Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Aidenbach

Aidenbach, Germany
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Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Aidenbach
Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Aidenbach
Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Aidenbach

About the hospital

The Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Aidenbach is an interregional, globally recognized centre of competence in rehabilitating geriatric patients. Hospital is located in an idyllic area in Germany near the resort triangle of Lower Bavaria, Wilshofen and Passau. The centre aims for senior patients to be refreshed, lead independent and fulfilling lives, and thus return to their social environment fully. Therefore, the focus is not only on acute diagnoses but always on the rehabilitated person as an individual. 

Annually, the medical centre is visited by 1,120 patients. Each beautiful, spacious single and double room, equipped for people with limited physical abilities, has a shower room, an emergency call service and facilities for the accommodation of relatives if necessary. Modern soothing interior and wide green area contribute to the comfort of patients. 

Geriatric patients usually suffer from several acute or chronic diseases that increase the limiting effect and impair their quality of life. Therefore, a team of professionals apply the latest methods in the scientific and medical world. The Bobath concept is actively used to solve the problems of assessing and treating individuals with functional and movement dysfunction caused by central nervous system lesions. The idea is based on the current state of knowledge about motor control, motor learning, neuroplasticity and biomechanics. Many techniques are available to solve everyday life's basic tasks. The goal is to achieve as much independence as possible and thus freedom from the help of other people. Also, considering the diversity of patients, speech therapy at Asklepios Geriatric Clinic Aidenbach treats and diagnoses people of any age with voice, swallowing and eating disorders. Since language and cognitive functions are inseparable, a positive effect is achieved in treating mental conditions (such as memory and attention disorders), thanks to electrostimulation therapy and LSVT (Lee Silverman voice therapy).  

The offer of Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital Asklepios Aidenbach includes a wide range of therapies for each patient: manual and physical therapy, prosthetics and walking training, massages (lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology), electrotherapy, treatment by heat and cold, occupational and speech therapy. As a result, patients with severe injuries and fractures, Parkinson's disease, amputations, heart and lung diseases, and strokes have every opportunity to restore themselves to a better, happy life.

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What pain management methods are used at Asklepios Clinic Aidenbach?

Most often, doctors use non-traumatic methods of treatment such as TENS, iontophoresis, and ultrasound, which promote active healing of damaged muscles and tendons and immediately reduce pain without the influence of heavy medications.

Can I visit the clinic with voice problems?

A particular LSVT program helps people with Parkinson's disease to make speech clearer and louder. Thanks to 16 sessions, patients also get the opportunity in the future to realize and independently analyze pronunciation.

What is the main specialization of the hospital?

The main focus of the medical centre is geriatric rehabilitation. The multidisciplinary team provides a comprehensive individual approach and round-the-clock patient care. Given the need for ongoing restoration, doctors also develop an exercise and care program for home use.

About the city

Aidenbach is a state resort and cosy town in Lower Bavaria, with a population of 3,000. The city is famous for its warlike history. In 1706, the Battle of Aidenbach took place as part of the Bavarian Rebellion during the War of the Spanish Succession, which broke the last resistance of the rebellious Bavarian peasants against the imperial Habsburg occupation. In 2021, UNESCO applied to recognize the battle as an intangible cultural heritage.

Traditionally, in honour of the lost peasant battle in the summer months, a theatrical performance is held under the open sky, both permanent and amateur circles. Also, taking advantage of the opportunity during the festival, a large exhibition of vintage cars is held. In addition to enjoyment in the town, tourists can visit the Quintan Kunzing Museum with a permanent collection divided into sections of different eras and the Eidenbach Brewing Museum. After the eventful events at the festival and the information received in the museum, it is worth relaxing in the Ortenburg Castle Bird Park and Wild Nature Park, the diverse nature of which will amaze experienced lovers. New activities and recreation areas are constantly being opened in the parks.

The city was a trading settlement long ago, but nature took its toll over time and turned the town into a natural resort. Thanks to this, the development of medical tourism began, which contributed to investments and the opening of The Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Aidenbach, which actively spreads its services due to international recognition and high quality of services. Treatment of older adults amid such picturesque nature and with the best geriatric professionals is quite an attractive and profitable solution.

Aidenbach adopts the best traditions of the neighbouring resort areas, such as Lower Bavaria, Wilshofen and Passau, and is in no way inferior to them. Even better, the city is more accessible and intimate, creating an authentic atmosphere of peace and harmony.

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