Asklepios Hospital Schlossberg Bad Konig

Bad Konig, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Schlossberg Bad Konig
Asklepios Hospital Schlossberg Bad Konig
Asklepios Hospital Schlossberg Bad Konig

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Schlossberg Bad Konig is an inter-regional emergency hospital for early neurological rehabilitation with all intensive and neuro-intensive medical treatments. The main goal of the clinic in the context of inpatient treatment is to find the best possible support for each patient individually to restore lost abilities or make optimal use of the remaining skills.

The Schlossberg Medical Center has successfully passed the KTQ certification of its internal quality management system, considering internationally recognized rules. The KTQ certificate confirms that the management and staff of the hospital are working hard to provide the best service for an optimal stay. In addition, the Schlossberg Clinic was the first Asklepios clinic to receive the Clean Hands gold certification. Hand hygiene is a crucial measure to prevent infections.

The interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary treatment team is focused on regaining the greatest possible mobility and independence in daily activities. For diagnostics, the clinic uses innovative procedures and techniques, including electroencephalography, flexible endoscopic assessment of the act of swallowing, extra- and intracranial dopplerography, evoked potentials, MRI and ultrasound. Early neurological rehabilitation links the intensive medical treatment of neurological and neurosurgical clinical picture and subsequent neurological and neurosurgical rehabilitation stages. The hospital specialists have experience in rehabilitating disorders of consciousness, swallowing disorders, gait disorders, and rehabilitation of independence in everyday life. The medical team also offers interdisciplinary spasticity treatment and botulinum toxin therapy.

In addition to the motor and physical changes, neurological disease is often also associated with differences in mental, emotional, and social abilities. Therefore, patients' cognitive, emotional and social skills are explored gently and in a pleasant atmosphere, and the corresponding treatment concepts are developed according to the latest scientific findings.

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Is it possible to treat spasticity in Asklepios Hospital Schlossberg Bad Konig?

The clinic uses systemic drugs, botulinum toxin, antispasmodic physiotherapy concepts and basal stimulation to help patients with specificity. It's a part of the rehabilitation proses for many neurological patients.

What techniques does the hospital use for gait rehabilitation?

Doctors widely use physiotherapeutic procedures, special mobilization systems and robotic therapy methods are also used to compensate for the initially insufficient strength of the patient by reducing weight.

Does the hospital offer cognitive rehabilitation?

Yes, mental recovery is usually built into daily activities in various areas of therapy. Neuropsychologists and speech therapists also treat specific neuropsychological clinical presentations or speech disorders as part of individual therapy.

About the city

Bad Konig is a renowned spa town in the Odenwald district in southern Hesse. The city has farms, animal parks and zoos, places for excursions, thermal baths, and outdoor pools.

Attractions are concentrated around the palace square with the Bad Konig Palace, consisting of the old and new palace, the hotel office, the Evangelical church, the Baroque outer staircase, and the pleasure garden. There is also a local history museum displaying local crafts. The city also offers a backdrop for hiking, biking, rock climbing, golfing, and other outdoor sports.

At the end of the 19th century, two springs were discovered: a steel spring containing iron and manganese and a thermal spring with a temperature of 32°C (Odenwald spring), sodium-calcium-magnesium hydrocarbon-sulfate-chloride water. Both were initially used for drinking cures. Bad Konig has been a state-approved resort since 1948. Today the city is transitioning from a traditional health resort to a health and entertainment center. At the same time, it is a rehabilitation therapy center with a dense network of doctors and pharmacies. Asklepios Hospital Schlossberg Bad Konig is the region's only specialized early rehabilitation clinic for brain injuries.

Bad Konig is the ideal city for a relaxing holiday with the family. In the town, guests can taste traditional German cuisine, visit several historical sights, and relax in thermal baths and outdoor pools. In addition, tourists can try inhalations in a salt cave with a mixture of Himalayan and Black Sea salts to treat allergies and clear the upper respiratory tract.

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