Hospital Quironsalud Marbella

Marbella, Spain
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Hospital Quironsalud Marbella
Hospital Quironsalud Marbella
Hospital Quironsalud Marbella

About the hospital

Hospital Quironsalud Marbella is the only representative of the private medical sector with 24-hour patient service. In addition, a significant advantage of the clinic is its location in a resort town by the sea amidst Spain's incredible beauty and nature.

Medical center specialists are professionals in various fields of cure and diagnosis and have membership in numerous world medical organizations. Continuous investments in high technology and continuous education have contributed to high treatment rates. The hematology and chemotherapy service of the hospital has a separate AENOR accreditation and received a quality certificate. In addition, treatment in the oncology department follows the high standards of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).

Experienced cardiac surgeons offer comprehensive treatment of heart diseases of various degrees of complexity. In particular, angioplasty and implantation of intracoronary stents, percutaneous dilatation of valvular stenosis, and closure of congenital disabilities with the help of implantable devices are included in a comprehensive list of services and are limited to them. Another achievement of Clinic Quironsalud in Marbella is opening a separate ophthalmology center on the territory of the hospital. Ophthalmologists offer numerous diagnostic and therapeutic studies with the help of the latest technologies in the medical world. As a result, angiofluorescein retinography (AFG), optical coherence tomography of the retina (OCT), ultrasound of the eyes, the topography of the cornea using Pentacam, biometry of the eye with IOL Master and argon laser remedy and SLT are available. Another top area of ​​the hospital is orthopedics and neurosurgery. The multidisciplinary team combines minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy and spinal endoscopy) and biological therapy to achieve not only the best result in restoring movement and reducing pain but also significantly The clinic offers unique treatments using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which helps reduce overall inflammation, promotes better healing, and promotes stem cell stimulation.

The impeccable reputation of Marbella Hospital Quironsalud has contributed to the continuous expansion of services. Today, the clinic offers treatment for patients with cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic, neurosurgical, ophthalmological, and acute emergencies requiring dialysis or endocrinology. Furthermore, as an additional treatment to the main one, the patient can choose dental treatment, rehabilitation, sleep improvement, weight loss, and allergology.

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Founded in 1976
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Is the clinic suitable for neurosurgery?

The medical center is an excellent place to treat patients in neurosurgery due to the significant development of skills in microsurgical and endoscopic techniques. In addition, all treatment takes place under detailed intraoperative neurological monitoring.

Does the clinic offer a bariatric obesity cure?

Metabolic surgeons offer a variety of treatment methods, leaning more and more toward surgical intervention using methods of mini gastric bypass, also known as omega loops. This approach makes it possible to reduce the rehabilitation period and avoid severe complications.

Should patients with severe complex diseases choose Hospital Quironsalud Marbella?

The clinic can treat patients with emergency medicine, intensive care, a dialysis unit, and palliative medicine doctors. Round-the-clock care and all the necessary amenities for complex patients ensure a comfortable stay.

About the city

Marbella is a resort town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, located in southern Spain. It is a small city consisting of 148,000 inhabitants. At the same time, the municipality is one of the most important tourist places on the Costa del Sol and in the whole of Spain. The typical Mediterranean climate, rich flora, and fauna with nature reserves attract tourists worldwide for a year-round vacation.

Visitors can feel like they are on an actual holiday by the sea thanks to numerous beaches and water activities: surfing, diving, flyboarding, boating, and scootering. In addition, Marbella offers the best tennis courts and golf courses in Europe, where international competitions are often held. For a more relaxing break, travelers can choose to walk along the oldest Topolina Alley or enjoy the extraordinary landscapes of the botanical garden of Arroyo de las Represas. In addition, guests of the city can get acquainted with the culture and architecture of Spain by visiting the oldest square, Plaza de los Naranjos, dating back to the 15th century, as well as ancient Arab churches and fortress walls. Numerous restaurants with delicious cuisine and national dishes, as well as bars and shops, will relieve tension and help to enjoy the end of the day.

In the 20th century, the city experienced the most significant development thanks to the hotel business and resorted to recreation development. In 1920, the Cultural and Entertainment Society Casino de Marbella was founded. Since the 50s, Marbella has become the benchmark for tourism on the Costa del Sol and a favorite holiday destination for celebrities and ministers. Subsequently, numerous centers for preventive medicine, restorative sleep, and beauty began to appear. Subsequently, the interest in medical services of the city's guests and the increasing popularity of tourism contributed to the opening of the multidisciplinary private Hospital Quironsalud Marbella, which is currently a model of the reference medicine.

The charming city of Marbella is ideal for relaxation, recovery, and health promotion for the whole family. The sea breeze, majestic architecture, and numerous entertainment will leave only pleasant memories.

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