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Prague, Czech Republic
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General University Hospital Prague
General University Hospital Prague
General University Hospital Prague

About the hospital

General University Hospital Prague was opened in 1790 as the fourth healthcare institution of the Austrian Empire. Many centuries of experience have developed a hospital with unique treatment methods not only in the country but also in Europe. Historical buildings are combined with high-tech equipment and treatment options for the most complex diseases.

Patients from all over Europe arrive at the medical center for treatment. 1,921 beds and outpatient services allow receiving the necessary cure without long waiting. Doctors acquire unique treatment skills thanks to such forces, especially in surgery. The high quality of care and patient orientation contributed to receiving numerous awards, including first place among teaching hospitals and the "Recommended example" award from the European Health and Safety Agency. The hospital is also among the top 100 in the education, health, and humanity categories. Also, cooperation with the first medical faculty of Charles University (Great Britain) allows for carrying out necessary research projects.

One of the largest in Europe, and the only center in the country for establishing and monitoring complications of complex vascular accesses, has been opened at Prague General University Hospital. The oldest psychotherapeutic institution is also based on the clinic. The medical center is the owner of one of the largest European centers of gynecology and obstetrics, with a comprehensive list of perinatology and fetal medicine services. Highly qualified doctors have unique experience treating premature babies with a lightweight of up to 1000 grams and with the most severe delays in intrauterine development. Severe respiratory failure of infants is successfully corrected in the center of non-traditional pulmonary ventilation of newborns. Such treatment is unique, so newborns are brought here from all over the country. Gynecological oncological treatment and reproductive medicine with a high success rate of fertilization and successful pregnancy expand the list of clinic services. In addition to the high professionalism of doctors, nurses are also constantly developing and updating their skills. Knowledge of wound healing using VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) or ultrasonic cleaning is a significant advantage. Cardiovascular surgery is a trendy area of ​​treatment. Annually, the medical center performs more than 2,500 diagnostic heart catheterizations and about 1,000 coronary interventions. The cardiology department also houses a center for diagnosing and treating pulmonary hypertension and Fabry disease.

The General University Clinic in Prague is one of the most important centers in the Czech Republic and occupies a leading position among European medical institutions. Oncological and hematological cure, bone marrow transplantation, cardiovascular, gynecological-obstetrical, endocrinological, and dental treatment are among the directions of the medical center. In addition, the cardio-nephrology and psychiatric center and the neonatology department offer unique services of high-tech treatment and care.

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Founded in 1790
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1,920 beds available
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Is the clinic suitable for ophthalmic treatment?

The hospital is an ideal place for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases. For example, doctors offer treatment for glaucoma by administering antimetabolites, corticosteroids, and antibodies against growth factors in the vitreous body and photodynamic therapy for retinal changes.

Should I choose a clinic for surgery on tumors of the genitourinary system?

Surgeons perform various surgical procedures to effectively treat tumors, including radical prostatectomy, cystectomy, kidney-sparing, and adrenal gland surgery. Emphasis is increasingly placed on laparoscopic minimally invasive methods.

Does General University Hospital Prague have a cardio-nephrology center?

The medical center includes a cardio-nephrological center, the only one in the country. In addition, the department's services include the treatment of dialysis patients, percutaneous procedures on the arteries of the heart or dialysis vascular bypass, and palliative care.

Does the medical center treat hepatitis C?

Infectious disease doctors have all the necessary resources for quick and almost 100% treatment of viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis C. In addition, the latest generation tablet drugs help to get results within 2-3 months with a low risk of complications.

About the city

Prague is one of the beautiful and most attractive cities in the world, where historical roots are combined with modern charm. Since 1920, the city's full official name has been "Capital city of Prague". There is also the phrase "Prague - the heart of Europe", which indicates the position of the metropolis. It's located both in the centre of Bohemia and in the centre of Europe.

Prague is an open-air museum filled with a rich heritage of art, architecture, music and history. The city's main market square houses the main attractions, including the city's very popular Astronomical Clock. At every step, the homeland of world-famous writers Yaroslav Hasek and Franz Kafka surprises delights and falls in love with itself. Prague is famous for its cultural life. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived here, and his Prague Symphony Orchestra and Don Giovanni were first staged in the city. In addition, Prague has an active musical life, culminating with the world-famous spring music festival every year.

Several higher education institutions in Prague, but the most famous is Charles University, the oldest in Central Europe. The Czech Republic and its citizens are big fans of football and hockey. Both are represented in Prague by two rival teams: Sparta and Slavia. In addition, the city has popular medical centres for plastic surgery, orthopaedics and urology. One of them is the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Clinic Malvazinky, which specialises in treating and rehabilitation musculoskeletal and nervous system diseases. Professional athletes of the country and Europe entrust their health to the clinic.

Prague is a city in which it is impossible to get bored. At every step, the best examples of architecture of the past. Palaces, picturesque parks, refreshing fountains, and walks along the promenade - it's all in one city. All districts of Prague have their characteristics, atmosphere and unique charm.

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