Department of dermatology and allergology with skin cancer centre

The department of dermatology and allergology with skin cancer centre at Dermatological Centre Bonn treats patients with dermatological and aesthetic concerns. The department is led by a professor who is one of Germany's top physicians. There are 10 doctors in the team, offering the entire spectrum of general, operative, and aesthetic dermatology and contemporary gentle laser medicine. Among other areas, the department provides a comprehensive diagnosis and individual therapy to treat actinic keratoses. The medical team has been conducting clinical studies in this area for years. The department is also the first European centre with an approved treatment room for simulated daylight PDT (photodynamic therapy). Additionally, all examination rooms and rooms for photodynamic treatment are equipped with UV-C air disinfection. 

The department focuses on the early detection, prevention, and treatment of skin cancer, general skin and allergic diseases, diseases of the veins, and aesthetic skin care. Surgery, novel drug treatment methods, non-invasive procedures are some of the treatment options.

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