Medical Park Hospital Elazig

Elazig, Turkey
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Medical Park Hospital Elazig
Medical Park Hospital Elazig
Medical Park Hospital Elazig

About the hospital

Medical Park Hospital Elazig is a medical centre that provides international health tourism services. The clinic serves the region and neighbouring countries and contributes to the national economy. Modern equipment, a professional team of doctors, caring nursing staff and innovative treatment methods allow the hospital to provide first-class medical services.

Medical Park Hospital has 206 beds, two angiography rooms, 14 post-angiography restrooms, 13 operating rooms equipped with the latest technological equipment and three delivery rooms. The clinic also includes 79 intensive care units. Doctors provide diagnostic and therapeutic services in 66 specialized departments. The hospital uses innovative building technology controlled from 3500 points to meet all its patients' expectations with its modern structure. The fully equipped hospital also has a conference room for 152 people for medical meetings.

The medical centre aims to provide the best possible service with state-of-the-art devices such as 1.5 Tesla MRI, 128-slice CT, virtual angiography and 4D ultrasound in imaging units. In addition, the department of radiation medicine has 2 LINAC radiation therapy machines with adjustable intensity and a chemotherapy unit, which most effectively treat cancer, one of the biggest problems of society and the regionThe high quality of medical services meets international standards and is confirmed by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Doctors of the clinic are world-renowned specialists with exceptional experience in various fields of medicine.

Medical Park in Elazig provides general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics and traumatology, infectious diseases, chest diseases, internal medicine, ENT diseases, and ophthalmology. The clinic also includes basic diagnostic and treatment units such as a physiotherapy centre, an aesthetic and plastic surgery department, and an in vitro fertilization centre. The hospital's medical team acts to satisfy all the patients' wishes.

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Founded in 1993
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206 beds available
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Why the medical centre is good for radiotherapy?

LINAC radiation is an affordable, innovative technique in the clinic. The advantage is several degrees of safety and the ability to calculate the dose to the entire depth without additional traumatization. The approach is sometimes the only chance for inoperable patients or when vital structures are nearby.

What specializations are available at Medical Park Hospital Elazig?

The medical centre has highly qualified cardiovascular and neurosurgeons, ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, therapists, orthopaedic and traumatologists, reproductive and plastic surgeons, and infectious disease specialists. Doctors also offer highly effective rehabilitation programs.

Is the clinic certified for cancer treatment?

Thanks to the JCI certification and the recognition of the state association, the oncology department is not only one of the largest but also popular among foreign patients. Single-photon emission computed tomography makes it possible to diagnose minor signs of cancer when the symptoms are non-specific.

About the city

Elazig is the most well-planned and beautiful city located in the Elazig province in eastern Turkey. The town lies 1020 meters above sea level and is surrounded by vineyards and orchards.

The city is aesthetically magnificent, thanks mainly to its location in the middle of vast plains surrounded by purple mountains. The lakes and rivers of Elazig only add to the city's beauty. One of the historical attractions of Elazig is the Byzantine fortress of the ancient town of Harput, 5 kilometres to the north. The city also has several mosques from the Seljuk period. Many local theatre groups are in the town, and Elazig folk dances are famous far beyond the city.

Today, Elazig is also a trading centre for crops and livestock. Mining is an essential economic income for the province, and the deep soils are rich in copper, iron ore, zinc, and lead. The city also has one of the largest hydroelectric power plants, contributing to the town's and the country's development. Elazig is a highly developed province in terms of healthcare, and according to CNBC-e-Business magazine, it is the second city with the best healthcare infrastructure in Turkey. Medical Park Hospital in Elazig is a modern medical facility that offers first-class diagnostic and therapeutic services. The clinic attracts patients from Turkey and Europe thanks to qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

As one of the oldest cities in Anatolia, with its deep-rooted traditions and growing tourism, Elazig has become a city where curious travellers go on exploration missions. Having adopted many civilizations, Elazig attracts tourists with its historical and natural beauties.

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