European Health Center Otwock

Otwock, Poland
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European Health Center Otwock
European Health Center Otwock
European Health Center Otwock

About the hospital

European Health Center Otwock is a private medical center that began in 1935 as a modern sanatorium in Poland. The hospital is located in a wooded area and, since 2004, has acquired a modern look.

The clinic was the first to receive accreditation from the Ministry of Health for training doctors in the private sector. The medical center is also certified by the European Council of Urology (EBU) and has numerous awards, such as "Ideal Clinic 2012 - Urology", "Leader of Medicine" from Public Health, and "Golden Scalpel" from Puls Medicine.

The most significant attention of Otwock European Health Сlinic is paid to urologic oncology and tumor illnesses in people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Any treatment takes place after a detailed examination and study of the structure of the condition thanks to 3 Tesla (MRI), MSCT, digital mammography with tomosynthesis, digital X-ray, ultrasound, and Whole Body 3T MR. In addition, doctors have a Fusion biopsy, which uses clear images of the prostate to precisely take material for examination. Surgeons perform highly effective interventions with DaVinci robotic, especially to cure prostate neoplasms. This approach preserves sexual function and quick rehabilitation with lower risks of complications. Furthermore, the minimally invasive method avoids extreme traumatization of healthy tissues. The HIFU for the prostate cancer remedy is similar in effectiveness. The thermal effect of ultrasound is aimed at the affected area without incisions on the skin. This technique can also be used in repeated cases of oncological impressions. Endoscopic holmium enucleation of hyperplasia of the prostate (HoLEP) for prostate adenoma removal and RIRS laser for kidney stone removal concluded the extensive list of the latest medical developments available at the clinic. With the help of a detailed Maintrac analysis, the doctor can monitor the success of the cure and see the cells of malignant tumors in the blood. In addition, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons examine each patient for toxic heart damage from chemotherapy. Also, the clinic has a pulmonary embolism response team (PERT-CELZAT). The clinic is the only center in Poland where Lenus Pro or IP 2000K pumps are regularly implanted for the painless treatment of PE.

Otwock European Health Hospital offers state-of-the-art, innovative treatment for breast, lung, gastrointestinal and genitourinary cancers with thorough cardiovascular care, bariatric surgery, and chronic pain management. In addition, the necessary comprehensive treatment and diagnosis, rehabilitation, and psychological support are available under one roof to comfort patients.

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Founded in 1935
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Should I choose a clinic for prostate cancer treatment?

The hospital specializes in the minimally invasive treatment of prostate cancer thanks to the work of DaVinci, the HIFU method, and HoLEP. In addition, surgeons can also perform classic total prostatectomy and combine surgical treatment with modern medication.

Is European Health Center Otwock suitable for chronic pulmonary embolism?

Balloon angioplasty of the pulmonary artery (BLA) was used in a clinic by highly experienced cardiac surgeons for the first time in Poland. This intervention is one of the most effective methods of treating pulmonary thromboembolic hypertension globally.

Does the hospital provide breast cancer treatment?

The medical center provides comprehensive care for breast cancer and often carries out Brest Conserving Treatment. In addition, diagnostics, laboratory tests, and screenings for mutation markers or mammography, as well as modern cures, are available at a specialized center.

About the city

Otwock is a town in Masovian Voivodeship on the Swieder River with a population of 45,000. The city itself was declared a resort in 1924.

The city has a calm and cozy atmosphere. The Svider Islands nature reserve, the nearby "Na Torfachy" reserve, and the complex of Mazovia landscape parks with pine forests create all the conditions for outdoor recreation, active walks, and physical and spiritual recovery. Also, you can see numerous forest animals and rare plant species during walks in nature reserves.

The famous artist Michała Elwiro Andriollego, who glorified the city in his works, liked to rest and create here. The popularity contributed to the city's modern architecture development, mainly consisting of villas. The medicinal properties of Otwock were also used by Jozef Marian Geisler, who practiced medicine here in the summer. Later, he built a medical facility in the forest to treat lung diseases, particularly tuberculosis, in 1893. Since 1927, the famous Polish psychiatrist Rafal Becker has been a full-time doctor at the "Zofivka" psychiatric hospital. It so happened that after the Second World War, the city lost its resort status. But in 2004, the medical tradition was restored in the city, and the European Health Center Otwock was founded, specializing in the oncological treatment of cardiac patients and enjoying great popularity far beyond the country's borders.

Dry air, saturated with essential oils, favorable microclimate, walks in the forest and near the shores of Svider allow tourists to take a break from the local hustle and bustle and help relieve tension. Nevertheless, recreation areas and active entertainment in the city and its surroundings continue to develop. Otwock got a second chance to restore the old tradition of spa treatment and is actively working to restore all the necessary conditions.

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