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Izmir, Turkey
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ClinicHair Izmir
ClinicHair Izmir
ClinicHair Izmir

About the hospital

ClinicHair Izmir primarily specializes in hair transplantation and non-surgical methods of treating baldness. From 2001 to today, the private clinic has achieved impeccable results in active regrowth and maximum hair density. the clinic also performs research on alopecia.

The hospital's high-tech building utilizes daylight thanks to intelligent planning, with windows overlooking the Aegean Sea. Annually, the clinic serves more than 2,000 local and foreign patients. The staff includes only experienced specialists who perform treatment and promote the implementation of new techniques for an even better result.

Constant investment in innovative treatment allowed the clinic to be one of the first to use robotic hair transplantation. The benefit of the method is that the operation period is significantly shortened, and therefore the time spent by the donor follicles outside the skin is shortened. Furthermore, this approach increases the chance of absorption of living elements into the skin. In addition, the microsurgical high-precision technique allows for avoiding numerous complications associated with the appearance of scars or infections. In addition, the clinic has a classic, more affordable treatment methods, FUE and FUT. In complicated cases with ineffective treatment, doctors use micropigmentation, which hides certain areas of hair loss with the help of a tattoo. Mild stages of growth disturbance do not necessarily require surgical intervention and can be solved thanks to mesotherapy (injection of serum with vitamins and minerals into the scalp).

Due to high-efficiency results for 20 years, the medical centre received recognition from the European association and ISO. The key to the success of the treatment is a detailed analysis of the problem, a comprehensive approach and careful attention to the patient's wishes (for example, regarding the growth line and direction of hair growth). ClinicHair Izmir is a proven leader in hair transplants in Turkey.

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Founded in 2001
2,000 patients
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What range of services does ClinicHair Izmir offer?

The clinic specializes in treating alopecia, slow growth and hair loss. Robotic transplantation, minimally invasive FUE and conventional classic FUT, mesotherapy and micropigmentation make it possible to solve the problem at any complex stage and choose treatment for absolutely every patient.

Can doctors help me grow a beard?

The clinic offers hair transplantation to various body parts, including the beard. Microsurgical minimally invasive techniques avoid the formation of scars after surgery, and carefully selected care allows the wished effect in the shortest possible time.

What is the uniqueness of the clinic?

Hospital is one of the first to use robotic hair transplantation, which allows for improvement in the result of treatment due to better survival of transplanted follicles. Shortening the operation time is also one of the benefits for patients who want to maintain an everyday life and not interrupt work.

About the city

Izmir is a large city located in the west of Turkey in the region of the same name on the coast of the Aegean Sea. The city is one of the oldest in the Mediterranean, with 8500 years of history. Izmir is now a modern, developed, vibrant commercial centre, nestled around a vast bay and surrounded by mountains.

Historically, the port has been the core of Izmir's identity, and the city has long been the centre of a dense maritime communications network. The port has long promoted cultural exchange and served as a link where people from different parts of the Mediterranean and Asia meet, communicate and inspire each other. Homer, the author of the legendary Odyssey and Iliad, whose works significantly impacted Western culture, was born and lived in Izmir. The spacious Konak Square forms the centre of the city. Among its shady greenery, pavilions and fountains, the townspeople love to relax at any time of the day. Against the backdrop of several impressive official buildings, including the town hall, the governor's residence and the State Opera, stands the symbol of Izmir: the Clock Tower in the late Ottoman style built in 1901 for Sultan Abdul-Hamid.

Izmir owes its position as an economically and socially dynamic city to its location, climate and the fact that it has been home to many different cultures and religions. The city is home to various festivals, many of which have been held for over 100 years. More than 2 million tourists visit Izmir every year. One of the reasons to visit the city is the developed healthcare system. Medicana International Hospital is a modern medical centre in Turkey that offers first-class diagnostic and therapeutic services. The clinic receives many patients from abroad and has a department for international patients.

Izmir is a city that offers a pastime for every taste. Tourists can have a picnic in the Culture Park, touch the history on the site of the remains of the ancient Agora Square, ride the cable car, take a walk on the waterfront or try traditional cuisine in one of the local restaurants. As a result, the city leaves a pleasant impression and the desire to return again and again.

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