ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Braunfels

Braunfels, Germany
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ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Braunfels
ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Braunfels
ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Braunfels

About the hospital

ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Braunfels is a specialized medical centre offering orthopaedics and traumatology medical services. The clinic is a leading centre in Germany and is included in the TOP 10 clinics in Hesse in modern endoprosthetics. In addition to treatment by experienced doctors, the clinic offers patients comprehensive assistance from excellent medical staff, a high degree of comfort and modern technology.

The clinic's medical team annually treats over 9,000 outpatients and 3,000 inpatients. The ATOS surgeons perform about 1,200 procedures per year, focusing on hip and knee arthroplasty and then spine surgery with more than 500 operations per year.

The Association for Private Health Insurance has awarded the high standard of the ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Braunfels with the 2020 quality seal. A prerequisite for obtaining the PKV seal of approval is excellent medical quality. In a specialized clinic, doctors often treat complicated cases. The main focus of the hospital is foot and ankle surgery. Thanks to exceptional experience, great precision and a high degree of humanity, doctors perform operations in such a way that patients experience as little pain as possible and be mobile as soon as possible.

The hospital's medical team has the knowledge, experience and empathy to treat patients appropriately, whether they have back problems or hip, knee or shoulder discomfort. Doctors also specialize in treating problems with the hands, elbows and shoulders. Depending on the diagnosis, specialists always recommend a therapy adapted to each clinical picture. The medical team considers operations only when conservative methods are ineffective. In addition to treatment by first-class doctors, excellent medical staff provides patients with comprehensive care, and hospital facilities offer a high level of comfort and modern technology.

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Founded in 2014
11,998 patients
160 beds available
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Can I have spine surgery at the ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Braunfels?

With well-known specialists in spine surgery, the team of doctors is ideally suited to treat back pain and spinal disorders. Minimally invasive techniques through minor incisions in the skin and neuromonitoring during surgery are the gold world standard followed in the clinic.

Does the clinic specialize in the treatment of cruciate ligament rupture?

Sports doctors specialize in minimally invasive arthroscopic medical interventions that restore the stability of the cruciate ligaments. Immediately after the procedure, rehabilitators begin physiotherapeutic measures, the focus of which is initially reduced to reducing swelling and increasing mobility.

What non-surgical treatment can doctors offer?

Conservative therapy aims to restore joint stability and relieve symptoms by wearing bandages or orthoses and physiotherapy exercises. In addition, doctors use electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, shock wave therapy and massages. Multidisciplinary consultation also helps, for example, in psychosomatics.

About the city

Braunfels is a city located in Hesse, Germany. The town is a spa resort located 100 meters above the Lahn Valley.

The name of the city of Braunfels was given by the castle on a basalt rock. The incredible thing is that the castle still belongs to the aristocratic family that built it about 800 years ago. Today, anyone can visit it. Having descended into the city, guests should walk along the well-groomed medieval streets with half-timbered houses. In August, they become the backdrop for a large-scale festival of historical reconstruction - Mittelalterliches Spektakulum. History lovers from all over Europe come to surprise each other with their outfits. The land of Hesse in Germany, where Braunfels is located, is famous for its smoked sausages. However, elements of traditional Hessian cuisine have also moved overseas. The Smoked Sausage Festival, known all over America, takes place in New Braunfels, Texas. In German Braunfels, in addition to sausages, guests should try handmade cheese Handkese.

The Old Town attracts tourists to Braunfels. It has preserved many half-timbered buildings, and the streets of the Old Town retain a medieval charm. There is also the small, like a toy, Market Square, which is surrounded by half-timbered houses. The Kurfurst Zoo is also interesting - this is a mini-zoo that appeared back in 1704. Another important reason to visit the city is the specialized ATOS Orthopedic Clinic. Patients from all over the country come to the medical clinic to receive highly qualified medical care.

Braunfels is an exciting and mysterious city with an incredible history. Guests of the town can enjoy medieval sights, green parks and squares, museums and galleries. Braunfels has excellent potential and is ready to interest guests with their favourite preferences.

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