Helios Hospital Erfurt

Erfurt, Germany
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Helios Hospital Erfurt
Helios Hospital Erfurt
Helios Hospital Erfurt

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Erfurt is a tertiary medical centre in Central Thuringia and an academic teaching hospital at the Jena University Hospital. The Helios Hospital Erfurt, founded in 1994, is the largest hospital in the region, offering comprehensive care to people from Erfurt and the surrounding area. Furthermore, since it is the largest clinic in the area, the administration provides complete packages for international patients.

More than 30 specialized departments, centres, institutes and other departments work hand in hand under one roof. A medical team of 2,000 employees treats over 55,000 inpatients and 150,000 outpatients annually. The clinic has 1,261 beds in spacious rooms with a wardrobe, adjustable bed, sofa, WiFi, TV and telephone. The hospital pharmacy at Helios Erfurt supplies medicines to clinics in Gotha, Blankenhain and Bleicherode.

The medical centre in Erfurt pays great attention to the technical infrastructure of the departments. The hospital is known for high-level surgical navigation and monitoring systems that provide gentle and most effective surgical treatment. At the Robotics Center in Central Germany, specialists from several departments of Helios Clinic Erfurt use the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system for operations. The clinic's laboratory conducts traditional and unique tests to diagnose diseases rapidly. The HeliMed Erfurt Supply Center, founded in 2022, offers outpatient treatment and diagnostics in neurosurgery and nuclear medicine. The hospital has a diagnostic base and clinical laboratories providing comprehensive services along with the therapeutic and surgical departments. The clinic has received many awards from the Thuringian Ministry of Social Affairs and the German Organ Transplant Foundation for participating in various organ and tissue donation programs.

The highly qualified doctors of the clinic have exceptional experience in dermatology, otolaryngology, maxillofacial surgery, cardiology, gynaecology, neurosurgery and orthopaedics. The hospital also includes certified centres for geriatric traumatology, multiple sclerosis, neurofibromatosis and aesthetic medicine. The department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation offers all active and passive physiotherapy and occupational therapy measures for hospital patients. Specialists also conduct gymnastics for pregnant women and chest swimming as part of the Helios parent school.

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Founded in 1994
205,000 patients
1,261 beds available
N/A departments

What range of services does the hospital offer?

The clinic treats gynaecological, neurosurgical, orthopaedic, dermatological, otolaryngological, and cardiology diseases. In addition, physical therapy and individual rehabilitation are included in each treatment. A geriatric service is also available with a high level of efficiency.

Does the medical centre treat patients with inoperable cancer?

The clinic treats small tumours with the highest precision thanks to innovative technologies. For example, the CyberKnife method is suitable for patients with an inoperable tumour. The technique is the world's first and only robotic for non-invasive treatment and provides painless cancer treatment.

Can I have prostate robotic surgery treatment at Helios Hospital Erfurt?

The surgical robot "DaVinci Xi" is especially suitable for treatment in gentle prostate treatment and opens new possibilities for the patients. The surgeon sits at the control panel and performs moves with maximum precision - the robot does not perform independent movements. 

Is surgical care available to kids at the clinic?

Visceral pediatric surgery includes the treatment of diseases in the abdominal cavity. Using a minimally invasive keyhole approach, doctors perform laparoscopic stretching and fundoplication (for Hirschsprung's disease), MACE, laparoscopic decompression of the abdominal trunk and cholecystectomy. 

About the city

Erfurt is a city that impresses guests with its medieval charm and rich history, combined with a warm welcome. The Thuringian capital has always been a meeting place and home of important intellectuals and a magnet for visitors worldwide.

Erfurt was once called the City of Towers because of the towering spires of the city's 25 parish churches, 15 abbeys and ten chapels that reach for the sky. One of the historical sights is the unique "Kremerbrucke" (Merchant's Bridge), the longest residential bridge in Europe. This exceptional bridge beats the heart of the modern regional capital. Erfurt has one of Germany's best-preserved medieval Old Towns, with rich patrician houses, charming half-timbered houses and numerous churches that have given the city the nickname "Thuringian Rome".

St. Mary's Cathedral, built in the 14th century, is where Martin Luther was ordained to the priesthood. Today it is known for its medieval free-swinging bell, the Gloriosa, the largest of its kind in the world. The church towers cast a shadow over the meticulously restored half-timbered houses and beautiful Renaissance buildings in the historic city centre, which hosts one of Germany's finest open-air theatrical events. The University of Erfurt has an international reputation and educates more than 6,000 students annually. In 1994, the tertiary care centre Helios Hospital Erfurt opened in the city. The clinic specializes in guided robotic surgery and cancer treatment.

Erfurt is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The city's inhabitants know how to have fun, and every year they organize holidays and festivals in which ancient crafts, court love songs, jesters and many colourful stalls participate. Visitors to the city can also stroll through the small shops and large department stores and enjoy the charming cafes and cosy restaurants of Erfurt.

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