Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India
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Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road Bengaluru
Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road Bengaluru
Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road Bengaluru

About the hospital

Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road Bengaluru is the flagship hospital of the private Indian network of Manipal Hospitals and was established in 1991. The modern building has been purpose-built to be flooded with natural light and planned with easy access to hospital wards for people with disabilities.

The clinic's structure includes 600 beds, 144 resuscitation intensive care beds, and 20 operating theaters with modern equipment. Diagnostic high-tech equipment with 128-slice computed tomography, 3 Tesla MRI, bone densitometry, digital mammography, and the latest PET-CT technology is available 24 hours a day for high-quality patient care.

Doctors offer one of the most extensive ranges of medical services under one roof in the country. The most relevant direction of Manipal Clinic Old Airport Road in Bengaluru is oncology treatment. Patients can receive state-of-the-art treatment that meets world standards, including biological therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors, immune cell therapy (adoptive cell therapy), therapeutic antibodies, therapeutic vaccines, and immunomodulatory agents. In addition, the primary treatment can include not only one medical direction but also be supplemented with HIPEC and PIPEC, radiation, and surgical options. Before each treatment, patients can undergo high-precision diagnostics with the latest Discovery IQ "Gen 2" model with Motionfree technology. This PET-CT can produce the most accurate images of a minor oncological impression. In addition to oncological cure, the cardiac surgery department has successfully treated valvular heart defects (balloon mitral valvotomy) and arrhythmias (electrophysiological radioablation, including 3D ablation). Also, the medical center has a comprehensive list of treatment options for children, supplemented by modern diagnostics.

Bengaluru Manipal Medical Center Old Airport Road can treat patients of all ages and in almost any medical field: allergology, neurology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, general surgery, organ, and bone marrow transplantation, cardiology, and cardiovascular surgery, bariatric surgery, endocrinology, oncology, and dentistry.

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Founded in 1990
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601 beds available
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Does the clinic serve children?

Doctors treat children in emergency care, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, allergology, and infectious diseases. In addition, the medical center employs some of the country's best pediatricians, who completed internships in the leading hospitals.

Does Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road Bengaluru perform robotic spine surgery?

Doctors use robotic treatments and microsurgery with neuromonitoring to ensure high-precision tumor removal and nerve decompression. The high percentage of successful operations contributed to the international recognition of the clinic as an advanced spine treatment center.

Should I choose the medical center for liver transplantation?

Transplantologists work in a multidisciplinary team to carry out organ transplantation. A detailed study of the recipient and the donor on the HLA compatibility system and modern postoperative care using the latest generation of immunosuppression contribute to the best results.

Is the hospital suitable for the neurosurgical cure?

The neurosurgery department is one of the best in India due to intraoperative MRI, stereotaxic radiosurgery, computer-assisted brain surgery, and deep brain stimulation. Also, skull base and spine surgery are performed using an endoscope through the mouth and nose.

About the city

Bengaluru is considered the garden city of India, which has been the capital of the state of Karnataka since 1830. In addition, the city is a natural center of tourism in the country, which attracts tourists with its magnificent architecture, parks, avenues, and numerous entertainment shopping centers.

A hub of Indian culture, with the majestic Attara Kacheri High Court and Vidhana Soudha (1956), temples, palaces, and museums, the city offers an introduction to the area's many traditions in entertainment, cuisine, and art. In addition, guests can admire nature in the 18th-century botanical gardens (Lalbagh Garden) and Cubbon Parks and have a picnic near Hesaraghatta Lake and Chamaraja. In addition, the city boasts some of the best entertainment in the country, attracting tourists from all over the world. Wonderla is suitable for active family vacations thanks to the water park and more than 60 attractions.

India's Silicon Valley - Bengaluru - a city of contrasts, saw significant development in the 1950s due to large-scale immigration and public investment. As a result, hundreds of new jobs, high-quality education, and the success of manufacturing and information and communication technology (ICT) have turned it into a self-sufficient, highly developed city. Due to this successful development, there has also been a significant breakthrough in the medical field, notably Manipal Hospital Old Airport Road Bengaluru, with its innovative treatment methods. Since 1991, the clinic has been moving Indian medicine forward and conducting numerous high-quality clinical studies.

High respect for traditions intertwined with modern innovations gives unforgettable pleasant emotions about recreation in Bengaluru.

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