Helios Hospital Oberwald Grebenhain

Grebenhain, Germany
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Helios Hospital Oberwald Grebenhain
Helios Hospital Oberwald Grebenhain
Helios Hospital Oberwald Grebenhain

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Oberwald Grebenhain is a specialized hospital for treating disorders of the arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels, as well as diseases of the rectum. As part of the Helios Group, the hospital meets all internal standards and constantly improves the quality of medical services.

The clinic includes three departments with a total capacity of 168 beds. Every year, the medical centre treats 2,300 outpatients and 200 inpatients. All modern rooms have a bathroom, TV and telephone. An experienced team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiologists and physiotherapists is available around the clock.

Medicine and nursing work hand in hand at Helios Hospital Oberwald. Modern medical technologies help specialists to choose the optimal therapy for patients. Before prescribing therapy, patients undergo a comprehensive diagnosis, including X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopic examination methods. Then, depending on the indications, doctors select an individual treatment, primarily using conservative and minimally invasive treatment methods. The Helios Klinik Oberwald in Grebenhain also participates in the Clean Hands campaign. The campaign aims to encourage employees, patients and visitors to maintain good hand hygiene and raise awareness that everyone takes their responsibility seriously.

The main direction of the clinic is diagnosing and treating vascular diseases. Using state-of-the-art techniques and materials, surgeons minimally invasively treat narrowing and blockages in the arteries to improve or restore circulation to affected areas. In addition, corrective foot surgery is one of the competencies of the medical centre. Skilled surgeons treat narrowed and calcified leg and pelvic arteries both surgically and non-surgically, as well as varicose veins of all severity. Helios Clinic Oberwald values its reputation, so all procedures strictly follow international standards. Patients are surrounded by care and support from the nursing staff at all stages of treatment.

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2,500 patients
168 beds available
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What is the speciality of Helios Hospital Oberwald Grebenhain?

The clinic focuses on proctological and vascular diseases and the treatment of the lymphatic system. In addition, the clinic offers corrective foot surgery. Doctors use both conservative and surgical methods according to world recommendations.

Why is the clinic a good choice for surgical treatment of vascular diseases?

Thanks to doctors' goals to use microsurgical interventions, the hospital has achieved high results in treating the thinnest structures of the body. Equipped with surgical microscopes, thin suture materials, and the frequency of performed operations ensure the precision of movements and a colossal experience.

Can I treat Morton's neuroma at a medical centre?

Treatment of rare Morton's formation is available in surgical and conservative options. Initial therapy consists of selecting comfortable shoes, insoles and glucocorticoid injections. If the case is complicated, then surgical removal is used with neuromonitoring to preserve the functions of the foot.

Can the clinic help me with the syndrome of difficult defecation?

Thanks to high-tech operating equipment and the experience of doctors, it is possible to quickly and without severe traumatization with the minimally invasive method of STARR correct 90% of all causes of the syndrome that causes constipation. In addition, the postoperative period is not accompanied by pain.

About the city

Grebenhain is a municipality located in central Hesse. The city is close to the German fairy tale route between the town of the Brothers Grimm and the Land of the Little Red Riding Hood.

Grebenhain is famous for its abundance of climatic health resorts. The city has open and closed pools and a spa park with mini golf courses. The Vogelsberg mountain range and the natural volcanic park of the same name are located near the city. The German spa route between the Alps and the Baltic Sea runs right through the natural park. The Vogelsberg Volcano Nature Park guides offer excursions to the legendary places of the Upper Forest. Tourists visit the city for camping, skiing, and cycling.

The city is home to the Helios Hospital Oberwald Grebenhain, one of the region's largest employers. The clinic shows excellent success in angiology, orthopedics, and proctology. Since 1977, the founder of the Helios Clinics Group, Lutz Mario Helming, has been living in the city. Thanks to his fruitful work, Helming paid off all the debts of the Grebenheim municipality and gave the town a new impetus for development.

Grebenhain can be described as a relaxing, natural, active, and livable city. Grebenhain is also often referred to as the "pleasure volcano" as the city has so much to offer.

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