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Kassel, Germany
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Helios Hospital Kassel
Helios Hospital Kassel
Helios Hospital Kassel

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Kassel is a multidisciplinary medical facility built thanks to the patronage of Sophie Henschel and has belonged to the Red Cross Society for more than 140 years. Since then, a lot has changed, and the essential step for development was joining the world-famous "Helios Medical Network" in 2021. The medical centre has two locations in Velheiden and Kaufungen, where together with the nursing staff, medical experts work in state-of-the-art and highly specialized facilities.

900 employees serve 433 beds, 15,000 inpatients and 50,000 outpatients per year. The renovated hospital buildings have triple, double and single rooms in various styles, and depending on the room category, some have a balcony. Qualified doctors provide care in 13 different medical disciplines, covering the region's needs and inviting foreign patients.

The hospital's medical team received the highest award from the "AOK Hessen" for the above-average quality of care in gallbladder removal. Also, the clinic received three "AOK trees of life" ‒ the highest rating, which indicates the high quality of treatment in general, visceral and oncological surgery. This figure means that the hospital is in the top 20% of all evaluated clinics and has a much lower rate of complications. The Helios Clinic in Kassel has developed a modern chest pain unit for purposeful clarification of acute chest pain without wasting time detecting a threatening or already occurring heart attack. CPU increases the level of emergency medical care among regional hospitals. Also, through promotions and public events, the clinic adheres to its commitment to sustainable development, supporting social responsibilities with an emphasis on youth, sports and culture, equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Emergency medical care and general and specialized surgery remain the most popular areas at Helios Hospital in Kassel. But the medical centre is not limited and offers cardiology treatment, primary and intensive therapy, orthopaedics and traumatology, neurology, radiology, and aesthetic and plastic surgery. There is also a spine and implantation competence centre, a neuro centre, rehabilitation and an oncology consultation centre. Qualified specialists provide first-class diagnostic and treatment for the patient, while the nursing staff creates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 

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Founded in 1881
65,000 patients
433 beds available
N/A department

Is the clinic a good place for proctology?

Highly experienced doctors prefer gentle modern methods of surgical treatment of proctological diseases. For example, treatment of haemorrhoids with rubber ligatures under ultrasound control or tumour removal transanally and through the abdominal wall (laparoscopic) surgeries are available.

Does Helios Hospital Kassel provide spinal neurosurgery?

The clinic offers a wide range of spine treatments by surgical method. In addition, microsurgical and laparoscopic technologies with intraoperative neuromonitoring allow for performing complex operations near essential body structures without disturbing the integrity of healthy tissues.

Is the hospital suitable for the treatment of gastroenterological diseases?

The hospital offers high-quality treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, starting with precision diagnostics and current drug therapy and ending with gentle, minimally invasive surgery. Doctors involve certified nutritionists to support the result of treatment in the future and avoid complications.

About the city

Kassel is a cozy city located approximately 70 kilometers northwest of the geographic center of Germany. Since 1277, it has been the capital of numerous land counties, evidenced by multiple residences and palaces. The number of parks, museums, exhibitions, and attractions is unique and does not give rest to tourists. You will rarely find such diversity in another city.

Bergpark Wilhelmshоhe, located in the western part of Kassel, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage. It is the largest landscape mountain park in Europe and contains Wilhelmshohe Castle, Lowenburg, and Hercules. The park ranks 48th among the 100 best attractions in Germany. Another picturesque park worth visiting on a walking tour of the city is Karlsaue, an originally Baroque park on the west bank of river Fulda that extends into the city center. The park has a greenhouse, a museum of astronomy and the history of technology, and a flower island. The artistic culture of the city is highly developed. The Ottoneum in 1605 is considered the first permanent theatre building in Germany. In the 19th century, a circle of romantics formed in Kassel, among whom were the Brothers Grimm. In 1955, Arnold Bode initiated the exhibition "documentation 1" as a companion program to the Federal Garden Exhibition, which turned into the world's most important modern art exhibition.

With the founding of Germany's first comprehensive university, the University of Kassel, in 1971, Kassel became a university city. Chemists such as Friedrich Weller and Robert Bunsen, as well as the physicist Rudolf Kohlrausch, worked at the Kassel Polytechnic. In addition, Ernst Ferdinand Sauerbruch worked as an assistant in the surgical department of the Hessian Deaconess Hospital in Kassel and performed his first operations there. He was a German physician, general practitioner, and one of the greatest and most influential surgeons of the 20th century. For 140 years, the Red Cross Hospital was located in the city, which was purchased in 2021 and renamed Helios Hospital Kassel. The hospital has been significantly modernized, achieved significant success within a year, and currently sees 65,000 patients annually.

The majestic city, rich in cultural heritage and prosperous economy, will give the vacation elegance and leave unforgettable memories. It is worth planning a vacation here for a long time to see at least half of all the entertainment that the city offers.

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