GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Centre Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Centre Playa del Carmen
GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Centre Playa del Carmen
GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Centre Playa del Carmen

About the hospital

GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Center Playa del Carmen is the newest leading specialized treatment center. Since 2017, in cooperation with the USA, the clinic has been researching and offering stem cell cures for various diseases.

Stimulation of damage repair and restoration of balance in the immune system are critical treatment criteria, allowing it to cover various body systems. Administration of cells is possible in local administration and intravenously.

In particular, therapy can reduce symptoms and overcome chronic obstructive pulmonary disease manifestations. Stem cells affect pulmonary fibrosis and lung structure in general. As a result, patients can breathe more easily and receive more significant volumes of oxygen. A separate link of influence on the nervous system is especially relevant for multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and parkinsonism. Stem cells contain unique components that are the precursors of nerve cells. This approach contributes to restoring the structure of nerve endings and fixing functional neurological deficits. In addition, there is an influence on the autoimmune link, reducing the probability of future damage. Arthritis remedy also impacts the body's regenerative functions, including rebuilding cartilage and reducing pain and signs of inflammation. There is also the possibility of improving motor activity and reducing the need for surgery. In acquisition, the correction of erectile dysfunction is also available due to the effect on the passage of blood through the vessels, the general increase of energy, the regulation of sleep, the increase of sex drive, and the improvement of the general condition of the skin. Endocrinologists also appreciate the possibility of such treatment due to the possibility of improving the work of the pancreas, reducing the autoimmune effect of cells, and improving insulin sensitivity. In this way, the patient can significantly reduce the need for insulin.

Playa del Carmen GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Clinic is an advanced center for treating aging processes and autoimmune disorders in the nervous, orthopedic, genitourinary, and endocrinological systems and therapy in general. As a primary or adjunctive cure, stem cells have an important impact on health promotion.

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Founded in 2017
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Is stem cell treatment suitable for post-СOVID syndrome?

The use of stem cells during COVID and after recovery contributes to significantly better patient well-being due to the antibacterial effect, repair of tissue damage, and reduced death of healthy tissues (apoptosis). The effect on pulmonary fibrosis promotes proper lung function.

Should I choose a clinic for the cure of the cardiovascular system?

Scientists have investigated that using stem cells improves the structure and function of the heart and its regeneration with a low risk of complications even after serious injuries. In addition, a smaller amount of scar tissue is formed during a heart attack.

Can I go to GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Center Playa del Carmen for a hair loss remedy?

Doctors affect the hair follicles by stimulating the mesenchymal stem cells and influencing the disease mechanism. As a result, there is a restoration of the structure of the follicle, better hair growth, and a general improvement in the condition of the new hair.

About the city

Playa del Carmen is a resort town located along the Caribbean Sea in Mexico. The population of 300,000 people is also diversified by foreigners from all over the world who have fallen in love with the picturesque area.

Beaches with white sand, turquoise water with coral reefs, and the proximity of tropical forests make the city particularly attractive for recreation. In addition, numerous shops, clubs, and restaurants with national food add comfort and entertainment. Furthermore, guests of the city can try various water activities and diving, which is famous worldwide due to the beauty of underwater life. The special attention of visitors deserves Playacar, which has gathered more than 20 entertainment offers in one place and is especially suitable for family vacations.

Tourism is a significant part of the economic and general development of the municipality. Playa del Carmen is distinguished by its high level of service and numerous recreational areas. In addition, the town is famous for the football club Inter Playa del Carme and the World Wide Technology Championship at the Mayakoba golf tournament. Also, many foreigners and the popularity contributed to the opening of the GIOSTAR Stem Cell Therapy Center Playa del Carmen, which, since 2017, not only treats but also develops a highly modern stem cell treatment method. The facility has become a municipality highlight and has numerous positive patient reviews. In addition, the city has various dental and plastic surgery clinics for Americans.

A break from the local hustle and bustle and making good memories is possible in Playa del Carmen. The city is fascinating with its natural resources and various offers.

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