Asklepios Hospital Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Wiesbaden
Asklepios Hospital Wiesbaden
Asklepios Hospital Wiesbaden

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Wiesbaden provides a wide range of services in the medical field and has more than 12 departments and 360 beds. One of the most important directions is defined in treating cancer patients.

More than 600 employees are concerned about the perfect organization of work, compliance with safety rules, and the provision of state-of-the-art treatment. Back in 2006, the Department of Obstetrics was recognized by UNICEF as a "Child-Friendly Hospital." In addition, the medical center is certified as one of six consultation centers in Germany for "Interstitial cystitis."

Also, in the unique center of gynecology and breasts, treatment of malignant diseases, aesthetic corrective surgeries, and preventive examinations on high-precision equipment are available. Treatment is possible in an interdisciplinary day oncology hospital, where you can undergo chemotherapy, molecular therapy, and treatment with bisphosphonates. Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics cares about the diversity of time during treatment and helps patients learn to cope with external changes during treatment. In 2015, urologists achieved another success with the use of the first holmium laser for the treatment of prostatitis. And in 2018, Asklepios Clinic in Wiesbaden became the first clinic in Wiesbaden to use the EOS innovative X-ray system for 3D imaging of the entire skeletal body with little strain on the body. In 2020, a spine and scoliosis center and a day pain management clinic were added to the general services. Neurosurgeons and orthopedists offer neurophysiological diagnostics and microsurgical and endoscopic procedures for properly treating injuries, deformities, and defects. In addition, modern equipment is available for preventive colonoscopy in the form of artificial intelligence. The software detects 15% more changes in the intestinal mucosa than specialists. Continuing the development of the gastroenterological direction, doctors in 2020 achieved the highest score in assessing the quality of the results of gallbladder removal AOK Hessen. The Department of General, Visceral and Minimally Invasive Surgery are one of the clinics in Hesse with the lowest complication rates for gallbladder removal, and the ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) machine is the first of its kind in Germany.

Wiesbaden Asklepios Medical Center is a modern medical institution treating oncological, gastroenterological, gynecological, urological, ENT, and endocrine diseases. In addition, patients can use the services of gerontologists, pain specialists, orthopedists, and neurosurgeons.

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Founded in 1896
86,000 patients
360 beds available
N/A department

Should І choose Asklepios Hospital Wiesbaden for otolaryngology?

A clinic is a good place for spine disease treatment thanks to a wide range of services and experienced specialists. In particular, the department's doctors were recognized as the best in 2020, according to Focus magazine, for outstanding results in treatment.

Do urologists use minimally invasive prostate treatment?

In addition to modern laser technologies, doctors were the first in southern Germany to use Aquabeam minimally invasive surgery. The method consists in introducing a probe through the urethra, which, thanks to a jet of water under ultrasound control, allows the removal of an enlarged prostate without any incision.

Does the clinic meet high-quality standards?

Treatment at the medical center meets the high-quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. In addition, the hospital was awarded a gold certificate for the Clean Hands campaign for its impeccable hand hygiene.

About the city

Wiesbaden is one of the oldest resorts in Europe. The city is located on the right pot of the Rhine near the Taunus mountain range and has more than 15 thermal and mineral springs.

The mild climate and impeccable nature are significant advantages of the city. Tourists have the opportunity to visit numerous natural parks that have 7,000 species of animals. The Rhein-Taunus Park is also part of Natura 2000 thanks to the forest part, which is an ideal habitat for the rare stag beetle. Many fish also evidence exemplary ecology in the Rhine River and the settlement of the territory by various birds. In addition to park areas, visitors are also attracted by the beauty of the city's buildings. Wiesbaden is a model of European architecture in classicism, historicism, and modernism. Ancient churches, majestic castles, and libraries provide a unique charm. Also, during vacation, tourists can visit numerous festivals, including the goEast film festival of Central and Eastern Europe, apple blossoming in the Naurod area, or dragon boat races as part of the Shirstein Harbor Festival. In addition, various red and white wines can be tasted at the Rheingau Wine Week.

The Romans actively used hot springs as early as 6-15 BC. This advantage contributed to the emergence of Aquae Mattiacorum on the territory of the modern city with further development of the resort area. In 2015, the state capital ranked sixth among the most prosperous cities in Germany, with a population of over 200,000. In Wiesbaden, agriculture, winemaking, and the production of traditional industrial facilities are actively developed. Also, in connection with tourism, museums and theaters have developed in the city, including the state and women's museums and the Velvets Theater, the only black light theater in Germany. In addition, the municipality is famous for its football, handball, and judo sports clubs and educational institutions, such as the European Business School and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences.

The European city of Wiesbaden offers a rich cultural program and outdoor recreation. The variety of leisure offers allows getting unforgettable memories.

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