Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Clinic

Freudenstadt, Germany
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Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Clinic
Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Clinic
Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Clinic

About the hospital

Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Clinic has represented one of Germany's most famous spas in Freudenstadt since 1954. Professor Wolfgang Kohlrausch taught in the sanatorium, as in the house of movement therapy. Today, the medical center has 102 beds: 80 single and 11 double wards, of which 20 are adapted for the disabled.

The location near the Black Forest on a hillside amidst the silence and healing nature of the 11-hectare park promotes holistic health recovery. Successful development of the quality management system by the German Society for medical rehabilitation requirements, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 9001:2015, and annual TÜV Hessen accreditations guaranteed successful cure and patient safety. According to QS-Reha, in all three departments, the rehabilitation center scores above average to significantly above average.

Recovery, rehabilitation, and prevention of health are carefully thought out by a multidisciplinary team and include separate individual programs. Even such a simple option as nutrition is developed based on current recommendations according to the DGE and the rationalization scheme, LeKuP. Numerous pools, baths, and saunas complement the hydrotherapy and Kneipp baths. In addition, holistic and exercise therapy, ultrasound applications, balneophysical treatment, occupational therapy, massage and lymphatic drainage, respiratory cure, and psychotherapy are available. Also rounding out the list are atlas therapy for the cervical spine, Dorn-Preuss treatment for joint and vertebral mobilization, and proprioceptive facilitation (PNF) to train depth sensitivity and initiate physiological movement patterns. Another vital advantage of the Rehabilitation Clinic Hohenfreudenstadt is the presence of a dialysis station nearby, which allows an even more comprehensive range of patients to receive rehabilitation. Furthermore, the climate of the low mountains offers ideal conditions for treating respiratory disorders. The clinic also employs experts in the field of musculoskeletal sonography in Europe, which allows for monitoring therapy progression using radiation-free imaging. Before planning the rehabilitation, the patient undergoes an ECG and its variations, echocardiography, monitoring of blood pressure, spirometry, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and thyroid gland, and dopplerography.

The combination of modern technologies and developments and the rational use of natural resources are harmoniously combined in the Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Center. As a result, patients with cardiovascular, endocrinological, orthopedic, urological, and psychological diseases can recover after a long and exhausting treatment.

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Founded in 1954
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102 beds available
3 departments

Should I choose a clinic for disease prevention?

The rehabilitation center is ideal for primary and secondary prevention. In addition, dietetics, instilling a love of physical activity, psychological support, and smoking cessation services contribute to reducing morbidity in cardiology, pulmonology, orthopedics, and endocrinology.

Is the medical center suitable for the treatment of respiratory conditions?

Respiratory gymnastics, coniferous forests, and mountain climates positively affect the respiratory system's state. The presence of chronic diseases or a tendency to seasonal infectious diseases of the respiratory tract is especially relevant.

Is rehabilitation available for dialysis patients?

Being close to a dialysis station makes the rehabilitation center accessible to patients with kidney failure. In addition, a special diet menu is developed individually.

Doctors in Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Clinic

About the city

Freudenstadt is a large district town with a population of over 23,000 inhabitants located in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The city is famous for its mountain and skiing activities and has long been admitted as one of the most visited resorts in Schwarzwald.

The great advantage of the city is the highest average number of sunny days in Germany. This opportunity is adorable for walking around the town and getting to know the local architecture and outdoor activities. There are also numerous fountains and buildings with arcades at every turn. The Protestant church, with the two naves that converge at a right angle, deserves the special attention of tourists. The Black Forest, with pine trees and many recreation areas, adds to the fairytale and romance of Freudenstadt. The 300-year-old Friedrichsturm observation tower, which reaches 739 meters above sea level, is a good option for meeting the sunset with a view of the city.

The city was founded in 1599 by Duke Friedrich I of Württemberg. The climatic resort and Kneip's sanatorium, located in the middle of lakes, forests, and meadows, are one of the main economic components of the city. Since 1953, Hohenfreudenstadt Rehabilitation Clinic has been offering its rehabilitation and health promotion services to local German residents and international visitors. Furthermore, services and entertainment such as golf, tennis, horse riding, gliding, paragliding, leisure pools, and cultural events are expected. In obtainment, Freudenstadt's industrial products include mechanical engineering, cosmetics, leather goods, and electrical equipment.

A natural place for relaxation from the local hustle and bustle in the fresh air and calm atmosphere allows you to recover and gain strength. Freudenstadt has been repeatedly rated as one of the best resorts in the country.

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