The clinic offers high-quality treatment thanks to experienced doctors.

Will I receive rehabilitation after surgery?

Any surgical treatment planning in the medical centre takes place with careful development of further rehabilitation, which considers both the patient's wishes and the team's views. Physical cure, psychological support, neuro and hydrotherapy, thermо- and cryotherapy are available for recovery.

About the city

Ordu is a port city with a population of 230,000 and is located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. The town of hazelnuts, delicious food, numerous beaches, and summer entertainment is quite famous for tourism and recreation.

The Boztepe cable car is the most popular attraction. A modern city symbol opens a stunning view of the Ordu and the sea, like in the palm of a hand from 550 meters. "Cape Jason" at the edge of the sea reminds tourists of ancient times when the temple of Jason protected sailors in the treacherous waters of the Black Sea. Today it sits in total solitude in an overgrown cornfield next to a lighthouse overlooking the Pontus' raging waves. Furthermore, one of the city's attractions is the factory store Sagra, which sells a variety of nuts in chocolate. Ordu grows the most significant number of hazelnut crops and produces about 75% of the world's hazelnuts. The cuisine is mainly based on local vegetables and includes typical Turkish dishes such as kebabs and more exciting dishes such as plain or caramel "burnt ice cream". The city has a developed network of cafes and restaurants that serve delicious local dishes near places of interest and in recreation areas. Tourists can also visit museums, cultural centers, and ancient mosques.

Local businesses, educational and medical organizations, shops, and entertainment services rapidly develop in Ordu. In addition, a major Turkish medical chain has opened a private Ordu Medical Park Hospital to serve locals and tourists at the hotel level and with the best treatment in the region. The clinic is proud of its achievements in the field of oncology and hair transplantation. Today, the city is partially industrialized and a member of the Anatolian Tigers with seven successful companies.

Ordu is ideal for family vacations, fun with friends, or solo vacations. Any attractions are within walking distance: from historical monuments to active recreation on the seashore.

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