Carolina Medical Centre Gdansk

Gdansk, Poland
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Carolina Medical Centre Gdansk
Carolina Medical Centre Gdansk
Carolina Medical Centre Gdansk

About the hospital

Carolina Medical Center Gdansk is one of the largest and most modern private orthopaedics and sports medicine care hospitals in Europe. This hospital is up to date with all contemporary world medical knowledge and diligently participates in conferences and symposiums. Medical Center in Gdansk was opened in 2019, but the doctors implemented the philosophy of an integrated approach to the treatment process, which is already over 20 years old.

The clinic includes the Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. In addition, it has a diagnostic centre run by the best diagnosticians and radiologists. A rehabilitation centre is also available for post-operative patient care. These include manual therapy, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, and several types of therapeutic massage.

Carolina Medical Center has been accredited by the Ministry of Health and can conduct specialized and referral internship programs in traumatology and orthopaedics. Since the clinic is affiliated with LUX MED Group (the leading medical partner of the Polish Olympic Committee), the hospital is responsible for looking after the best Polish athletes. The hospital works with sports associations whose representatives are successful in the international arena (including the Polish Swimming Federation, the Polish Wrestling Association, and the Polish Canoe Federation). For many years the centre has been a medical partner of the Polish National Ballet.

The centre uses the most advanced medical technology to ensure a speedy recovery and return to mobility. The clinic's surgeons specialize in minimally invasive treatment methods, including robotic surgery and arthroscopic techniques. In addition, the medical centre provides patients with complex treatment - consultations with specialists in orthopaedics and spine surgery, rehabilitation, visual diagnostics and operations.

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Founded in 2019
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Does the medical centre provide rehabilitation after surgery?

The department of orthopaedics has a rehabilitation centre designed for people struggling with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and patients after injuries and operations. In addition, specialists rehabilitate professional and amateur athletes, taking into account the specifics of the disciplines.

Is Carolina Medical Centre Gdansk suitable for bone cancer treatment?

Carolina Medical Center Gdansk in oncological orthopaedics deals with the treatment of neoplasms and tumours, lesions of bones, soft tissues and tissues of the musculoskeletal system. A comprehensive offer - consultation, imaging, surgical treatment and rehabilitation allows patients to fight against bone cancer.

Can I receive Orthokine Therapy at the clinic?

Orthokine® therapy is a method of detecting osteoarthritis and inflammation. Specialists use it for treatment after surgery and to prevent post-surgery pain. Orthokine therapy can also effectively treat age-related and degenerative diseases, muscle and ligament injuries, and inflammatory conditions.

Doctors in Carolina Medical Centre Gdansk

About the city

Gdansk is a city of almost half a million, the sea capital of Poland, an important economic, scientific and cultural centre, and a famous centre of tourism. This gingerbread city seems to have descended to the shores of the Baltic from the fairy tales of Andersen and the Brothers Grimm. The city has a long, unusual and tragic history.

It is a city of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, transferred to our time. It has many architectural monuments, which are carefully and lovingly looked after. The Old Town of Gdansk is an architectural pearl of the Renaissance. On Town Hall Square is the famous fountain of Neptune, the ruler of the sea city. The bronze statue was built in 1633 and became one of the symbols of Gdansk. The city has a vast number of churches that amaze with the beauty of the interior decoration. There are also many museums in Gdansk, including a painting gallery. Festivals play a huge role in developing the tourism industry in Gdansk, as many people come here during them. The Heineken Festival is one of the most popular in Gdansk.

The city is one of the largest academic centres in Poland. The city has 14 higher educational institutions, including six state higher educational institutions. In addition, the city has many sports clubs, including volleyball, football, and rowing. Many athletes not only in Poland but also in Europe are served at the Carolina Medical Center Gdansk. The clinic specializes in neurosurgery, orthopaedics and traumatology and offers various rehabilitation procedures.

Gdansk is like a breath of fresh air, a beautifully restored old town with a great laid-back atmosphere that beckons to relax and unwind. The city attracts tourists with various museums and galleries, delicious national cuisine and beautiful sea views.

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