Medical Center Klara Czestochowa

Czestochowa, Poland
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Medical Center Klara Czestochowa
Medical Center Klara Czestochowa
Medical Center Klara Czestochowa

About the hospital

Medical Center Klara Czestochowa has been providing its services since 2012 for the adult and pediatric population of Poland in the format of multidisciplinary treatment. A variety of conservative and surgical remedies are available under one roof. Doctors are constantly working to introduce new, innovative, gentle interventions and procedures.

In 2022, the clinic expanded and received another building to treat more patients. In total, services are provided in 37 specialties, including outpatient and inpatient treatment areas. Also, сenters for child development, rehabilitation, occupational medicine, cell therapy, and immunotherapy operate based on the medical center.

The clinic has an exhaustive list of high-quality treatments. One of the most popular areas is orthopedics and traumatology. Doctors perform the entire range of services, increasingly using highly accurate minimally invasive techniques. Also, the clinic uses only certified implants for hip or knee replacement surgery. The patient can receive a completely individual artificial joint specially selected for the joint's surface. PRP treats traumatic soft tissue injuries using autogenous growth factors as an adjunctive therapy. This approach reduces the risk of retreatment and improves healing. Orthopedists also use DISCOgel for minimally invasive treatment of disc diseases, back pain, and hernias. Just one puncture in the spinal area delivers high-quality material to fill disc deformities. Furthermore, HORCH laparoscopic surgery also made it possible to treat hernias of various variants through little incisions with a high success rate. Another no less critical achievement of Czestochowa Medical Center Klara is the use of NanoKnife technologies for the treatment of tumor lesions of the prostate. The method allows for highly effective, precise, and painless impact on cancer cells within the cell thanks to microsecond electrical impulses. Doctors also use Echolaser techniques under ultrasound control for prostate hyperplasia and thyroid nodules. Due to this method, doctors avoid long preparation, exhausting rehabilitation, and numerous complications with impaired function. In addition, the patient can be discharged on the day of the procedure. Laser methods of treatment also extend to vascular operations. The Leonardo ELVeS laser with the patented Radial 2ring laser fiber removes subcutaneous veins without bruising and pain in a short time.

Czestochowa Medical Clinic Klara offers treatment to patients of all ages with cardiovascular, immune, ophthalmological, orthopedic, gynecological, genitourinary, and neurosurgical diseases. In addition, pulmonologists, pediatricians and general therapists, gastroenterologists, and ENT specialists also work here. The significant popularity of the medical center among Europeans and constant investments contribute to the continuous development of even better quality treatment.

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Founded in 2013
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Does the clinic serve children?

In addition to the classic comprehensive cure of children in therapy and surgery, such as cardiology, allergology, and neurology, the hospital also offers the services of the child development center. Sensory integration, psychologists, teachers, and rehabilitators complement the primary treatment.

Is stem cell therapy available at the hospital?

The medical center uses stem cell cures as the primary and additional treatment for neurological and immune diseases. The method was most famous for treating cerebral palsy, leukemia, and congenital immunodeficiencies.

Does Medical Center Klara Czestochowa treat prostate tumors with the NanoKnife?

Oncologists and urologists use minimally invasive treatment with the NanoKnife for an apparent effect on tumor lesions without incisions and severe complications. In addition, the patient gets the opportunity of a short stay in the hospital with the highest cure effect.

About the city

Czestochowa officially originated in 1826 on the Warta River in Poland and currently has a population of 218,000. The city is the third most famous and essential pilgrimage destination in Europe. Ivan Paul II visited the city and held masses so often that he eventually received the keys to its gates and the title of honorary citizen of the city.

First, the town is famous thanks to the Czestochowa icon of the Mother of God from 1382, located in the Jasnohirsky Monastery, shrouded in legends and studied by world historians. The interweaving of three tourist routes in the city, such as the "Eagle's Nest Route," the "Jurassic Fortifications Route," and the Silesian Voivodeship Technical Monuments Route, also contributes to the significant development of tourism. Stashytsia Park attracts special attention thanks to various recreation areas and a large amount of entertainment. It houses the city museum, the Multicentrum Zodiak astronomical observatory, and tennis courts. The park is ideal for cycling or picnicking, with a rich green area and various plant species. The town is turning into a center of street art. While walking through the streets of Czestochowa, you can see world-famous large-format murals, well-preserved historical buildings, and long-standing monuments. However, the city's culture of music and cinema is entirely developed. Numerous festivals, Frytka OFF-jazz, Hip Hop Elements festival, retro festival, and Summer Chill, offer a rich program and gather a large number of tourists every year.

The city has 26,000 enterprises and developed thanks to the metallurgy, glass, and chemical industries. The city is also a center of quality engineering education and medical services. The famous and talented Valenty Jozef Sekaczynski, Wladyslaw Biehanski, and Wladyslaw Wrzesniowski worked fruitfully and for a long time on developing the medical field in the city. Medical Center Klara Czestochowa has been a leading private complex for treatment and recovery, consisting of two specialized clinics, for over 10 years. A comprehensive list of offers allows you to restore health in a short time comprehensively.

A diverse introduction to Polish culture and a rich cultural program characterize Czestochowa as an actual tourist city. The city with high spirituality is particularly concerned about preserving ancient traditions and offers visitors to the city to get to know them.

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