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Istanbul, Turkey

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Age group

Kids, Adults

4.8 on Google

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Features & Facts

High-tech dental care center
Denthouse Clinic in Istanbul has served patients from various countries for 18 years. They provide the most precise diagnosis and treatment according to international standards under the slogan "Smile of life."
Dental implant packages for the whole mouth
All-On-6 and All-On-4 methods are great solutions for patients who have lost many teeth in one or both jaws. Doctors replace them by inserting 4 or 6 implants without a bone graft, making it an ideal option for patients with bone density problems.
At the forefront of dental technology
Extended periodontal treatment involves surgical and gum curettage procedures such as gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, gum grafts, crown augmentation, ostectomy, osteoplasty, and regenerative surgery to restore lost periodontal tissues.
Digital smile design
After therapy, the patient can see 3D images of the jaw and how the teeth will look. A painless oral cavity scan captures each tooth contour of up to a micron. Then, it is sent to a lab to produce dental crowns, bridges, or veneers with 3D printing.
Landmark for a Hollywood smile
One of the clinic's specialties is teeth whitening and installation of zirconium and porcelain veneers and luminaires. These dental pads, with a thickness of no more than 0.5 mm, can conceal any teeth imperfections and serve for 20 years or longer.

About the clinic

Denthouse Istanbul is a private oral health center that has been offering a wide range of dental services for over 16 years. As a result, both adults and children can receive high-quality treatment in the shortest possible time. The clinic is designed for 20 highly qualified dentists. Thanks to its impeccable reputation, the medical center is constantly gaining popularity. During its existence, doctors helped more than 100,000 patients with dental diseases of various complexity. In addition to high-quality caries remedies and annual preventive procedures, doctors offer highly effective treatment of temporomandibular joint disease (bruxism). Thanks to high-tech diagnostic equipment, the patient can receive a quick diagnosis and start a cure immediately. An occlusive splint, a combination of anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving drugs, muscle relaxants, low doses of antidepressants, and orthodontic and surgical treatment, finally allows finding a solution and prevents further destruction of the teeth due to friction. In addition, considerable attention is paid to the newest cure methods for periodontal disease. Regenerative surgical periodontal remedy helps restore lost periodontal tissue in severe cases. Prosthetics, available at once in several variants, have also gained tremendous favor in the medical center: fixed (ceramic crowns with metal support, metal-free prostheses) and removable prostheses. Implantology is also available even when losing one tooth without affecting neighboring teeth. Thanks to implants with proven clinical reliability and safety, doctors achieve high-performance indicators with the least number of complications compared to the average in other hospitals. A comprehensive selection of aesthetic procedures for smile correction is also an advantage. In particular, a tooth-colored brace system, laminate veneers, and porcelain or zirconium implants are available and widely used by dentists. A computerized device (CAD-CAM) helps produce individual implants by carefully analyzing the jaw structure and the teeth' position. This approach prevents complications and increases the service life of the implant. Oral, dental, maxillofacial surgery, implantology, caries treatment, and orthodontics have achieved high professionalism and efficiency at Denthouse Istanbul. A wide choice of services under one roof allows to treat and take care of the aesthetics of the smile and the comfort of recovery.

Primary focus

dental care
dental oral health
oral health

Departments & Doctors

Dr. Osman Ozturk

periodontology and implantology


Price list

Sinus Lifting
€ 300
€ 40
€ 200
Night Guard
€ 100
Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment
€ 2,500
Surgical Extraction
€ 150
€ 60
Root Canal Treatment
€ 100

Extra services

Language Assistance
Visa Support
Travel Assistance
Stay Arrangements


Should І choose Denthouse Istanbul for surgical treatment?

Doctors have considerable experience in highly effective and minimally invasive oral and maxillofacial surgery. In particular, cysts, drainage of abscesses, reconstruction of jaw tissues, surgical formation of gums, or interventions on the tongue are performed with minor trauma to healthy tissues. 

What is the advantage of the clinic?

Dentists have experience in treating even complex cases. Physiotherapy rehabilitation is available after intensive treatment. In addition, diagnosis and rehabilitation are available in one place and do not require additional time and effort.

Is dental care for children available at the medical center?

The clinic provides emergency care, orthodontic and preventive treatment for children. A thorough inspection by highly qualified specialists reduces the occurrence of severe problems in the future.

What is the rating of the clinic?

Denthouse Istanbul is rated as 9.60 by AiroMedical.

What do patients say about Denthouse Istanbul?

The clinic has 236 feedbacks at other places. The UserScore of the hospital is 97%.

How can you book a service, and what is the cost?

There are 29 price tags presented on AiroMedical. Select the service needed and proceed with booking. Don’t find a proper deal, contact the clinic to get a custom offer.

What is the primary focus of the hospital?

The medical center is an expert at dentistry, implantology, dental care, periodontology, and dental oral health.

What is the overall experience of the facility?

Denthouse Istanbul has been operating since 2006. It has accumulated over 18 years of clinical background.

Where can I see the hospital's work, interior space, and exterior?

AiroMedical gallery has 5 photos related to Denthouse Istanbul.

Does the clinic have certification or recognition?

Yes, Denthouse Istanbul has been certified by 4 organizations.

What is the structure of the hospital?

Where is the clinic located?

The address of the facility is Kervan Geçmez Sk. 34387, Istanbul, Turkey.

Does the hospital offer online consultations?

Yes, Denthouse Istanbul performs virtual appointments and offers a second medical opinion service.

What age range of patients can be admitted to the clinic?

The hospital accepts patients of all ages.

What type of stay is offered at Denthouse Istanbul?

The clinic offers only outpatient services. It is not possible to stay overnight at the hospital.

Denthouse Istanbul
Denthouse Istanbul

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