Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center Lodz

Lodz, Poland
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Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center Lodz
Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center Lodz
Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center Lodz

About the hospital

Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center Lodz is a leading institution in obstetrics, gynecology, and neonatology. The hospital's narrow specialization focuses on complex, extraordinary pregnancy management and childbirth cases. Doctors also pay great attention to treating babies with deep prematurity, anomalies of intrauterine development, and congenital disabilities. This approach is uniform and unique for the whole of Poland.

The natural talents of neonatology are gathered under one roof. Due to its impeccable reputation and merits, the medical center was included in the European reference network for rare kidney diseases. Because of international recognition, the clinic has been allowed to cooperate with leading European centers in children's most complex cases of genitourinary diseases. Thanks to the cooperation with OnkoCWBK, the medical center has access to state-of-the-art cures through high-quality and safe clinical research. Also, the appropriate level of safety is ensured in medical nutrition and artificial feeding, which is confirmed by a certificate. Therefore, the Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center in Lodz provides a high level of care for patients with high nutritional risk and malabsorption.

Special equipment for therapeutic hypothermia of newborns during transportation reduces infant mortality and delivery patients even from the most remote corner of the region. Optimum brain temperature reduces the risk of irreversible damage to the central nervous system. In addition, the preparation and implementation of reconstructive interventions can take place and be completed already in the delivery room. Thanks to ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, pediatricians can treat children with severe respiratory failure. This approach provides an opportunity to relieve the heart and lungs for regeneration and recovery in meconium aspiration syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, pneumonia, or hernias. Treatment is also available for mothers with complicated pregnancies or women with infertility. Minimally invasive operative laparoscopic and endoscopic interventions, complex radical surgery, and same-day surgery are available for both mother and child.

Heart disease, emergency medical care, pregnancy planning and genetic counseling, oncological diseases, conditions after strokes, and treatment of infections are among the wide range of services available to women at the Institute of Polish Mother's Health Clinic in Lodz. Neonatologists and pediatricians aim to provide high-quality medical care for babies from the first seconds of life and increase survival even in complex cases. A wide range of services for the mother and her child attracts patients from all over the world.

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Founded in 1997
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What are surgical interventions on the digestive system performed in the hospital?

Doctors consider the fragility of children's tissues and increasingly resort to minimally invasive interventions. As a result, the clinic offers highly effective treatment of obstructions, rectal malformations, Hirschsprung's disease, and various cysts, including extrahepatic bile ducts.

Is the clinic suitable for neurosurgical treatment?

The medical center is a good choice for the neurosurgical treatment of children's diseases. Neurosurgeons have an operating microscope combined with optical neuronavigation. In addition, incubators compatible with MRI provide early diagnosis and rapid response.

Is the Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center suitable for curing premature babies?

The clinic is one of the few with unique technologies that contribute to better development and support of premature babies. For example, manually adjusting the temperature in the rooms for children with the lowest birth weight keeps the temperature up to 34 degrees.

About the city

Lodz is located in the heart of Poland, in the historic land of Lenczyca. The city's population is 670,000 natives and young students from other countries. The municipality attracts with its contrasts, heterogeneous architecture, and street art. For example, one of the most extensive European Lodz graffiti is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Guests of the city can get all the necessary entertainment under one roof in the Manufactory. Numerous shops, delicious restaurants and cafes, theatre performances, and film screenings are gathered in a post-industrial multi-story factory building. In addition, for family recreation, Manufactory offers a climbing wall, bowling, a ride on the cable car with a view of the city, and a beach with sunbeds. Walking around the city is unforgettable. Visitors can visit art, comic, and game festivals, theatre and musical productions, world shows, and national cultural games are constantly held. An excellent end to a busy day will be a visit to the most modern planetarium in Poland and the center of science and technology. They surprise children and adults with curiosity about space and the modern scientific world.

The city was known as a settlement of workers since 1423, and in 1820 the small town turned into a center of textile production in Europe. For a while, Lodz even had the status of the capital due to the destruction of Warsaw after the war. Since 1960, the city's architecture began to be enriched and saturated with the culture of 4 nations - Jewish, Russian, Polish, and German. Currently, Lodz is also one of the largest medical hubs in Poland. Thanks to the Medical Academy in town, several hospitals, and high-quality medical services were formed, which produced dozens of world-famous doctors. Real innovators in the medical field also worked here. For example, Bronislav Sabat was a creator of X-ray imaging, and Witold Orlovsky was a researcher and author of the publication of the impact of hunger on the human body). Since 1988 the Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center Lodz has become the only center in Poland to diagnose and treat fetuses, newborns, and children. Such opportunities make it a unique and advanced medical hospital.

Many poets and writers dedicated their work to Lodz because the city not only surprises with versatility but also fascinates with its romantic atmosphere. Active, hectic life and peace are combined in one city and satisfy the wishes of the most capricious tourist. Resting on the beach, immersing in the history of culture and art, shopping, national delicacies, and festivals will leave unforgettable memories of the vacation.

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