BioMed Hospital Bad Bergzabern

Bad Bergzabern, Germany
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BioMed Hospital Bad Bergzabern
BioMed Hospital Bad Bergzabern
BioMed Hospital Bad Bergzabern

About the hospital

BioMed Hospital is a highly specialized clinic that offers a full range of diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases. The clinic is unique in its field, not only in Germany but also in Europe. BioMed was mentioned among the best Hyperthermia clinics in Germany in the Book "Germany Cancer Breakthrough" by Andrew Scholberg.

The clinic is designed for 100 beds in single and double rooms. Each room is equipped with a TV, telephone, and private balcony with awnings outside for sun protection. More than 100 employees, psychologists, and nursing staff take care of the patient's comfortable stay in the hospital.

BioMed Hospital perfectly combines traditional and alternative methods of treatment. The hospital complements orthodox medicine with complementary methods of cancer treatment. These include biological, physical, and naturopathic therapies. For more than 25 years, the clinic has been practicing various methods of hyperthermia, which increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The clinic has 15 hyperthermia devices and seven hyperthermia systems. The hospital was awarded the quality certificate of the German Society for Hyperthermia and is considered one of the leading Hyperthermia Centers in Europe.

The hospital's motto is "Dare to Live", which means it's never too late to start something new and lead your life actively and responsibly. The medical team would like to encourage patients and help them fight the disease and embark again on energy. Each patient receives personalized medical care according to their needs and wishes. The patient's relatives are also involved in the therapeutic process for moral support.

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Founded in 1997
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100 beds available
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Is BioMed Hospital considered the best clinic for hyperthermia?

BioMed was mentioned among the best hyperthermia clinics in Germany in Andrew Scholberg's book "Germany's Cancer Breakthrough" and is one of the leading centers in Europe. Thanks to high-quality services and experienced staff, the hospital receives international recognition.

Which direction is the most popular in the clinic?

It uses various hyperthermia methods, which increase chemo- and radiation therapy effectiveness for cancer patients. The clinic has 15 devices and 7 special systems. The hospital received a quality certificate from the German Hyperthermia Society and is one of the leading hyperthermia clinics.

Can I get breast cancer treatment in the hospital?

The clinic offers a full range of diagnoses and treatments for oncological diseases. The hospital combines traditional medicine with complementary methods of cancer treatment. These include biological, physical, and naturopathic therapy, which contributes to increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

Doctor in BioMed Hospital Bad Bergzabern

About the city

Bad Bergzebern is an old resort town in southern Germany where only about 8 thousand people live. Bad Bergzabern is a quiet place, suitable for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

The city has interesting architectural sights, including Renaissance buildings, the Old Town Hall, and St. Martin's Church. Of the views, it is worth noting Schloss, which is a symbol of the city. The dukes of the Wittelsbacher dynasty of the Palatinate and Zweibrucken once had a seat at Bergzabern Castle.

Guests are offered health centers and medical institutions with thermal springs, a beautiful park-spa complex with several pools of different depths, saunas, and a salt room. In addition, there are specialized clinics in the city, such as the BioMed Hospital, orthopedics, and neurologists clinic. Health tourism is becoming increasingly important in the town due to the rise of the sanatorium business.

The main goal of most visitors to Bad Bergzabern is to relax the body and soul by enjoying a bath in the healing thermal springs and forgetting about every day worries. In the evening, tourists can go for a walk along the city's romantic streets or for dinner in one of the city's restaurants or cafes. It is worth noting that the town has preserved old winemaking traditions, so those who wish can go on a special tasting tour.

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