Children's Memorial Health Institute Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland
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Children's Memorial Health Institute Warsaw
Children's Memorial Health Institute Warsaw
Children's Memorial Health Institute Warsaw

About the hospital

Children's Memorial Health Institute Warsaw was founded in 1977 as one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Poland. The research center and a wide range of pediatric medical and surgical treatments allowed doctors to implement innovative treatment methods and move Polish medicine forward.

The clinic serves 242,000 children at the inpatient and outpatient levels. The modern hospital building has 550 beds, providing quick access to quality treatment without long queues. The quality of service and patient safety meet the gold standards of PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015. Thanks to the success, the Institute received a high rating from the Council of Member States of the ERN (ITHACA, MetabERN, PaedCan- ERN, RARE-LIVER, and RITA) and became a member of the European reference networks. The international recognition of the associations has contributed to the further evolution of capacities and opportunities in cooperation between the largest leading centers for children's diseases. In addition to proper cure, Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw received the highest scientific category, "A", in the discipline "Medical Sciences" and is the owner of numerous awards for achievements in science and treatment: Inspirations Award 2020 in the field of "innovative treatment methods and electronic services", certificate from the Polish Society for the Study of Pain and Anesthesia and the Horizon Impact Award 2019 for achievements in the treatment of the rare lysosomal metabolic disease alpha-mannosidosis.

The clinic is unique in its desire to use the latest technologies and treatment methods. Back in 1984, doctors at the Warsaw Children's Memorial Health Institute performed the first pediatric kidney transplant in Poland and later the first combined simultaneous liver, small intestine, duodenum, and pancreas transplants. In addition, in 2012, the robust cardiac surgery department was the pioneer in performing a left ventricular support operation, which made it possible to avoid heart transplantation and severe complications. Furthermore, the latest developments in the field of pediatric ophthalmology date back to 2015. Doctors of the medical center used intra-arterial chemotherapy for eye cancer - retinoblastoma with a high success rate. Owing to the high technology and the incredible experience, remedy methods unique to Poland are still observed. Thanks to the FLUOBEAM LX, endocrine surgeons performed a unique operation to remove the thyroid gland while preserving the parathyroid glands. This approach reduces the postoperative child's risks of disturbance of calcium metabolism, which is vitally important. Cardioneuroablation and the Ross–Konno operation have become a real breakthrough in the cardiac treatment of children and require high professionalism. Over time, patients have been carefully examined, and the significant effect of the treatment has been revealed.

Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaan important place in Poland's pediatric field of medicine, promoting modern treatment methods. Neurology and neurosurgery, ophthalmology and ENT, gastroenterology and endocrinology, rare genetic congenital and acquired defects, general and intensive care and emergency medical care are available to young patients at a high level.

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Founded in 1977
242,000 patients
550 beds available
N/A department

Does the clinic offer same-day surgical care for children?

Surgeons offer same-day surgery and discharge in general surgery and urology, plastic surgery, gastrointestinal manometry, and laser therapy. In addition, hernias, fistulas, neck cysts, endoscopy for biopsy, and phimosis surgery are available with the shortest recovery time.

Does the hospital perform dialysis for children?

Nephrologists provide dialysis treatment for children with chronic renal function disorders in the last stages of failure, with acute conditions, poisoning, and plasmapheresis in systemic lupus, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and myasthenia gravis.

Is the medical center suitable for pediatric immunodeficiency conditions?

Immunologists have extensive experience in replacement treatment with immunoglobulin preparations, bone marrow, thymus transplantation, and immunomodulatory treatment using the latest biological drugs. Such a diverse approach provides highly effective support

What is the uniqueness of Children's Memorial Health Institute Warsaw?

The hospital was the first in Poland to perform organ transplants in children and used intravenous chemotherapy for retinoblastoma. Endocrinologists and cardiac surgeons were also pioneers in organ-sparing operations, significantly improving children's quality of life.

About the city

Warsaw is the capital and one of the most modern cities in Poland. Unfortunately, Warsaw was destroyed during the Second World War, but in 4 years, the entire historic center was restored with incredible accuracy and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Warsaw's architecture is a mixture of different styles that tell the rich history of Poland and its capital. Palace Square and the Royal Castle, Wilanów Palace and Lazenkowski Park, The Basilica of the Holy Cross, the Cathedral of John the Baptist, the unique museums, and the Copernicus Science Center leave an unforgettable impression on the city. In addition, there are over a hundred theatres, cinemas, museums, and art galleries in the Polish capital. A walk along the streets of the Old and New Towns allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of central city life. Impressive streets, squares, and cozy cafes create a unique historical atmosphere. In summer, the squares of the Old and New Towns become stages for musical and theatrical performances and open-air galleries.

Warsaw is the birthplace of the famous musician Frederic Chopin, after whom the city's main airport is named. The city is developing rapidly, so it has many kindergartens, schools, and higher educational institutions. Particular attention is paid to the healthcare system. The town has a large number of public and private medical institutions. For example, Carolina Medical Center Warsaw is one of the leading centers in Europe in the field of orthopedics, traumatology, and neurosurgery. The Union of European Football Associations has chosen the clinic to provide medical care to the participants of EURO 2012, which confirms the high professionalism of the doctors.

Warsaw is a dynamic European metropolis characterized by the hospitality of its inhabitants, the Vistula River, and exceptional culinary delights. Numerous traditional cafes, typical of the architect, the magnificent Vistula embankment, and tall skyscrapers - give the city its uniqueness and charm. The Polish capital is a city travelers discover again and again with each subsequent visit.

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