ATOS MediaPark Clinic Cologne

Cologne, Germany
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ATOS MediaPark Clinic Cologne
ATOS MediaPark Clinic Cologne
ATOS MediaPark Clinic Cologne

About the hospital

ATOS MediaPark Clinic Cologne is one of Germany's leading specialist clinics for orthopaedics and sports medicine. In 2022, the MediaPark Сlinic was awarded for treating feet, hands, shoulders, knees and hips. The clinic annually emphasizes its leadership in the field of medical quality in orthopaedic surgery. 

The clinic's philosophy is ensured by a highly qualified team of doctors, individual consultation and treatment of the patient, as well as a high level of medical technology and interdisciplinary cooperation. Furthermore, the tastefully furnished 33 comfortable rooms of the clinic offer patients a bright and friendly atmosphere and a high level of the hotel. 

Short stays and fast rehabilitation are the main goals of our clinic. The ATOS Medical Center has modern methods of anaesthesia and monitoring, as well as individually designed physiotherapy at an early stage of treatment, which contribute to a quick recovery. The clinic specialists care for world-class athletes, which confirms their high professionalism. Physicians also serve as instructors for various workgroups in arthroscopy, endoprosthetics, foot surgery, and some conservative procedures highlighting their professional competence. For diagnosis, the clinic specialists use a detailed clinical examination and modern imaging methods, including ultrasound, 3D static measurement, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT).

Orthopedics in MediaPark consists of different directions, which means that a diverse range of services can be offered at the highest level. The main areas of treatment include conservative and surgical treatment of acute and degenerative injuries of muscles, tendons and ligaments, joint problems, sports injuries and fractures, as well as diseases of the spine. Subsequent treatment is carried out directly with the attending physicians and physiotherapists. Whether it is diagnostics or therapy, outpatient or inpatient treatment: the medical team combines first-class medicine with first-class care so that patients can quickly recover and return to their former lives.

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Founded in 2001
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What are the primary orthopaedic surgeries performed in the hospital?

Surgeons most often use operations through millimetre incisions with minimal damage to healthy tissues. Compared to open processes, arthroscopic procedures allow diagnostics and surgery simultaneously. Neuromonitoring, particularly in spinal surgery, is also a priority.

Can I have spine surgery at ATOS MediaPark Clinic Cologne?

Spinal surgery occupies a large share of operative interventions in the hospital. In particular, surgeons use the introduction of a unique cementing solution into the fractured vertebra for better stabilization. The procedure is performed through a single needle puncture and under intraoperative imaging control.

Do doctors offer stem cells for knee pain?

The medical centre is active in the field of innovative cell therapy. In close collaboration with GEMoaB in Dresden, new treatment options for serious diseases are being developed and tested in clinical trials. Today, the clinic is a leading stem cell donor centre for adults and children.

About the city

Cologne is 2,000 years old city, which is located in western Germany. The city is the birthplace of Kölsch beer, and Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll. Cologne is an excellent place to live, with high ratings in travel connectivity, safety and healthcare.

More than 30 museums, hundreds of galleries, churches, and cathedrals make Cologne the cultural capital of Germany. The city's major landmark and unofficial symbol are Cologne Cathedral. It is a large Gothic church in northern Europe with twin towers tall, 515 feet (157 metres). In 1996, the cathedral was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Every year Cologne hosts one of the most famous carnivals in the world. In addition, Cologne is home to Europe's largest ice hockey stadium and concert hall.

Cologne is famous among young people due to its many educational institutions. The University of Cologne is the most prestigious and research-intensive university in Europe. Furthermore, Cologne is a major media centre because of numerous publishing firms and radio and television production organisations. In addition, the city is also the medical centre of Germany and has more than 20 hospitals and highly specialised clinics. It is possible to use both public clinics like the University Hospital Cologne and private clinics like the PAN Clinic Cologne. More than 300,000 people are treated in Cologne every year, which is proof of the excellent level of medicine.

There are so many reasons to visit Cologne. You can communicate with the locals in Cologne, distinguished by a unique, lighter attitude to life, a specific sense of humour and goodwill. Many tourists come here for shopping, healthcare, nightlife and entertainment. The abundance of museums, shops, restaurants, and clubs attracts more and more foreigners every year.

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