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Paris, France
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Institut Curie Hospital Paris
Institut Curie Hospital Paris
Institut Curie Hospital Paris

About the hospital

Institut Curie Hospital Paris is part of a legendary research center that, since 1920, has been the most critical research hub in oncology, cell biology, and physics. 50,000 patients annually have the opportunity to receive convenient and latest treatment for malignant tumors of any kind thanks to the close cooperation of scientists and doctors

Doctors and researchers pay great attention to the search for modern diagnostic methods for early detection of the lesion, determination of the molecular and genetic type of the tumor (sequencing) for a more accurate cure (adjuvant therapy), and determination of the presence of metastases. In addition, oncologists can access high-tech operating rooms for removing tumors using laparoscopic and minimally invasive robotic methods supplemented by remarkable navigators.

Numerous studies based on the oncology department made it possible to develop a national protocol and become a leading center for treating lymphoma of the central nervous system and the eye. Another rare tumor that receives special attention is uveal melanoma, which is effectively treated with proton therapy and endoresection to avoid the complication of neovascular glaucoma in the event of a scar. Also, taking on the task of a recognized leading center, oncologists have invaluable experience performing high-quality intraperitoneal chemohyperthermia (IPCH). The method is used to destroy the minor residual processes of carcinomatosis. After surgery, IPCH combines high temperature and chemotherapy for better results. In addition, the hospital has one of the complete technical platforms for radiation therapy in France. As a result, volume-modulated arc therapy (with development towards hypofractionated radiation therapy) or brachytherapy using iodine 125-grain implants is actively used in prostate treatment. Also, great attention is paid to the geriatric aspects of malignant tumor lesions, so the Institute has developed a special G8 frailty screening. Doctors can assess the condition of patients over 75 years of age and have all the necessary opportunities to maintain and improve it during complex treatment. Postoperative intensive care is available as needed for faster recovery.

The Paris Institut Curie Clinic staff aims to develop the most gentle methods of treating patients with the most severe diseases in oncology. In addition, doctors provide high-precision diagnostics for the timely detection of diseases. A detailed analysis of the configuration of the tumor, the mechanisms of its occurrence, and a combination of various treatments simultaneously allow for obtaining high success rates.

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Founded in 1920
50,000 patients
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Is the clinic considered the best in breast treatment?

The medical center leads the rating of Le Point and L'Express in the surgical treatment of breast cancer. In addition, compliance with ISO gold standards and minimally invasive treatment methods are an additional guarantee of treatment success.

Does Institut Curie Hospital Paris serve children?

The clinic offers treatment for children from birth, taking into account the patient's needs. As a result, the doctors have high treatment results, and it is a famous center for the most complex types of children's cancer. About 4,500 pediatric patients are treated here annually.

Does the medical center provide aftercare services after the primary cure?

Doctors provide additional services in post-operative intensive care, rehabilitation, and innovative wound care unit. This approach allows the patient and his relatives to give maximum attention to recovery instead of looking for a place for further treatment.

About the city

Paris is the capital of France, with a population of more than 2 million people. The city, located on the Seine River, is a center of a romantic atmosphere, high culture, delicious desserts, and high technology at the same time.

The municipality was founded in the middle of the 3rd century and is enriched with signs of different times and empires. Amphitheaters, palaces, chapels, sacred buildings, fortress walls, and castles are scattered throughout the city. Paris is ideal for walking, with historic sites, leisure options, and shopping centers everywhere. The town is home to 13 universities, 97 museums (including the 1793 Louvre with 35,000 exhibits and the Picasso Museum), 300 art galleries, the Moulin Rouge cabaret, and more than 100 theaters. The Seine embankments, the Suburban Palace of Fontainebleau, and the Palace of Versailles are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The surrounding from all sides of the rich nature of the Boulogne and Wenceslas forests complements the charming atmosphere. The moderate climate promotes the development of year-round outdoor recreation areas.

The town became a hub of European education and religion and an important economic and political center starting in the 11th century. The city's arrangement with a modernized water supply, the first hospitals and forts, and the holding of world exhibitions and the Olympic Games contributed to the high prestige of the city. Today, the municipality occupies a leading position among the trade centers of Europe. A large share is occupied by the tourist business, which also contributes to the general development of the municipality. In addition, there has been significant growth in the medical field to serve local and international patients. Institut Curie Hospital Paris and Institut Curie Proton Therapie Center Paris are exemplary models of advanced French medicine and scientific discovery, which is also an integral part of the town.

The historic city of Paris offers a rich leisure program that surprises visitors with various delicious national dishes, cultural attractions, entertainment centers, and shops. In addition, art, fashion, high technologies, and medical and cosmetic achievements make the city a prestigious European center.

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