Asklepios Nordsee Hospital Westerland Sylt

Sylt, Germany
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Asklepios Nordsee Hospital Westerland Sylt
Asklepios Nordsee Hospital Westerland Sylt
Asklepios Nordsee Hospital Westerland Sylt

About the hospital

Asklepios Nordsee Hospital Westerland Sylt combines medical and rehabilitation practice in iodized air and exclusive nature on the shores of the North Sea. Since 1937, the medical center has been constantly improved and expanded. Today, the clinic has 300 employees serving more than 20,000 patients annually.

The modern building of the hospital is designed for 5 departments and 84 beds. Doctors provide highly qualified medical care on an outpatient and inpatient basis and emergency medical care 24/7. Treatment is available to patients of any age, including children. A significant fact is that the medical center has repeatedly been recognized as the best clinic in Germany in oncology, pulmonology, and rehabilitation, according to the Focus-Gesundheit rating.

Doctors offer modern treatment options in various areas of medicine. Much attention is directed to gentle organ-preserving operations that do not require a long recovery. In particular, laser hemorrhoidoplasty allows treating proctological diseases with high accuracy and without any tissue removal. Also, general and endocrine surgeons offer various tumor and chronic inflammatory disease services. Minimally invasive therapy is performed with image control in close cooperation with radiologists. In addition, Asklepios Nordsee Сlinic in Westerland Sylt offers a multimodal therapeutic approach to pain cure, combining classical methods (blockades under CT guidance, periradicular therapy PRT, and infusions for neuropathic pain) and complementary methods (naturopathy, osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine). This approach is especially relevant for orthopedic remedies consisting of endoprosthesis, arthroscopy, and shock wave therapy. In addition, since 2006, neurosurgeons have been performing almost exclusively microneurosurgical operations on the thoracic and lumbar spine and peripheral nerves. Cooperation with the neurosurgery department of DIAKO Flensburg and the Hamburg Oncology Center promotes the exchange of new experiences and ensures the continuous development of the field.

The model Westerland Sylt Asklepios Nordsee Medical Center offers patients from all over the world treatment and rehabilitation for orthopedic, oncological, gastroenterological, cardiology, and dermatological diseases. In addition, cosmetic procedures, pain management, and illness prevention are also available.

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Founded in 1937
20,000 patients
84 beds available
N/A department

Should I choose Asklepios Nordsee Hospital Westerland Sylt for oncology?

Cooperation with the Hamburg Oncology Center, state-of-the-art diagnostic methods (CT, MRI), and clinical research allow patients to receive the most modern methods of treating malignant tumor lesions. Focus magazine recognized the oncology department as one of the best in Germany.

Is the clinic suitable for treating psoriasis?

Dermatologists have extensive experience in the treatment of psoriasis, in particular in balneophysical treatment, ultraviolet therapy with laser treatment methods, and using modern drug therapy, such as fumaric acid, methotrexate, and biological drugs.

Does the medical center have modern operating rooms?

The hospital's operating room is specially equipped with an X-ray C-arm to obtain accurate images. In addition, state-of-the-art operating tables and a stereo binocular operating microscope with a xenon light source are significant advantages for patients.

About the city

Sylt is the fourth largest island in Germany and the most famous German island in the North Sea, with a population of 18,000. Rare animals and plants listed in the Red Book, many species of butterflies and birds fill the nature reserves scattered throughout the isle.

Tourists can relax on the 40-kilometer beach, learn more about the local flora and fauna at the Tinnum Animal Park, play golf, skydive, try a ziggurat tour, or go on a guided hike. In addition, the island has many fascinating traditions of celebrations and festivals. In particular, "Meerkabarett" gathers comedians, cabaret artists, and musicians. Sylt is also rich in historical sights, including the "Old Frisian House" in Keitum from 1737.

The most significant economic component is tourism. In particular, the isle is visited by 870,000 guests per year. This development contributes to a change in local business and a high density of restaurants with high-end gastronomic offers. Four restaurants have Michelin stars. In accumulation, island guests can try a local white wine called "Solviin" based on the "Solaris" grape variety. Furthermore, the iodine-rich sea air from marine aerosols and the associated stimulating climate of sun, wind, and salt are significant for the respiratory tract and lungs. These benefits contributed to the opening of the resort hospital in 1937, which later, in 1992, acquired a modern appearance as Asklepios Nordsee Hospital Westerland Sylt. Artists and writers also particularly liked the nature and picturesqueness of the local landscapes.

The resort island of Sylt charms with its nature and exotic location. More and more tourists worldwide want to relax on the island's beaches and spend an unforgettable vacation by the sea.

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