Helios Hospital Gotha

Gotha, Germany
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Helios Hospital Gotha
Helios Hospital Gotha
Helios Hospital Gotha

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Gotha has been a wide-ranging clinic in Germany since 2002, where patients receive qualified medical diagnoses and treatment using the latest global techniques. Furthermore, the clinic is famous for its close cooperation with other network clinics. Among these are the radiology and neuroradiology departments that form an interdisciplinary centre between 4 network clinics and the gynaecology and obstetrics centre in cooperation between Gotha and Meiningen. As a result, Helios offers its patients a full range of radiological and neuroradiological diagnostic and interventional therapy services at the highest level, regardless of location.

More than 46,000 outpatient and inpatient cases are served annually, provided with 341 beds. The centre owns 11 departments and many certified centres: pelvic floor, breast pain, colorectal, endoprosthesis and vascular centre. Studies have shown that cure in clinics with specialised centres has fewer complications, and patients have an advantage in survival. In addition, the chances of recovery are much higher.

Helios clinic in Gotha is the fifth-largest cardiology department in the federal state of green Thuringia. Thus, the region has optimal supply and is well positioned in cardiology. The most difficult cardiological operations are carried out here, and highly complex cases are solved with a high percentage of success in the shortest possible time. The hospital is also recognised for its highly qualified personnel and offers training in various specialities in cooperation with the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena Academic Teaching Hospital. The nursing student department is top-rated, providing an opportunity to learn skills and help patients overcome the disease together. With care for their patients and employees, the menu is thought out as much as possible by professionals and Michelin stars. The stellar menu includes 12 delicious dishes that raise the level of hospital nutrition to help maintain patients' excellent spirits, inspire them to recover and dilute the hospital atmosphere. Also, sports days for people with heart problems are attended by more than 400 individuals. It allows patients to diversify their lives and limit themselves less.

Gotha Medical Center provides the best results and quality care for its patients, including but not limited to oncology, cardiology and radiology. In addition, primary and intensive therapy, gastroenterology, urology, orthopaedics, and general surgery are available here. The variety of licensed centres located next to each other in modern, bright rooms and delicious meals make patients always choose this particular medical centre.

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Founded in 2002
46,000 patients
341 beds available
N/A department

Is spine treatment available at Helios Hospital Gotha?

The clinic offers a wide range of spine services, including decompression and vertebral body replacement, lumbar fusion (PLIF) and correction of wear-related or congenital scoliosis. Doctors use the most appropriate drug therapy, minimally invasive surgery and highly effective rehabilitation.

Should І choose the hospital for the treatment of multiple sclerosis?

The clinic is an excellent place to treat multiple sclerosis with various diagnoses and treatments. MRI, cerebrospinal fluid studies, and electrophysiological studies help to choose the medicine better. In addition, doctors use hormonal pulse therapy, treatment of spasticity and pain, and rehabilitation.

What services does the clinic provide?

The hospital offers treatment of malignant tumours, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of digestion, genitourinary system and orthopaedics. Also, doctors prefer gentle, low-traumatic operations and individual rehabilitation through occupational and physiotherapy, speech cure and psychological support.

About the city

Gotha is considered one of the oldest cities in Germany and is Thuringia's cultural and historical center. The population of the city is more than 45,000 people. The town is based on the intersection of two roads, so it was a critical trade epicenter and developed rapidly. The main product that brought local merchants a substantial profit was wine.

The city's symbol is the old Friedenstein Castle, built in 1567 in the Baroque style and considered the largest castle in Germany in the 17th century. The size of the building is impressive, which once symbolized strength and power. Tourists can explore the city with the help of a tram, which has been operating since 1894. But all points of interest are also within walking distance through green parks and romantic European streets. It is better to visit delicious restaurants closer to the evening at sunset when it is not so crowded, and guests can relax while tasting local wines and dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Also, for evening entertainment, the first German Konrad Eckhoff theatre is available here - in honor of one of its founders.

Educated monarchs paid no less attention to the development of science and culture. That is why the city became the cartographic and publishing business center. In 1826, Joseph Mayer organized the Bibliographical Institute publishing house in Gotha. In addition, compulsory education for boys and girls was introduced in the city. Thanks to the contribution to the education of the city and the popularization of education among the youth, the training of highly qualified personnel and natural talents has become one of the essential tasks of the city. The cooperation of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena Academic Teaching Hospital with Helios Hospital Gotha, a clinic with the most significant regional cardiology center of a world-famous medical network, became essential in education. This approach helps the hospital to support the influx of new talented personnel and to develop the city in the field of tourism, medicine, and education. Gotha is also considered the birthplace of the modern insurance business in Germany.

The charming city with authentic European architecture and cultural and educational development is respected and famous among tourists worldwide. The coziness of the streets and, at the same time, the combination of majestic architecture give it a fabulous and romantic feel.

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