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Helios Hospital Leisnig

Leisnig, Germany
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Helios Hospital Leisnig
Helios Hospital Leisnig
Helios Hospital Leisnig

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Leisnig is one of the leading medical institutions in Central Saxony. The medical centre with more than 150 years of experience provides high-quality diagnostics and effective treatment of various pathological conditions. The medical team has many years of experience and can guarantee specialized medical care following national and international standards.

About 300 employees treat more than 9,000 inpatients and about 35,000 outpatients yearly. The medical centre is designed for 175 beds in double or quadruple wards. Each room has a nurse call system, bathroom, TV and Internet access. On the territory of the hospital, there is also a cafeteria with spacious seating areas, a terrace and a store.

Helios Hospital has an emergency department where a team of specialists treat patients with acute illnesses or accidental injuries and patients with life-threatening conditions. The medical team works in the hospital around the clock. The hospital is equipped with modern CT, MRI and X-rays for an accurate diagnosis. All operating rooms have state-of-the-art navigation systems and equipment for robotic surgery. The clinic's surgeons use minimally invasive sparing techniques to avoid complications and long recovery times. Doctors and nursing staff also pay great attention to preventing nosocomial infections. The Helios guidelines for hospital hygiene are group rules and binding on every clinic employee.

The clinic has the most modern diagnostic and treatment facilities. Specialists serve patients in the departments of anesthesiology, surgery, internal medicine and intensive care, the sleep medicine centre and the institute of radiology. High professional qualifications in medicine and nursing and the latest medical technology ensure the best possible care for patients. The priority of the medical team is that patients can be discharged fully productive in their daily lives or for follow-up care.

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Founded in 1868
40,000 patients
175 beds available
N/A department

Does the clinic have modern surgery?

A 3D image intensifier allows surgeons to view the operating area, similar to a computed tomography (CT) scan during spine surgery. Continuous monitoring of nerve pathways and spinal cord during surgery ensures the maximum possible safety of the patient.

Does Helios Hospital Leisnig provide sleep medicine service?

The medical centre has a powerful sleep laboratory. During sleep, numerous studies are performed, such as ECG, EEG, EMG, and EOG, assessment of snoring and nasopharyngeal airflow, movement of the lower limbs, respiratory movements, pulse and residual amount of oxygen in blood and body position.

Is the clinic suitable for diagnosing pulmonary diseases?

The clinic offers a wide range of diagnostics of lung diseases, such as spirometry, whole-body plethysmography, diffusion capacity measurement, spiroergometry and bronchial provocation. The offered services cover the diagnosis and treatment of the most common lung diseases.

About the city

Leisnig is a small cozy town in Central Saxony in Germany. A settlement in this place was first mentioned in 1046. Leisnig has located 50 km from Leipzig and is an ideal place to take a break from the hustle of the big city.

Leisnig has been inhabited since the Middle Ages, and Mildenstein Castle is the best example of this heritage. Massive walls that have risen above the Freiberger Mulde valley for 1000 years are visible from afar. A family-friendly permanent exhibition dedicated to the castle's history will delight both big and small lovers of castles. Another attraction in the old town is the Leisnig Giant Boot, a massive two-story boot housed in the Boot Museum. Beyond the apparent sights, the old town's cobbled streets and brick walls hold hidden surprises for strolling visitors.

Leisnig, with its medieval flavor and rich culture, is located in Saxony's largest fruit region. Fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal plants have been cultivated in the surrounding monastery gardens since the Middle Ages. Visitors enjoy visiting the extensive plantations, large warehouses, and wineries and tasting local products. Leisnig is also the location of the Helios network hospital. Helios Hospital Leisnig specializes in diagnosing and treating acute and chronic diseases.

The city of Leisnig invites guests to cultural events and exhibitions and trendy regular farmers' markets. The town can pleasantly surprise travelers and leave warm memories of itself.

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