Medical Park Hospital Canakkale

Canakkale, Turkey
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Medical Park Hospital Canakkale
Medical Park Hospital Canakkale
Medical Park Hospital Canakkale

About the hospital

Medical Park Hospital Canakkale is a private medical facility located in the historical city of Turkey on the shores of the stunning Dardanelles. The clinic started its activities in 2019 with the medical network "Medical Park". It adopted the principle of meeting the region's health care needs and providing quality medical services to its population. The Hospital in Canakkale is the only private hospital in the province and employs 186 staff.

The modern building has 75 beds, two operating rooms, and high-tech diagnostic and examination rooms. The bright design and spaciousness of the premises are made in calm, fashionable colours and provide a "baby-friendly" environment that complements the friendly atmosphere of the organisation. No patient, from big to small, will be neglected in the clinic thanks to the organised service and structured work of the experienced staff. In addition to training on medications, medical devices, nutrition and hand hygiene, smoking cessation and breastfeeding exercise are also provided. 

Canakkale Hospital in Turkey is known for the variety of diagnostic approaches available to patients to choose from. In addition to general diagnostic tests such as blood analysis, X-rays, and echocardiography, the clinic also performs all including check-up packages. Doctors also offer various forms of cosmetic surgery, cancer treatment and transplantation. The hospital has a 24-hour emergency service, consisting of examination and resuscitation, operating and examination departments. All hospital units are organised to support the emergency department when needed. The neonatal intensive care unit of the hospital has six incubators. It provides extended care from the 35th week of pregnancy to premature births, multiple pregnancies, children of mothers with diabetes, and children with health problems due to difficult births. Given its focus on emergency medical and parental care, it is the only centre in the province that solves the most complex tasks and cases. Children with Spina bifida have the opportunity to receive immediate and high-quality care. The treatment described in the hospital depends on the severity of the defect. Timely help and careful observation often reduce the need for surgical treatment.

Canakkale Medical Center offers treatment in various therapeutic categories. Diagnostics and treatment are carried out using advanced technologies. Departments available at this hospital include brain and nervous system surgery, infectious diseases, pathology laboratories, nutritional advice, intensive care, radiology, physical therapy and rehabilitation, anaesthesia and resuscitation, ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, chest diseases, urology, emergency medicine,  orthopaedics and traumatology, obstetrics and gynaecology.

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Founded in 2006
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75 beds available
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Is the neonatal intensive care developed in the hospital?

The neonatal intensive care team works in a highly equipped unit with bedside X-ray, ultrasound and echocardiography without the risk of infection when moving between departments. In addition, hemodiafiltration, plasma exchange, and ECMO effectively combat kidney failure and metabolic disorders

What conditions does the clinic treat?

The hospital treats diseases of the brain and nervous system, infections, cancer and lung, eye and skin conditions. Doctors also specialize in nutrition, anaesthesia and resuscitation, urology, emergency and intensive care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Should I choose Medical Park Hospital Canakkale for infertility treatment?

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team and a powerful genetics laboratory, the clinic has become a good choice for IVF, microinjections, embryo freezing and surgical sperm retrieval. Specialists of various specialities carefully study the factors that can affect the disease within the limits of one department.

About the city

Canakkale, or the Potter's Fortress, has long been considered the capital of ceramics. It is one of the most modern areas and leading places in Turkey regarding culture. The city is bordered by the Dardanelles Strait, which connects the Aegean and Marmara Seas in northwestern Anatolia, and has a population of nearly 200,000. Due to its location, the city is still known as the "Gate of the Aegean Coast".

Today, Canakkale is the starting point for Imbros Island and Alibey. The peaceful atmosphere of the islands makes them a great place to relax for a few days. Here tourists can admire snow-white beaches backed by forested slopes and olive groves and explore several old Greek villages full of abandoned and dilapidated stone houses. Guests also can visit numerous museums or the famous and majestic Chimlenik Castle of 1452, which is impressive both outside and inside. One of the city's events was the discovery of ancient Troy by the amateur German archaeologist and treasure hunter Heinrich Schliemann in 1871. The Troy International Festival has been held in Canakkale province every August since 1963 and features a variety of artistic events. The Wooden Horse from Wolfgang Petersen's Troy is still on the city's beach.

Canakkale has been dominated by different societies for thousands of years and bears their traces both in its architecture and life. Thanks to the commercial investment that began in the 1970s, the traditional social structure in the province gave way to a modernized city. Canakkale is the finishing point of the annual swimming competition. Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, the only regional university, is essential to Canakkale. The number of students is more than 48,000, and the number of staff exceeds 3,000. Considering a large number of tourists, students and the city's growing population, Medical Park Hospital Canakkale has piloted private medicine and provides additional visitors to the town.

The city inspires by its history and pristine nature. Fresh air, islands, and sea breeze will remain in the visitor's memory as a place of little paradise and peace.

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