Asklepios Hospital Stadtedreieck Burglengenfeld

Burglengenfeld, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Stadtedreieck Burglengenfeld
Asklepios Hospital Stadtedreieck Burglengenfeld
Asklepios Hospital Stadtedreieck Burglengenfeld

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Stadtedreieck Burglengenfeld is a modern, highly specialized clinic offering primary and standard care. Doctors of various specialities are on duty around the clock in the medical centre to ensure fast and stable treatment at a high level. The health and well-being of patients are the focus of the clinic's qualified staff. All medical staff work harmoniously under one roof to provide patients with high-quality and first-class medical care.

Treatment in the hospital is carried out both on an outpatient and inpatient basis. All clinic wards are bright and pleasantly renovated and equipped with a bathroom, TV and radio. Clinic staff, especially the medical staff who have direct contact with patients, disinfect their hands on an ongoing basis.

An experienced team of doctors and nurses always works with the latest medical and technical standards, using gentle, minimally invasive surgery whenever possible. The cardiology department of the clinic has a modern station for catheterization of the left heart. This station allows doctors to quickly and accurately detect and treat changes in the heart, including coronary angiography (imaging methods for examining the coronary arteries), surgery, electrophysiological studies (a special method for examining patients with heart rhythm disturbances), implantation of pacemakers and implantation of AIC. In 2022, the clinic also installed a new C-arm for endoscopy. The state-of-the-art, latest-generation device is used, among other things, to reflect the bile ducts and other interventions that require fluoroscopy. The excellent reputation of gastroenterology at the Asklepios Clinic Stadtedreieck extends far beyond the region, not least due to the constant training of the clinic staff. The medical centre also excels in bariatric surgery and operates on obese patients. The advantages of the so-called "keyhole" technique are less pain in the first days after surgery and faster recovery after surgery. Patients also benefit from the clinic's interdisciplinary approach, which provides a holistic treatment of the clinical picture.

The Asklepios Stadtedreieck Clinic includes specialized departments for general and visceral surgery, anaesthesia and resuscitation, internal medicine, vascular surgery, cardiology, orthopaedics and traumatology. The central emergency room has a shock room for the care of seriously injured and life-threatening patients, equipped with the latest technology. A team of experienced physiotherapists, ergo therapists and massage therapists work closely with the treating physicians to develop the proper measures individually for the patient's needs.

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Is treatment for artery diseases available at Asklepios Hospital Stadtedreieck?

Doctors offer the least traumatic treatment of diseases such as atherosclerosis and other conditions of peripheral arteries using balloon dilatation of PTA (percutaneous transluminal angioplasty). The technique does not need general anaesthesia and is completed under constant X-ray control.

Should I choose a clinic for the treatment of intestinal diverticulum?

The medical centre offers effective conservative and surgical treatment of diverticulosis. When surgery is needed, doctors choose laparoscopic intervention methods through minor incisions with an organ-sparing concept to preserve bowel functions.

What range of services does the hospital offer?

The clinic provides a wide range of medical care thanks to a highly qualified team of general, visceral and vascular surgeons, intensive care specialists, therapists, cardiologists, orthopedists and traumatologists. In addition, the medical centre has a modern emergency and rehabilitation unit.

Are non-drug pain treatments available at the clinic?

Doctors offer physiotherapeutic methods such as basal stimulation procedures, massage, manual lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy (low-frequency impulse currents (TENS)) and Kinesio Тape (individual textile strips that are applied to the skin using a unique technique).

About the city

Burglengenfeld is a charming city located in eastern Bavaria. Green forests, gentle hills, romantic river valleys and historic settlements: everyone who travels from the imperial and ducal castle in Burglengenfeld along the Naab River to the artists' village of Kalmunz feels like Tuscany under the rocks and juniper bushes.

The old city as an ensemble is entirely under Cultural heritage management (CHM). Sights include the old town with peasant houses, the historic town hall with a renaissance wedding room, a battlemented town wall, a medieval beer cellar complex, the Zaschkahof, a large chancellery and the Catholic parish church of St. Vita with an epitaph. The impressive city fountain of 1995 is a four-meter fully naked bronze figure of George defeating the dragon.

Good food and drink have always been part of the joys of living in the city. The varied gastronomy of the Upper Palatinate invites guests to have a good time. Hearty Bavarian hotels, cosy and rustic taverns, and fine restaurants that will appeal to every gourmet form a hospitable assortment. Probably the biggest attraction is the wellness pool in Bulmare, with an adventure pool, a large sauna and a 75-meter-long slide. Asklepios Hospital Stadtedreieck Burglengenfeld also offers a chance to improve health. A professional team of doctors provides medical services at the level of leading European clinics.

Today, Burglengenfeld is an attractive and livable city with around 12,000 inhabitants, a new school, a sports and leisure centre, and numerous clubs and events. Whether it's a townspeople's party, an Italian night, a children's party or an advent market: townspeople and tourists are spoiled for choice.

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