Dermatological Centre Bonn

Bonn, Germany
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Dermatological Centre Bonn
Dermatological Centre Bonn
Dermatological Centre Bonn

About the hospital

Dermatological Centre Bonn is located in the pedestrian zone in Bonn-Beuel, the city center. The Centre was established in 2013 and is a part of Corius Group – the largest network of dermatological practices and clinics in Germany and Switzerland. The clinic offers exceptional medical quality and an individual approach to dermatological (skin) disorders in a pleasant private atmosphere.

The team consists of 10 physicians under the management of a respected professor in skin cancer, awarded annually as a top doctor by the independent research institute MINQ. The structural parts of the Centre are operational dermatology, general dermatology, skin cancer center, aesthetic dermatology, and phlebology. All treatment is outpatient.

The doctors work at the highest quality level and use state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the hospital carries out clinical dermatological studies for various skin diseases. Some of the unique cutting-edge technologies are implemented in the department's work. For example, the Centre is the first practice to offer simulated daylight PDT (photodynamic therapy). This is less painful than conventional photodynamic therapy, delivers excellent cosmetic results (scar-free healing and skin rejuvenation effect), and can be carried out all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

The center is represented by the department of dermatology and allergology with the skin cancer center. All kinds of treatment for dermatological diseases, including surgical, laser, nutritional, pharmacological, and physiotherapeutic methods, are at work. The clinic specializes in diagnosing and treating actinic keratoses and melanoma skin cancer. In addition, unique treatments are available, such as electrochemotherapy and newly developed methods through clinical studies programs.

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Founded in 2013
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Can I be treated for skin melanoma in the hospital?

The clinic offers a unique treatment for skin melanoma (skin cancer) and actinic keratoses. The hospital is the first in the world to provide simulated daylight PDT (photodynamic therapy) that ensures pain minimization and the best cosmetic effect.

What is the specialty of Dermatological Center Bonn?

The hospital offers services in allergy, cosmetology, and oncology branches for treating dermatological diseases, including surgical, laser, nutritional, pharmacological, and physiotherapeutic methods. Doctors introduce the latest technologies, such as electrochemotherapy for skin cancer treatment.

Are skin operations performed at the clinic?

Thanks to the professionalism and experience of the staff, same-day surgery services with safe anesthesia are available in the clinic. All treatment is outpatient. Thanks to cooperation with other clinics in the network, if necessary, quick organization of hospitalization is available.

Doctor in Dermatological Centre Bonn

About the city

Bonn is one of Germany's oldest cities, and it was founded in the 1st century BC by the Romans. It is the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven and an academic center. DAX-listed corporations have their headquarters in Bonn, such as Deutsche Post DHL and Deutsche Telekom.  A total of 20 United Nations institutions, the highest number in all of Germany, are located in the city.

It was the capital city twice, for around 150 years, and still holds a third of ministerial positions in the country. Bonn strongly emphasizes music with the annual Beethovenfest to promote the composer. The main sightseeing spots are cluttered along the Museum Mile: the Bonn Museum of Art, the House of Contemporary German History of the Federal Republic of Germany, The Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Museum Alexander Koenig and the Deutsches Museum Bonn.

The city is home to the University of Bonn, which counts Nietzsche and Marx among its alumni. The ABC region (the triangle of the cities Aachen, Bonn, and Cologne) is considered the area with the densest concentration of research and technology organizations in Europe. Bonn has a long history and a well-established reputation as an essential international science hub. The leading medical centers in Bonn are Helios Hospital Bonn Rhein-Sieg, Beta Clinic Bonn, and University Hospital Bonn (UKB).

Come and get to know Bonn: A lively city on the banks of the Rhine river with a history going back more than 2,000 years and the cradle of democracy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The city combines busy medical and research activities and multiple touristic facilities.

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