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Munich, Germany
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EuroEyes Clinic Munich
EuroEyes Clinic Munich
EuroEyes Clinic Munich

About the hospital

EuroEyes Clinic Munich is a leading center of competence for laser eye treatment, located in two locations in the city - Stachus and Frauenplatz. The clinic is staffed by doctors who have performed more than 50,000 myopia correction procedures over 25 years. The high quality of the performed operations made it possible to receive international recognition from Focus journal and the title of the best ophthalmologist in the country.

Doctors can exchange experience with leading specialists in Germany and Europe thanks to membership in the Association of specialized clinics for laser and refractive eye surgery. In addition, service quality according to high ISO standards is also ensured.

Starting with Femto-LASIK of minimally invasive technologies, the clinic began to test newer and more modern methods. In particular, the Smile ReLEx (VisuMax from Carl Zeiss) tech uses the Keyhole approach and, through a tiny hole in the cornea, allows for correcting the patient's vision in the shortest possible time without additional effort. A wide range of lens surgery, and in particular implantation of artificial lenses, also deserve special attention. Phakic ICL lenses or Collamer lenses are the best cure option for patients with severe visual acuity or thin corneas. This method makes it possible to treat visual impairments combined with astigmatism in proliferation. For the most significant number of ICL operations in Germany and Europe in 2021, the doctors were awarded by Staar Surgical. Ophthalmologists have also made significant progress since 2011 in treating cataracts and presbyopia thanks to the LenSx femtosecond laser, which is part of robotic eye surgery. Thanks to the latest technology, the clarity of treatment have increased several times and significantly reduced complications. The efforts of doctors to use minimally invasive modern treatment methods are not only associated with a small number of risks but also allow the patient to obtain better visual acuity and better contrast and night vision.

Ultramodern remedy at EuroEyes Medical Center in Munich is available thanks to the commitment of doctors to use only minimally invasive technologies to treat vision disorders and eye diseases. In particular, patients and doctors benefit from gentle treatment because the high precision of laser methods and high-quality medical materials contribute to greater satisfaction with the result, long-term effect, and impeccable reputation.

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Founded in 1993
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Is EuroEyes Clinic Munich suitable for cataract patients?

Ophthalmologists use a gentle approach to treating cataract patients, such as Smile ReLEx. The method does not injure the eye with large incisions and no anesthesia. And the patient does not need further stay in the hospital.

Should I choose a medical center for multifocal lens replacement?

The clinic has many years of experience in working with multifocal lenses. Doctors implant, replace, and altogether remove lenses. A preliminary consultation with an ophthalmologist and high-precision diagnostics determine the possibility of removing a specific lens.

Is the hospital advanced in laser vision correction?

Thanks to cooperation with leading European centers and many years of intensive use of laser technologies such as Smile ReLEx, LenSx, Femto-LASIK, and PRK, ophthalmologists have achieved a high level of treatment success compared to average indicators in other clinics.

About the city

Munich is a beautiful city in Bavaria, the southern part of Germany. It is the third-biggest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. Munich is known for its cultural, scientific, and business advances. Some of the most famous brands based in Munich include Oktoberfest, BMW, Siemens, and MAN.

The city is rightfully considered a great tourist attraction in any season. Marienplatz's central square is stunning before Christmas for its holiday markets. Oktoberfest is held from the end of September - to the beginning of October and is perhaps the most famous annual cultural tradition in Germany. It is a beer festival that includes traditional and modern carnival amusements. For the warm weather, there are the Olympic Park - a sports center built for the 1972 Summer Olympics, and the Englischer Garten, the largest city park in the country.

Munich is leading in science and technology, is considered the IT capital of Germany, and houses the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science. The Bavarian State Library is the biggest in Germany and one of the most important in Europe. Medicine in Munich has developed accordingly: two leading medical faculties and around 350 companies are involved in medical technology and research. The leading hospitals include the University Hospital Rehts der Isar of the Technical University (TUM) Munich and the University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich are considered among the best hospitals in the world. Additionally, there are plenty of smaller facilities: Academic Hospital Bogenhausen Munich, Dermatology Centre Prof. Braun-Falco Munich, etc.

To sum up, Munich is a fantastic city both as a tourist attraction and an economic center. It incorporates historical, traditional heritage with high-tech advancements that are developed daily in the city. Munich offers interesting sites for almost any taste, for any season of the year.

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