Asklepios Hospital Schildautal Seesen

Seesen, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Schildautal Seesen
Asklepios Hospital Schildautal Seesen
Asklepios Hospital Schildautal Seesen

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Schildautal Seesen is an academic teaching hospital of the University of Gottingen, offering neurological and vascular services since 1954. More than 1,100 people provide continuous, high-quality medical care and maximum safety.

The structure of the clinic consists of 500 beds and 8 departments. In 2021, a new geriatrics department expanded the range of services, indicating the constant growth of new services and expansion of cures. The excellent work of doctors and adherence to gold standards enabled the medical center to gain recognition in several areas. In particular, the hospital received the "Certificate of Honest PJ" for training young specialists. In addition, a "Gold certificate" was obtained for thorough hand hygiene. In nutrition, a quality mark was obtained from the German Food Society. In 2020 and 2022, the clinic was recognized as the best in rehabilitation by Focus magazine and the best in neurological remedy by the Frankfurt Institute FAZ.

The medical center specializes in treating and rehabilitating patients with neurological and neurosurgical problems. The German Multiple Sclerosis Society has certified the Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Сlinic Schildautal Seesen as a "multiple sclerosis rehabilitation clinics". It should be noted that only 22 hospitals in the country received such a certificate. In total, more than 1,500 patients of various ages undergo rehabilitation. The European Stroke Organization ESO awarded the medical center with the "Stroke Treatment Center Seal". Only 10 similar certificates were obtained in Germany. The German Stroke Society and the German Stroke Foundation, for the first time in 2003, expressed analogous honor. The experience of treating strokes has existed since 1998 and has been improved according to current medical recommendations. Considerable success has also been achieved in neurosurgery. The unit was the first in the country to use a comprehensive digital surgical operating system from Brainlab. The robotic equipment system "Robotic Suite" includes a robot called "Cirq" and a navigation system called "Curve" with the latest camera technology and 3D X-ray imaging, the robotic device "Loop-X", and 3D glasses ("Mixed Reality", for patient-oriented information and training). This approach is the key to achieving high-precision cures and fewer complications in neurosurgical treatment.

Asklepios Medical Center Schildautal Seesen provides treatment in the areas of neurology (treatment and rehabilitation), neurosurgery, general therapy and cardiology, vascular surgery, and general and trauma surgery. The high level of competence and impeccable reputation made the center known far beyond the region.

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11,000 patients
500 beds available
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Does Asklepios Hospital Schildautal provide an outpatient varicose veins treatment?

After a detailed examination, the doctor can offer the option of outpatient surgery for varicose veins. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia through small incisions using a minimally invasive technique. After 3 hours, the patient can return home and walk.

Should I choose a clinic for spine surgery?

Neurosurgeons have extensive experience in spine surgery due to the popularity of the medical center. More than 1,400 operations are performed annually. Such intensity supports the qualification of surgeons and allows them to improve existing techniques.

What diseases are treated in the proctology department?

Proctologists treat patients with hemorrhoids, anal fissures, fistulas and abscesses, perianal thrombosis, and rectal-anal prolapse. Medical and surgical treatment is provided at a high level of competence.

Is robotic surgery available at the clinic?

The clinic was the first in the country to receive a surgical operating system from Brainlab, a robotic system. As a result, Neuronavigation, 4K image quality, 3D modeling, and careful surgical planning are available to doctors for precise interventions.

About the city

Seesen is a German town of 21,000 in Lower Saxony. First mentioned in 974, the city arose at a crossroads and was the seat of the royal court.

The municipality is rich in musical culture. In particular, in the church of St. Andreas in the years 1695-1702, due to favorable acoustics, concerts for classical music were held, often with the highest-class orchestras of Sinfonia Varsovia and soloists Ludwig Guttler and Yehudi Menuhin. Tourists also have the opportunity to visit the building of the famous piano maker Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg and see his first piano. After the cultural program, guests of the city can enjoy nature in Steinway Park with its hiking trails and ponds.

As early as 1967, the mechanical production of canned goods under the Sonnen Bassermann brand from the Heinz Group was actively developing. Since 2015, the main factory has been under different ownership and has been transformed into the Lower Saxony Industrial Park. In 1830, master plumber Zuchner produced the first tin can in Germany, and the production tradition has survived. The city is also essential for tourism due to its good location. Such a feature became favorable for the development of Asklepios Hospital Schildautal Seesen. From 1954-1974, the institution worked as a pulmonary sanatorium; later, the number of services was expanded. In 1995, the Asklepios network became the owner of the building and added neurological rehabilitation.

German culture is vividly represented in Seesen. Festivals, delicious traditional food, ancient architecture, and high-quality medicine are combined in one place and fill any vacation with bright colors.

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