Helios Hospital Bleicherode

Bleicherode, Germany
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Helios Hospital Bleicherode
Helios Hospital Bleicherode
Helios Hospital Bleicherode

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Bleicherode is a modern specialized orthopaedic clinic. The medical centre opened its doors in 1908 and has provided patients with professional recognition and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system for more than 100 years. In 2022, Helios in Bleicherode was recognized as one of the leading clinics in Thuringia.

More than 150 medical staff surround the patient with care and support at all stages of treatment. Doctors treat about 3,000 inpatients and 6,000 outpatients a year. The clinic has 101 beds in comfortable single or double rooms with a bathroom, TV and access to the Internet. The hospital cafeteria offers patients a wide choice of menus every day, taking into account the individual needs of patients. All medical services are carried out following the latest achievements and standards in modern orthopaedics.

The hospital's medical team has extensive experience in general orthopaedic surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries, shoulder and foot surgeries, and multi-model pain therapy. One of the activities of the Helios Clinic in Bleicherode is the implantation and replacement of artificial joints. Experienced surgeons replace large joints in the human body to the latest standards when their use is painfully limited. In addition, doctors specialize in replacing worn-out artificial joints (replacement surgery). Helios Bleicherode is a certified osteological centre. An interdisciplinary team of specialists deals with the prevention and treatment of bone diseases.

The clinic's departments include orthopaedics and traumatology, neurosurgery, anaesthesia and physiotherapy. The hospital also includes specialized centres for endoprosthetics and an osteological focus. Specialists from all areas of the clinic work hand in hand and thus offer a comprehensive profile of medical services. That is why doctors guarantee patients modern patient care with an individual approach.

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Founded in 1908
9,000 patients
101 beds available
N/A departments

What kind of orthopaedic surgeries can be offered at the clinic?

The medical team performs general orthopaedic surgery and arthroscopic surgery. Professional doctors have extensive experience in treating hand and wrist, shoulder, hip, knee and foot surgery. All surgeries doctors perform using gentle, minimally invasive methods.

Can I get a knee replacement in the clinic?

The clinic offers all the most common types of operations on the knee joint, including total and partial arthroplasty. When implanting a partial prosthesis (uni-sledge), only the worn part of the knee joint is replaced by an endoprosthesis.

Do spine fractures are treated at the clinic?

Vertebral fractures in the hospital can be treated surgically or conservatively. Highly experienced doctors can perform minimally invasive surgeries, such as kyphoplasty. The radiation exposure from X-ray in kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty is shallow, and the method is exquisite, with good treatment success. 

About the city

Bleicherode is a small town in the Nordhausen district with over 10,000 people. The Bleicherode and Harz mountains surround the city. The Bode tributary flows through the town, which also fascinates with its beauty.

The city is famous for its local history museum, which houses an extensive collection of replica weapons, furniture, radios, coins, fossils, insect specimens and local history literature. In addition, the building houses vast estates, diploma and technical dissertations of former pupils and students, detailed documentation on the local labour movement, the remains of the city archive and a collection of newspapers on local history.

Several restored above-ground structures in the urban landscape are reminiscent of a century-old mining tradition. Bleicherod has many churches, such as the Church of St. Mary, Church of the Rose and Church of St. Matthias. Travellers also visit the city because of the specialized orthopaedic hospital with four centres. Helios Hospital Bleicherode is considered the best orthopaedic centre in Thuringia. The medical team offers first-class medical care according to international standards.

Mountainous terrain, rich history, a famous medical centre - these are not all the reasons to visit Bleicherode. The city captivates from the first minutes of visiting and leaves only good impressions.

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