Helios Hospital Bad Saarow

Bad Saarow, Germany
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Helios Hospital Bad Saarow
Helios Hospital Bad Saarow
Helios Hospital Bad Saarow

About the hospital

Helios Hospital Bad Saarow is an emergency hospital with qualified primary care. The medical centre was opened by the famous medical network "Helios" in 1991 in the landscape conservation area of ​​Bad Saarow, Germany. The clinic offers round-the-clock outpatient and inpatient treatment, rehabilitation, care for the elderly and other medical services. In addition, there is a 24-hour kindergarten on the territory of the clinic.

With 629 beds, it offers almost the entire spectrum of medicine in 18 specialized departments, three institutes, a central emergency department and a central laboratory. About 1,300 employees work on the clinic's territory and in the clinic's medical facilities, which receive 185,000 patients annually.

With an air rescue station, a helipad and a certified regional trauma centre, the clinic has a high level of competence in emergency and rescue medicine. Furthermore, as an academic teaching hospital of the Brandenburg Medical School, it is involved in the education and training of medical students. The specialized ambulatory palliative care (SAPV) at Helios Hospital Bad Saarow consists of specially trained doctors and medical personnel. The medical team accompany and support seriously ill patients and their relatives in promoting, improving and maintaining their quality of life and self-determination in the best possible way. In addition, there are services of the commission on ethics, social services and pastoral care.

Helios Hospital Bad Saarow offers its services in interdisciplinary centres such as the breast centre, bowel centre, continence and pelvic floor centre, prostate centre and sarcoma centre. In addition to oncology, the clinic specializes, in particular, in the fields of cardiology, vascular medicine and neurosurgery, paediatrics and radiology in neuromedicine.

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Founded in 1991
185,000 patients
629 beds available
N/A department

What is the treatment range of the clinic?

The hospital offers a wide range of oncological treatments for prostate and sarcoma, breast and digestive systems. In addition, pelvic floor surgery and neurosurgery for treating common diseases in cardiology and vascular medicine are also available at a high level. Doctors accept both children and adults.

Can I undergo a cancer check-up at the hospital?

Thanks to a certified cancer centre and multidisciplinary team with cooperation between individual centres, the maximum technological support of ultrasound, CT and MRI, virtual colonoscopy and endosonography is achieved. Such equipment and qualification allow effective and complex cancer screening

Do doctors treat sarcoma at Helios Hospital Bad Saarow?

The clinic's sarcoma centre is one of the largest centres in Germany for treating patients with sarcomas. However, considering tumour removal is impossible then neoadjuvant therapy concepts such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or isolated hyperthermic perfusion are used.

Is the hospital good for orthopaedic surgery?

The medical centre offers a wide selection of interventions for the musculoskeletal system. One of the most common is arthroscopy, where a camera is only a few millimetres in size with surgical instruments inserted through small incisions into the affected joint to heal faster and return to movement sooner.

About the city

Bad Saarow, in the state of Brandenburg in Germany, has been known as a top-class resort since the opening of the sanatorium in 1911. The place is famous for its thermal spring and mineral-rich mud, which was used by doctors to treat skin diseases in early history.

Bad Saarow is characterized by its wooded and park areas near Lake Scharmützelsee, the largest lake in Brandenburg. The main fun of the city is the local baths. The Arbora Climbing Forest offers various entertainment services for the whole family: rope climbing, children's, and group adult activities. Also, residents and tourists choose the Schlaubetal Valley with its cycling and hiking routes for active rest. The Spreewald forest in this area is a UNESCO geological and biological reserve. Since 1920, Bad Saarow has become a favorite place for entertainment and meetings of the Berlin culture and actors.

Helios Klinikum Bad Saarow, with 17 specialized departments, Physiotherapie Bad Saarow, and private medical practice offices, provide a safe holiday for tourists, covering the treatment needs of city residents and beyond. Emergency medicine and oncology are one of the most popular areas of medical centers.

Due to its proximity to the capital Berlin, unique thermal springs, and mineral mud, Bad Saarow has become a popular holiday resort and a center of qualified emergency and specialized medicine.

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