Asklepios Hospital Seligenstadt

Seligenstadt, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Seligenstadt
Asklepios Hospital Seligenstadt
Asklepios Hospital Seligenstadt

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Seligenstadt is a modern general hospital in Germany that is well-known among international patients. In close cooperation with the partner clinic in Langen and as an academic teaching hospital of Goethe University, as well as in collaboration with the Frankfurt University Hospital, the clinic can meet the highest quality standards. First-class service, modern equipment, and personal care of the medical team help patients recover as soon as possible.

The total capacity of the clinic is 265 beds in bright, cosy single, double and triple rooms. Various professional groups work closely in the clinic: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, pastors and volunteers. Every year, the medical team treats over 11,000 outpatients and 8,000 inpatients.

Asklepios Clinic Seligenstadt offers patients a wide range of surgical and conservative treatment options. The surgeons have extensive experience and knowledge in minimally invasive surgery (interventions are performed through very small incisions), coloproctology (diseases of the colon and rectum), tumour surgery and pelvic floor surgery. In 2022, the clinic expanded its range of services to include spinal surgery. The entire spectrum of spinal disorders is treated, from back pain caused by overuse or wear and tear to injuries to the vertebral body caused by accidents or osteoporosis. Particular attention is also paid to surgery on the thyroid and parathyroid glands. The department of endocrine surgery of the clinic is certified by the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery and the Surgical Working Group for Endocrinology.

The specialized departments of the clinic include general and visceral surgery, geriatrics, internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, orthopaedics and traumatology. Experienced specialists strive to provide patients with the best service in these areas. The medical team attaches great importance to clear communication, informed relatives and trust between doctor and patient. Specialists treat with modern methods of anesthesiology, intensive care, pain relief and emergency medicine. The main goal of Asklepios Hospital in Seligenstadt is to find the best therapy and successfully carry it out so that patients recover as quickly as possible.

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Founded in 2011
19,000 patients
265 beds available
N/A departments

What areas of surgery does Asklepios Hospital Seligenstadt cover?

The clinic covers surgery on the gastrointestinal tract, pelvic floor, neuro- and endosurgery. Thanks to the highly experienced staff and increased level of quality services, the medical centre received numerous certificates from the German Surgical Society. The preference of doctors is given to gentle techniques.

Should I choose the clinic for orthopaedic diseases?

The hospital is considered a good choice for endoprosthetics and injuries thanks to innovative techniques. Low-traumatic tissue-sparing methods allow faster recovery and do not require long-term rehabilitation. The clinic uses certified implants, 95% of which retain properties after 10 years.

Does the clinic offer a high-quality diagnosis of lung diseases?

Blood analysis and provocative tests, plethysmography, determination of diffusion capacity and sleep apnea, CT, MRI, and ultrasound allow a comprehensive examination of respiratory function. Bronchoscopy using cryobiopsy and obtaining transbronchial biopsies expand the capabilities for differential diagnosis.

Can I go to the hospital with psychological problems?

The clinic pays special attention to patients with a psychological profile. Doctors use various approaches to achieve an effective result, such as individual therapy based on deep psychology, relaxation techniques/mindfulness training, psychodynamic-interactional group, and art and design therapy.

About the city

Seligenstadt is a charming city in the middle of the Frankfurt am Rhein Main European Capital Region. History and modernity, tranquillity and liveliness, tradition and urban flavour are mixed here. Seligenstadt offers a high quality of life, is a representative company headquarters and is a special place for excursions and travel.

While walking along the city's old streets, along the market square and Freihofplatz, tourists can notice a variety of beautiful half-timbered houses and idyllic squares. There are houses lovingly decorated by their residents or restaurateurs with luxurious floral decorations. Everything speaks of how comfortable the residents of Seligenstadt feel here and how welcome their guests are. The former monastery of Seligenstadt, with its monastic and outbuildings and the 700-meter-high monastery wall surrounding the abbey, is one of the few almost wholly preserved monastic complexes in Hesse.

The city of Seligenstadt is known throughout the country for its carnival procession, which traditionally passes through the historic city centre and surrounding urban areas to Maslenitsa. The Seligenstadt Customs is unique in the historical aspect of Germany. It is unique in that it has been preserved from the Middle Ages to our time unchanged. Particular attention is paid to the healthcare system in the city. The private Asklepios Hospital Seligenstadt offers highly specialized services to residents of the town and the whole country. The main focus is spine surgery, as well as thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

A walk through Seligenstadt is a journey into history - meeting with Roman legionnaires and escort troops from Mainz, with learned monks and local artisans, with wealthy merchants and poor fishermen, with emperors keen on hunting and abbots who valued the arts. A city tour will not leave indifferent, even the most demanding tourist.

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