Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim

Mannheim, Germany
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Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim
Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim
Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim

About the hospital

The Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim is a highly specialized mental health institution. The institute is justifiably proud of its scientific discoveries and the ability to integrate scientific achievements into clinical practice.

The Medical Institute is one of Mannheim's largest employers, with over 1,400 employees. The institute is constantly expanding its capabilities and creating a new space for research and treatment. In 4 departments, it is possible to treat psychological diseases starting from adolescence. Treatment is carried out both on an outpatient and inpatient basis.

The Central Institute for Mental Health stands for world-renowned research and innovative treatment concepts in psychiatry and psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and addiction medicine. In psychiatric research, the institute is one of the leading institutions in Europe. The institute works closely with the University of Heidelberg and the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg Mannheim. It is also part of the German Center for Psychiatry and the Heidelberg Mannheim Health & Life Science Alliance. The medical team focuses on treating addictions or problems with alcohol, cannabis and drugs, anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances, depression and chronic pain.

The institute comprises the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, addictive behaviour and addictive medicine, adolescent centre, Institute of cognitive and clinical neuroscience and Institute for psychopharmacology. In their practice, the institute's psychologists use all innovative treatment methods, including pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, electroshock therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and neurofeedback. As a result, mentally ill people of all ages can count on the most advanced treatment based on international standards of knowledge.

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Founded in 1976
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What kind of treatment does the Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim offer?

The hospital offers a wide range of services to improve and restore health thanks to applying knowledge in psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy. In addition, services include treatment of cognitive and neurological disorders and various types of rehabilitation.

Why is the clinic best for mental health treatment for children?

Considering the needs of children undergoing long-term treatment, the hospital has a public school on the territory. The medical centre also uses the highly effective Soteria youth treatment concept, where patients learn to fare better in daily life problems with the interdisciplinary team.

What treatment method is the most popular here?

Non-invasive brain stimulation is a widely used tool to modulate the cortical activity of motor and non-motor areas such as memory or language. Due to its ability to inhibit or enhance cortical excitability, this technique is a promising tool for both research and clinical settings. 

About the city

Mannheim is a city in the northwestern corner of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, rich in culture and nature. The population of Mannheim is about 310,000 people. It makes it the second-largest city in Baden-Württemberg after Stuttgart.

The streets of Mannheim are home to many cultural attractions, art, good food, events and parties. Mannheim caters to all tastes, whether it be opera, performances and ballet at the National Theatre, concerts from classical to pop and jazz, readings or a host of other cultural events. Not-to-be-missed sights include the second largest baroque palace in Europe and the Water Tower, located at the centre of one of the continent's most beautiful Art Nouveau architectural ensembles. Among the city's sensational museums, three main attractions stand out: the Technoseum, the Kunsthalle Art Gallery and the Reiss Engelhorn Museums, which include four exhibition halls.

The city is known for its amazing inventions. Karl Drais built the first two-wheeled tram in 1817, and Karl Benz's first car hit the streets in 1886. All events took place on a university campus on the rivers Rhine and Neckar banks. Particular attention is paid to the development of medical technologies. Today, more than 7,500 people work in the medical technology industry in Mannheim. Global players such as Roche Diagnostics, Dentsply Friadent, VRmagic and Siemens Healthcare have their headquarters in Mannheim. Among the famous educational institutions of the city is the University of Mannheim, which houses one of the prominent schools of economics in Europe. The Mannheim University Hospital, in turn, is also in demand among residents of Germany and throughout Europe.

While Mannheim boasts many qualities of a metropolis, it has retained its small-town charm. The city has a calm and peaceful atmosphere alien to a big city. The town attracts many attractions, restaurants with traditional cuisine, and breathtaking views, leaving the city's guests indifferent.

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