Gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice

Katowice, Poland
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Gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice
Gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice
Gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice

About the hospital

Gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice was opened in 2013 by the private network Voxel SA Capital Group in Poland. Innovative non-invasive cancer treatment methods allowed the hospital to gain popularity among the local population and outside the country.

The clinic uses modern technologies thanks to highly experienced doctors trained in leading special centers in the USA and France. Before each treatment, the patient is individually examined to determine the most accurate therapy, in particular, the Signa Voyager 1.5 Tesla MRI.

The main direction of the medical center is the treatment of brain tumors. Thanks to Lеkѕеll Gаmmа Knіfе Perfexion of the Swedish company Elekta, oncologists have the opportunity to specifically affect the tumor with an accuracy of 0.15 mm through special collimators. Treatment of tumors is possible even in cases of the deep location of the impression. Due to the absence of incisions, the need for general anesthesia disappears. Local anesthesia in the places where the frame is attached is performed by qualified anesthesiologists who accompany the person during the entire treatment. The course of treatment consists of 1 procedure and, thanks to the robotic system, has minimal complications. The device's work concentrates on the place of impression and the scattered rays upon entering the human body. This approach makes it possible to obtain a minimal impression of the surrounding tissues and to concentrate the high intensity of the impression precisely in malignant tumors. A clear separation of healthy and affected tissues allows for preserving functions, which is especially important for the brain. Environmental friendliness and safety of the device itself is a significant advantages and allow it not to endanger medical personnel and patients in the hospital.

Gamma Knife Exira Сlinic in Katowice offers neurology and oncology treatment for neuroblastoma, neuralgia, and brain malignancies (hypothalamic hamartoma, IV ventricular subependymomas, paraganglioma, and meningioma). Patient orientation and great attention to detail are integral to the treatment of each case.

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Founded in 2013
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Should I choose a clinic for the treatment of oncological brain damage?

A hospital is a suitable place for the treatment of hard-to-reach brain tumors thanks to the use of Lеkѕеll Gаmmа Knіfе Perfexion. The device treats neoplasms with high precision without a high risk of loss of functions.

What is the uniqueness of the cancer clinic?

The clinic employs highly experienced qualified oncologists trained in innovative treatment in the leading hospitals of America and Europe. In addition, the high focus on GammaKnife treatment allows for improvement and continuous improvement.

What diseases can be treated in the centre?

Oncological diseases of the brain and cranial nerves, as well as meninges and trigeminal neuralgia, are treated in the medical center with high efficiency in the shortest possible time. One session of high-precision radiation allows you to get extraordinary results.

Doctor in Gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice

About the city

Katowice is a city in the south of Poland, the mention of which dates back to 1598. The city is connected to Europe by road and rail and has a population of 290,000.

The modern city was recognized by UNESCO as the "City of Music" thanks to the numerous award-winning alternative music festivals "OFF Festival", "Rawa Blues" and "Jazz Art Festival". The National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio (NOSPR), as well as the world-famous composers Wojciech Kylar and Henryk Mykolai Gurecki, who lived in the city, made a significant contribution to the development of the city's cultural life. Also, one of the famous places is the "Territory of Culture" on the site of the former coal mine "Katowice" for holding economic congresses, international computer game tournaments "Intel Extreme Masters" and the annual rock festival "Tauron Nowa Muzyka." In addition, the city is a green oasis with numerous parks and the Murtsk forest with ancient beeches and medicinal herbs. This feature facilitates active recreation such as cycling, rollerblading, water kayaking, and camping. The water playground has become a favorite of local children and attracts tourists during the year's warm period.

Until recently, the region was dominated by mining, steel, electrical engineering, electronics, and chemicals. But due to economic changes in the country and concern for the environment, the heavy industry lost its importance and gave way to trade and services. Temperate-continental contributes to the year-round flow of tourists visiting the city for leisure and business. In addition, Katowice is characterized by an extensive network of medical facilities, including hospitals. About 30 hospitals offer high-quality medical services to patients around the world. For example, gamma Knife Exira Center Katowice is one of the leading centers in treating brain tumors and diseases with highly effective modern treatment.

The busy life of the city of Katowice, with rich entertainment and music festivals, cultural diversity, and high quality of services in any service area, attracts tourists from other countries and Poland. Excellent rest is combined with modern medical innovations and allows you to combine the pleasant with the useful.

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