Asklepios Hospital Sebnitz

Sebnitz, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Sebnitz
Asklepios Hospital Sebnitz
Asklepios Hospital Sebnitz

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Sebnitz was built in 1996 and gradually modernized. In particular, the trauma center was reorganized, and diagnostic devices and the data storage system were digitized. In addition, the new laboratory is being intensively robotized, and cooperation with the Bad Berka Central Clinic is also underway to share experience in laboratory medical care.

The clinic has more than 300 employees, and the emergency department serves more than 5,000 patients yearly. In addition, the medical center undergoes regular certification by the Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Health Care KTQ standard and has the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality mark. In addition to the medical field, the institution is part of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences, training specialists in "Health Care and Management (BA)".

For more than 14 years, the doctors of the Sebnitz Asklepios Clinic have been paying the most attention to cooperation with the Oberlausitzer Bergland Clinic in the form of the Breast Center East Saxony. The center is a center of competence in breast cancer and meets the high standards of the German Oncology Society OnkoZert and the Senology Society. Digital whole mammography, stereotaxy, vacuum biopsy, and high-resolution ultrasound machine were specially supplied for breast cancer diagnosis. Thanks to sonography, dopplerography, X-ray, CT, MRI, measurement of bone tissue density using DXA or CT-based technology, scintigraphy, MRI, and laboratory diagnostics, all necessary diagnostics of any disease can be carried out under one roof. Vascular surgeons also provide a wide range of services in lifestyle optimization, drug therapy, balloon catheter interventions, shunting and prosthetics of affected areas, and minimally invasive sclerosing therapy. Doctors have also gained a lot of experience in the optimal treatment of injuries, normalization of metabolism, and improving local blood circulation to avoid limb amputations, for example, in diabetic foot syndrome. Endocrinologists also offer minimally invasive surgical interventions on the thyroid gland. Thanks to neuromonitoring, the experience of identifying the nerves of the vocal cords allows you to remove all diseased tissue without complications and avoid voice disorders. Also, minimally invasive surgeries are available at the abdominal and interdisciplinary spine centers "Hohwald Center Central Germany". For complex treatment, doctors perform daily interdisciplinary rounds, conferences, and weekly oncology meetings.

The Asklepios Medical Center in Zebnica is essential for providing comprehensive care to the region's residents and the city. Endocrinology, sleep lab, gastroenterology, general and vascular therapy, and spine and joint care are available in one place and require no additional effort to receive quality services.

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Founded in 1996
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What sleep apnea treatment does Asklepios Hospital Sebnitz offer?

Doctors offer a complete diagnosis of the causes of sleep disturbances, such as polysomnography and sleep latency tests and a wide range of ventilation therapy CPAP, BiPAP, APAP, servo-ventilation, and NIV meeting the criteria of the German and Czech Sleep Medicine Societies.

Is the clinic suitable for spine surgery?

The spine center provides high-quality microscopic and minimally invasive surgical interventions on the spine, particularly operations on the intervertebral discs of the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine, as well as FRYKHOLM and percutaneous stabilization procedures.

Should I choose the hospital for joint surgery?

The hospital has special monitors in HD quality and 3D modeling of the joint for better convenience for doctors during surgery. This approach allows for reducing the number of errors and injuries. In addition, this approach shortens the rehabilitation period for patients.

About the city

Sebnitz is a large German city in Saxon, Switzerland, with a population of 9,300. Another well-known name is the "city of silk flowers".

The charming nature near the western Lusatian hills and mountains has always fascinated visitors and allowed the town to acquire the title of a state resort. In addition to the impeccable beauty of the surrounding landscapes, the local architecture consists of numerous old, well-preserved buildings. The Evangelical Church of Peter and Paul is the city's oldest landmark. In acquisition, cultural entertainment is available to guests in the form of the Theater Libre amateur theater or orchestra concerts, the flower and music festival, and the open-air Zwinger Plaza. Furthermore, the municipality is famous for numerous sporting events, such as bicycle races since 1954 and the Saxon Switzerland International Cup for model pilots. In addition, the "Soli Vital" sports and leisure center has been operating in the city since 1996. Of particular note is the Sebnitz Park, with 400 sculptures of prehistoric mammals and small creatures, and the 36.9-meter wooden observation tower on the Weifberg with an incredible sunset view.

The town is a foundation of German farmers from Franconia. Trade and agriculture were the means of livelihood for the townspeople. Weaving from the canvas was of the most significant importance. Subsequently, it was successfully replaced by the production of artificial flowers under the influence of German-Bohemian florists and the manufacture of Christmas tree ornaments. Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH Sebnitz, a manufacturer of drills and Tillig Modellbahnen, currently operates in the city. There has also been a clinic since 1868, privatized and transformed into the modern Asklepios Hospital Sebnitz. The medical center provides its services not only for the municipality and the region but also receives patients from all over the world.

With its beauty, Sebnitz won the hearts of many and already, in 2002, received the title of the most beautiful place in Germany for one of its districts. The variety of entertainment and the wealth of nature will leave unforgettable memories of your vacation.

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