Helios Hospital Erlenbach

Erlenbach, Germany
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Helios Hospital Erlenbach
Helios Hospital Erlenbach
Helios Hospital Erlenbach

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Erlenbach provides primary and standard high-quality care of regional importance to the residents of Miltenberg in Germany and patients worldwide. Founded in 1960 in the wine town of Erlenbach, the clinic has undergone several modernization stages and combines medical services for patients and training for future doctors. In addition, a vocational school for nurses opened in the hospital in 1961. 

The renovated building of the Helios Medical Center in Erlenbach is immersed in greenery. Panoramic views overlook a vast green forest and local landscape. The modern facility has 267 beds and 11 highly specialized departments and receives more than 12,000 inpatients and more than 18,000 outpatients worldwide. Thanks to the annual QSR Clinic Report, it is observed that none of the departments of Helios Clinic Erlenbach had an indicator of "below average quality".

The medical centre is the first clinic in Germany certified according to the new standards of geriatric rehabilitation clinics. Also, the hospital's stroke department is certified according to the US "Coronary Care Units" model and has earned the certificate of the Cardiac Arrest Center. Thus, the clinic is an example of optimal patient care, better chances of survival and quality of life for this group of patients. Moreover, the Chest Pain Unit at Helios Clinic Erlenbach has been certified as a "Chest Pain Unit" by the German Society of Cardiology, Heart and Circulation Research. Employees of clinics are members of various medical associations and holders of awards and laureates. One such award is the Fresenius Training Prize for superior performance and dedication. 

Specialists focus on people with urological, orthopaedic, and neurological disorders. High-quality general supervision focuses on gastroenterology, hepatology, oncology, gastroenterology and palliative medicine, and general and visceral surgery. All doctors aim for a quick and better result, using the latest treatment methods and high-tech equipment. Furthermore, the clinic cooperates with the district hospital Lohr, the dialysis centre in Elsenfeld, Miltenberg County General Medicine Training Association and Paritatischer Wohlfahrtsverband Unterfranken, which support innovative teaching and learning methods for its students' personal and creative development, organize highly qualified seminar weeks and training days. For many years centre has been in the spotlight for advanced training and innovative knowledge for regional doctors.

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Founded in 1961
20,000 patients
267 beds available
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What range of services does Helios Hospital Erlenbach offer?

The clinic offers high-quality diagnosis and treatment of the genitourinary and digestive systems. The orthopaedic and traumatology closely cooperate with the department of neurology. In addition, oncology therapy, intensive care, general and visceral surgery, ENT and dialysis also expand the list of services.

Is the medical centre a good place for vascular treatment?

Doctors offer modern conservative treatment of vascular diseases and provide surgical assistance for more complex cases. For example, during a minimally invasive intervention with a cardiac catheter, the affected blood vessel is expanded to its natural size with the help of a balloon (PTCA).

Does the clinic offer spine surgery?

The hospital performs highly effective spinal surgeries, especially for injuries. Balloon kyphoplasty stabilizes and eliminates pain during impressions of the vertebral body thanks to percutaneous catheters under intraoperative visualization. The intervention does not require tiresome preparation.

About the city

Erlenbach is the most populous town in the Lower Franconian district of Miltenberg, with over 10,000 inhabitants. It is ideal for lovers of various sports, high-quality delicate wine and educational culture. Panoramic landscapes with cosy streets can be seen from any corner of the city and provide quietness from the local hustle and bustle.

According to legend, as early as 1183, the city saved Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and was under his protection. This affected the trade and tourism development of the city. Continuing a long tradition, the synthetic fibre factory Vereinigte Glanzstoff-Fabriken AG was a magnet for foreign workers. The extensive capacity of the factory decreased the air quality. The typical sweet smell of viscose could be felt. But the opening of educational institutions, non-industrial companies such as BKK Akzo Nobel (health insurance company) and prominent Helios Hospital Erlenbach with more than 300 beds, with care for their employees and residents, began to require protection against emissions according to the standards of high-quality German medicine and environmental needs and achieved incredible results in this direction. Currently, the clinic and the city meet the necessary international standards and have high patient recovery results, attracting local tourists.

Air purification also contributed to the evolution of winemaking thanks to the warm microclimate and typical red sandstone slopes. Numerous winegrowers grow wine, including Pinot Noir, Muller-Thurgau, Silvaner and Riesling. After a break for wine tasting, guests of the city can explore the city's historical sights, such as the 1956 Martin Luther Church with a wall mosaic by Joseph Reiss. The city also sponsors an active sports life thanks to the Turnverein Erlenbach and the football club SV Erlenbach. A romantic evening can be spent in "Kino-Passage", which has repeatedly received awards for its outstanding selection of programs. Erlenbach is also famous for its education. Up to 6,000 people visit the Erlenbach local adult education centre each year.

The struggle for cleanliness and compliance with world standards gave the city a chance for tourism and medical direction of city development. The city's streets are full of shops, boutiques and delicious cafeterias. Erlenbach is proud of his perseverance and contribution to his future.

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